Breakfast at Tiffany’s: CCAI invited to the KRKS Pastor Appreciation Breakfast

This morning, CCAI had the privilege of grabbing a tasty breakfast with some of Colorado’s most appreciated pastors!  Everyone here at CCAI is a big fan of breakfast and couldn’t pass up such an opportunity.   We’re also big fans of pastors.

With full stomachs and such an important audience, we made sure our CCAI family was standing, bold and beautiful for all to see.  It was an incredible opportunity to share our passion and love with equally passionate people — so many of whom had never heard of us before!  This is always a hard thing to hear and emphatically reminds us that we still have a lot of important work ahead.  We need to be the voice for the voiceless and its opportunities like this that allow us to show everyone else how many precious lives are still waiting for their forever families.

Look at all those incredible children!  Over 10,000 of those adorable faces running around the world and we couldn’t be more grateful.  And, as a sidenote, who knew we were going to be giving so many portrait photographers so much happiness, too?  We are blessed.

We had orange juice served to us in wine glasses.  I’m telling you, I’ve never been to Tiffany’s, but I bet Tiffany’s doesn’t even serve orange juice in wine glasses.  Take that, Holly Golightly.

The Pastor Appreciation Breakfast was hosted by KRKS radio station — the very same one that interviewed Josh on Tuesday.  The room was buzzing with energy and we were glad to have the opportunity to share our fantastic CCAI Family with all of them.  Thank you to KRKS for their kind invitation.

Be a voice for the children left behind.  

Here’s to family!