A Mother’s Love

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Tales from the Zhumadian Lily Orphan Care Center

 There are some “mothers” who cherish and care for children not of their own blood, yet offer the world’s greatest maternal love.  Today let’s go into the Zhumadian Lily Orphan Care Center (LOCC) to catch a glimpse of the daily lives of its nannies and children.

In the LOCC, there is a boy named Cai Kun, who was born on January 22, 2019, and abandoned shortly after birth.  When he arrived at the orphanage, he weighed only 1.3 kg (less than three pounds) and was a premature low-birthweight baby.  Because of his poor condition, he had to go to the hospital right away for treatment.  He was treated in the hospital for nearly two months before his condition had stabilized enough for him to be discharged.  He entered the LOCC in April 2019, weighing only 2 kg (4 lbs 6 oz).  His body was so thin; we could barely hear his cry.  Pale and weak, there was no light to his eyes.  Even his breathing had a sharp wheezing sound.  His weak resistance made him extremely susceptible to fall ill.  He could drink only a tiny bit amount of milk at a time, so we fed him very slowly and carefully.  Still, sometimes he would choke and spit up his milk all over us.  We would hold him in our arms and look into his eyes, with worry in our hearts.

We nannies all said: “This child is so small, with no way to tell us his needs.  We can’t let him waste what precious strength he has to cry.  He must rely on us, on everyone’s careful attention.” So with this thought in mind, all the nannies paid close attention to his expressions, carefully trying to figure out his needs.  Despite having many children to care for, the nannies checked on him every hour, day and night.  Whenever Cai Kun made a sound, a nanny would rush over to change or feed him.  Whatever it was he needed, the nannies would pick him up and gently comfort him back to sleep, fearful that his crying could suffocate him.

With the nannies’ great care and love, Cai Kun’s condition slowly improved.  We started to see life come into his eyes and a bloom grow on his cheeks.  His crying also got louder!  Now he can roll over, lift his head, and do his best to creep forward.  Best of all, he now weighs 6 kg (over 13 pounds)! Every day, when he sees his nannies come to work, he gives them a great big smile.  Nothing could make us happier than to see those big changes in this tiny little boy.

The LOCC staff often says, “Taking care of a baby under three months old is the most tiring work.”  These little babies, especially preemies, constantly need to be fed, checked on, and carefully watched.  As parents know, it’s exhausting both physically and mentally.  However, although the work is demanding, it is these smallest children who have the biggest changes.  When we as nannies see them growing stronger, with rosy cheeks and smiles on their faces, all of our exhaustion vanishes into thin air.  For the nannies, love is never a request; it is not an exchange of equal value, but giving it is a heavy responsibility.  The LOCC children may not have “mothers,” but they have the same maternal love.

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Look at the difference that the loving care and nurture of an “LOCC Mother” can make in a child’s life….

Cai Kun, September 2019

CCAI Support China Social Workers Development

China SWS Training

China’s orphan care is coming to a new stage with the government’s call to build a Social Worker System. On February 24th, CCAI Director of Adoption Judy Winger and social worker Moya Smith flew to Wuxi, China to provide a five-day training to orphanage social workers from orphanages across China. From child care history theories, Trust-Based Relational Intervention, foster care family management, to team building and field experiment, Judy and Moya spent hours teaching, engaging, and challenging social workers on how to build a child-centered system and environment.

CCAI co-sponsored the social worker training financially, a charitable investment that will no doubt impact many orphans’ lives!

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What 2018 Brought Us — CCAI Circle 2018

2018 CCAI Circle newsletter cover page

Our 2018 CCAI Circle Newsletter is finally out!  Read about all that 2018 brought us and learn about some exciting new happenings that 2019 has in store for our community! China’s changing policies, CCAI’s Eastern Europe and Taiwan program updates, amazing family stories, MyTaproot birth family search, our new The Park Adoption Community Center — It’s all here!


DU Communications Class Partner with CCAI


Dr. Suter’s 10:00 Senior Communications elective course at the University of Denver has partnered with CCAI for their community collaboration projects for several years now and it is always a fantastic experience.  This year, the students worked with CCAI’s Waiting Child, Dossier, The Park Adoption Community Center, and Joyous Chinese Cultural School teams to provide vital support in their programming!  From classroom painting to developing waiting child profiles, the DU seniors were invaluable to CCAI’s daily work to fulfill our mission. We cannot wait for more future collaborations!

Thank you to Dr. Elizabeth Suter and our fantastic volunteers for their partnership and support!

University of Nebraska Family Studies Department Pays CCAI a Visit

Last Thursday, a group of 30 undergraduate students from the University of Nebraska at Kearney’s Family Studies Department paid CCAI Headquarters a visit!  The group (dressed in their best!) took a tour of CCAI and spent the afternoon learning about internship opportunities at CCAI as well as career opportunities in the field of adoption.  CCAI Director of Adoptions, Judy Winger, and CCAI’s Domestic Program Coordinator, Sheila King, hosted the fantastic group and provided more information about adoption than their hearts could handle in hopes that these students will consider a career in adoption in the future!

CCAI Texas Families Celebrate with Houston China Consulate

On Tuesday April 10, 2018, CCAI Texas local families were invited by the Houston China Consulate to attend the performance With Love From China, featuring the Beijing Inner Voice Art Troupe Co. Ltd.  Performers consisted mainly of youth with a range of different disabilities. Eleven families joined in the heartwarming and inspiring evening that ended with a special appearance by our Consul General of China Ambassador Li greeting the families and sharing his joy in visiting the children adopted from China that were present for the event!  It was a fantastic evening!

Christmas Greetings from Our LOCC’s!

Happy holidays from our LOCC staff and the amazing kiddos we work with every day! May your season be bright and merry and your hearts be warmed in the company of loved ones, near and far.

NEWS UPDATE: CCCWA Announcement 12.7.2017

Dear CCAI Families,

Below is a CCCWA announcement that was sent to all agencies yesterday, Thursday, December 7, regarding adoptive families’ donations to orphanages at the time of their adoption finalization in China.  We have some immediate questions and are communicating with CCCWA and local governments for clarification.  We have learned that this announcement has not yet been communicated consistently to every province, so we are working to confirm individually with provinces/orphanages as to when the donation/orphanage fee may still apply.  At this time, we would advise families to still be prepared with the orphanage fee, as it may still apply on a case-by-case basis, and we will absolutely keep you informed as we learn more.

We believe that, overall, this announcement is good news for families, financially, although it may not be as positive for orphanages that rely on the “donation” to improve orphan care quality.  We will notify families as soon as any additional information is received!

Thank you!

Orphanage Donation Announcement


CO Gives Day goal reached


With your passionate giving, we received an incredible $29,600+ in donations from #ColoradoGivesDay alone, beating last year’s numbers by over $10,000!!!

Thank you, from the bottom of our overwhelmed hearts, for choosing CCAI as one of your charities to support. In this season of giving, we know how tight money can be. Words cannot express our gratitude for such an amazing turn out!

Please continue sharing your CCAI stories with friends and family. As the year wraps up, we hope 2017 continues to shatter records in our passionate mission to support our families and the children still waiting for their own forever families.

Thank you.

Colorado Gives Day is Here!

Colorado Gives Day 2017

Today is the day!

Colorado Gives Day has arrived! No matter where you are in the world, you can participate in Colorado Gives Day and make your donation go further.

We would be honored if you would keep CCAI in mind when making donations through Colorado Gives, today. In our 25 years of service, CCAI has strived to provide a legacy of vital and unique support for orphanages, children, and families in our adoption community and beyond. This has been possible solely due to the generosity and passion of our donors.

Colorado Gives Day is a day that gives back to all the non-profits in Colorado. Every dollar you give goes further on Colorado Gives Day. For every donation, First Bank matches 10 percent up to $1 million!

Last year, you helped us raise an incredible $15,105 on Colorado Gives Day! Visit https://www.coloradogives.org/index.php?section=organizations&action=newDonation&fwID=27901 today and help us make an even bigger impact this year!

So, invite your friends, invite your family, invite that stranger you met at the grocery store…invite everyone! With a little help from our friends, thousands of children’s lives will be changed for the better, forever!

Thank you 🙂