CCAI Families Celebrate CCAI’s 20th Anniversary in Grand Style

CCAI celebrates Two Decades and 10,000 Lives with 600+ parents and children on the Disney Dream cruise ship!

Over six hundred children and parents embarked on a three-day Disney Cruise (Oct. 11-14) to celebrate the 20th anniversary of CCAI – Two decades and 10,000 Lives.

The luxury accommodations of the Disney Dream boasted an abundant around-the-clock feast, live Disney shows, kid friendly activities, and endless fun at the private beach.  We all enjoyed the stateroom door decoration competition, the gathering of pen-pals, dressing up like pirates and princesses, and much much more.

Though the ocean was beautiful, Lily and I were mostly in awe of the sea of children’s faces.  Children of all ages, boys and girls, were excited and happy, making new friends and embracing the waves of blessings.  You could feel the impact of their parents’ love on their lives.

One very special part of the cruise was the memory made at the Grand Opening Ceremony, celebrating CCAI’s anniversary.  The ceremony was held in the ship’s beautiful 2,000 seat auditorium.  This beautiful gathering allowed CCAI families to meet and celebrate together as one big family – enjoying children’s performances and the beautiful celebration theme song, The Greatest Gift, composed and performed by CCAI mom, Jill Neville.  We truly enjoyed our moment to share memories of what the past 20 years have meant to us personally and were so happy for the opportunity to thank all the children and parents for their love and support.

For all of us, our family included, it was truly a dream vacation. Over and over again we heard, “We are having a blast!” Our sentiments exactly! We were over the moon.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this special memory.  It truly felt like a huge family reunion.  We valued our time with each family and dearly missed those who could not be with us.

Lily and I have returned to Colorado refreshed, energized, and looking forward to another 20 years of family building and dream fulfilling.

Huge thank you to Amii Rasmussen and the entire volunteer committee for your time and efforts spent on putting together such an inspiring and successful celebration!