CCAI Becomes one of the First Foreign NGOs to be Recognized in China!!

 On January 1, 2017 China’s Administrative Law for Foreign Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Activities in China came into effect. This law requires all foreign NGOs to register a Representative Office in China and to be approved by China’s Ministry of Public Security for all charitable activities conducted within China.

CCAI opened its Representative Office in Beijing in 2007. We were actually one of the first organizations from the USA and amongst all U.S adoption agencies to register as a Charity in China. Our massive charitable involvement in the lives of orphans and our impeccable record has won us strong support from governmental agencies at all levels.

On January 23rd, The Public Security Bureau in Beijing organized a televised ceremony to issue a ‘Charity Authorization Certificate’ to CCAI, as well as 19 other foreign NGOs, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This is wonderful news and further assurance to all families who have put their trust in CCAI’s Waiting Child Adoption Program and our Charitable Projects such as the orphanage partnership program, older orphan hosting program, Lily Orphan Care Centers, and mission outreach trips. Most of all, this is a blessing to the children still waiting in our partnership orphanages. 

We are truly honored to serve you and be a part of your life-changing and family-building journey.