World Without Orphans Conference


Joshua Zhong at World Without Orphans Global Forum

A global forum for World Without Orphans welcomed more than 500 delegates from 70 countries on February 11, 2016 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  The four-day conference brought Christian leaders and orphan care organizations together for the first time, to launch a movement for a world without orphans.  CCAI’s co-founder and president Joshua Zhong was privileged to attend the conference and witness a global enthusiasm to de-institutionalize orphan care and to seek permanency for all orphaned children. For more information please visit

Josh and Lily Give Speech to MBA Students at Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University’s Global MBA

CCAI President Joshua Zhong speaks to the MBA studentsCCAI co-founder Josh and Lily had the privilege to be invited as honored guests of the prestigious Tsinghua University’s Global MBA program to talk about their charity effort in China and share their insight about the challenges China is facing in orphan care.

CCAI CEO Lily Nie speaks to the MBA classEstablished in 1911, Tsinghua University is ranked as the top higher learning institution in mainland China, alongside Beijing University.  It is consider China’s MIT and has produced countless well-known scientists and politicians, such as its current President Xi Jinping.

FROM THE FOUDNERS: China Staff Training Winter 2015

CCAI co-founders Joshua Zhong and Lily Nie are currently in China on a 10-day trip for their annual winter training meetings with our CCAI China Reps!

Check out some of their photos below and stay tuned for more updates to come!!

CCAI Co-Founder Joshua Zhong to Appear on Denver’s KLVZ Radio


CCAI President and Co-founder Joshua Zhong sits with Jennifer Chase, host of the “Reinvention Radio Show” on KLVZ Radio dial setting 810 AM.

To honor National Adoption Month coming up in November, and to celebrate families through adoption, CCAI co-founder and President Joshua Zhong will be the guest during tonight’s Reinvention Radio Show with host Jennifer Chase on Radio 810 AM KLVZ at 6:00 pm. Tune in and hear Josh share his personal story about his road to founding CCAI, learn about CCAI services and how through all this, 12,000 orphans lives that have been changed forever.

LISTEN LIVE (Wednesday Oct. 21st at 6:00 pm)
RADIO: dial setting 810 AM – KLVZ

** KLVZ will replay the interview with Josh Thursday, October 22nd at 10:00 am

An Update from CCAI Co-Founders

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CCAI co-founders Josh & Lily visit the newly expanded Zhengzhou LOCC.

During their recent trip to China, CCAI co-founders CEO Lily Nie and President Josh Zhong paid a special visit to our recently expanded Lily Orphan Care Center (LOCC) in Zhengzhou and thanked our dedicated staff and volunteers for their hard work and passion.

CCAI’s first LOCC opened its doors in 2000 to “offer a child-centered model” that aimed to transform the orphan care system and quality in China. During the past 15 years, hundreds of care-takers from all over China have received systematic training through our LOCC’s and thousands of orphans’ lives have been impacted!

You can be a part of this life-changing effort by sponsoring an orphan or care-taker. For more information about sponsorship, please contact us at


DSC08233Before CCAI’s partnership with Henan province began, Henan had the lowest number of adoptions in the country and the quality of care was low. Thanks to the leadership and development training CCAI has provided, Henan province now ranks second in the country for international adoptions! Over 2,000 orphans’ lives have been forever changed through international adoption and many more orphans have been impacted through DSC08236CCAI’s orphanage partnership charity projects.

On April 7th and 8th, 118 provincial-, city- and county-level officials responsible for orphan care gathered in Zhengzhou to exchange information, share ideas, establish a network, and hear adoptive families’ moving testimonies.

DSC08277During the meeting, Joshua shared with participants about the life, education, and medical care of adopted children from Henan Province and Lily gave a comprehensive report of our 2014 Henan-CCAI Partnership. Lily also shared with orphanages leader all of the exciting accomplishments and goals our partnership has achieved this past year. CCAI adoptive mom, Jennie Nation, also gave a moving testimony of her personal adoption journey and graciously answered many questions from very appreciative officials!

An orphanage director share, “Her story is truly touching and we are so happy our children are being so loved in their new families.”

We thank CCCWA and the Henan government for their continued support of our relentless efforts to bring hope, healing, and homes to children with special needs.



Lily and Josh give an update on CCAI’s projects to families in Shanghai.

An important part of Josh and Lily’s domestic and international trips has always been to thank CCAI families, friends and supporters, as well as greet our CCAI children. On April 11th, a group of enthusiastic CCAI families and their children gathered at Suzanne and Tim Calton’s beautiful house to welcome Josh and Lily.


Josh and Lily got a chance to spend some quality time with our CCAI family and friends in Shanghai!

Josh and Lily gave a report on CCAI’s charity efforts in China and thanked everyone for their support of CCAI and its mission. They also answered families’ questions about adoption and volunteer opportunities.

Josh, Lily and all of the CCAI staff want to give a huge and special thank you to Tim and Suzanne for hosting everyone at their home and for making the gathering possible.

Lily’s Treasures: January 2015

Lily’s Treasures is an advocacy tool we use to get the word out about some of our awesome kiddos! These children need loving homes and we would appreciate your help in advocating for them with the goal that these children may find their forever families because of your advocacy! 

Lily's Treasures Jan 2015 FBLet’s be a part of their stories by sharing and advocating for them and helping them connect to their forever families!

Note: Please click on the photo for a bigger, shareable version.

Lily’s Treasures: Jun Yong

Jun YongLearn more about Jun Yong HERE

CCAI only has about THREE WEEKS left before Jun Yong’s file has to be returned!

Jun Yong was born on November 11, 2002 and arrived at the orphanage when he was 6 years old.  He is now in 3rd grade, is completely healthy, and is just waiting for his family to find him!

This little man loves to have a good time!  Jun Yong’s favorite thing right now is soccer.  He LOVES it and cannot wait to get outside to play! Not a big fan of strangers, he’s a bit hesitant about the idea of adoption, due to past experience, but he is warming up to the idea again and is working very hard in his studies (his favorite subject is English and Math).

Jun Yong is a very independent boy and knows his responsibilities.  Although he makes sure to do his chores, but, like any 13-year-old boy, he does tend to put them off as long as possible. 😉

Jun Yong is very respectful to women and girls and always makes sure everyone is being nice to them and taking care of them.  He is such a little gentleman!

Although he won’t admit it, Jun Yong is a very talented acrobat and can do backflips, frontflips, and the splits whenever he feels like it. You just need to ask and he’ll be happy to show any new tricks he’s learned!  For 3 years, he studied and lived in an acrobatic troupe starting in May of 2009. Every day he did professional training and studies. He is hard working and has grasped lots of basic action. He also joined some performances.

If you feel that you have been waiting for Jun Yong all along or if you feel moved to share his information, please help us advocate for this awesome little dude!  Spread the word!! Please contact for more information!

Lily’s Treasures: Zhong Fu

Zhong Fu

Learn more about Zhong Fu HERE

You wouldn’t know from her adorable dimples, but little Zhong Fu is an old soul at heart.  She is outgoing, bright and inquisitive, and loves to engage in deep, philosophical conversations.  Zhong Fu is extremely passionate about poetry and can recite many poems!

Zhong Fu likes playing with kids, but her real passion lies in the arts.  She LOVES listening to music, drawing, and reading!  She is always so eager to know the world and likes imitating people.  Zhong Fu has such an infectious energy and as soon as you meet her, you can’t help but want to share in it.

Zhong Fu uses a wheelchair, but is relatively independent.  She can wash her face and brush her teeth perfectly fine and likes to dress herself.  She is currently receiving physical therapy, as well as training to use the restroom on her own. Zhong Fu is eager to be able to do things on her own and works very hard in all of her endeavors.

Zhong Fu was born on September 1, 2001 and is currently diagnosed with postoperative congenital meningocele and paraplegia from the waist down.  She is currently in school, doing fantastic in her studies, and loves her foster family very much. 

If you feel that you have been waiting for Zhong Fu all along or if you feel moved to share Zhong Fu’s information, please help us advocate for this incredible little girl!  Spread the word!! Please contact for more information!

Lily’s Treasures – Dou


In the link below, you will find information about this wonderful boy, Dou.  Dou has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and he needs a home 🙂

Dou 1.2.2005

This child is on our agency’s list and we are hoping you will help spread the word about him!  This child needs a loving home and we would appreciate your help in advocating for him with the goal that this child may find their forever family.  We have a complete file for this child including pictures, background and medical information that we would be happy to share with interested and qualified families.  Let’s work together to help improve this child’s life and find the family he deserves!

Please note: CCAI will require that interested families fill out a Family Information Sheet before looking at the file so that we may check their qualifications against the requirements of the CCCWA.  There is no fee to view the file.  CCAI only shares a file with one family at a time and we process the families in the order in which we receive their request.  CCAI will only share the file directly with families.

Please respond to if you would like to view the child’s file or please pass along this information if you know someone who is interested!