Georgia Tech China Care Club

Did you know that Georgia Tech’s China Care Club provides activities for adoptive parents and their children every month?  Their mission is two-fold: to give special needs Chinese orphans the opportunity for a better life and to empower youth through direct humanitarian service.  Individual China Care clubs host regular playgroups for adopted Chinese children and their non-adopted siblings.  Some clubs may even offer mentoring opportunities.

This month, Georgia Tech China Care Club will be hosting another playgroup on Sunday, March 11th, from 2-4 PM in the Center Street Activity Room. They will be watching an episode from a well-known Chinese cartoon and then teaching the kids lessons from the cartoon.  If you would like to RSVP, please follow the link below.

Colorado Gives Day is Here!

Colorado Gives Day 2017

Today is the day!

Colorado Gives Day has arrived! No matter where you are in the world, you can participate in Colorado Gives Day and make your donation go further.

We would be honored if you would keep CCAI in mind when making donations through Colorado Gives, today. In our 25 years of service, CCAI has strived to provide a legacy of vital and unique support for orphanages, children, and families in our adoption community and beyond. This has been possible solely due to the generosity and passion of our donors.

Colorado Gives Day is a day that gives back to all the non-profits in Colorado. Every dollar you give goes further on Colorado Gives Day. For every donation, First Bank matches 10 percent up to $1 million!

Last year, you helped us raise an incredible $15,105 on Colorado Gives Day! Visit today and help us make an even bigger impact this year!

So, invite your friends, invite your family, invite that stranger you met at the grocery store…invite everyone! With a little help from our friends, thousands of children’s lives will be changed for the better, forever!

Thank you 🙂

CCAI Southeast Reunion was a Blast!

The best kind of birthday is the birthday that never ends 😁
This past Saturday, we continued our 25th Anniversary celebrations with our Southeast Reunion in Atlanta, GA (just in time for National Adoption Month)! It was a fantastic event, blessed with perfect weather and even more perfect company. Thank you to all the families who made it to our fun day at Zoo Atlanta!  Let’s do it again!

CCAI plans corn maze fun for Southeast families

corn-maze-image-3November is National Adoption Month and we would love to celebrate with your family!  Please join us for a day of pumpkins, hayrides and fun at the Buford Corn Maze!

DATE:  Saturday, November 5, 2016

WHERE:  Buford Corn Maze (4470 Bennett Rd., Buford, GA 30519)

TIME:  10 a.m.-Midnightcorn-maze-image-1

  • CCAI will have a tent from 2 – 4 p.m. with snacks, drinks and cake.
  • You are also welcome to bring in sack meals or purchase goodies from their concession stand. Please note that no outside beverages are allowed.

PRICE:  $12 per person over the age of 3 years (Kids 3 and under are free)

  • Cash, Visa & Mastercard are accepted
  • To receive this reduce rate, you must mention that you are with CCAI at the gate!
  • CCAI has secured this reduced entry fee throughout the day. Each ticket allows the purchaser to enjoy unlimited access to: the Corn Maze, hayrides and Kid’s CORNer play area (with bouncy house, popcorn jumping pillow and corn box).  In addition, you can stroll through their pumpkin patch and also view the goats, chickens and pigs up close.
  • bcm-image1Buford Corn Maze also encourages families to bring in wagons to help their children navigate the uneven terrain.

No reservations are required, but if you do plan to visit our tent for snack and cake, please let us know so that we can plan accordingly.  Please email Christy Stasko at:

We hope to see you there!

CCAI exclusive: Discounted tickets to Atlanta Chinese Dance Company performance

Atlanta Dance

Looking for a cultural opportunity to share with your family?  The Atlanta Chinese Dance Company is offering CCAI families and friends discounted tickets to their original production, “China in Transition:  Animal Folklore to City Life.”  We hope to see you there.



WHEN:            Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016 at 2 p.m.

WHERE:          Infinite Energy Theater in Duluth, Ga.

WHAT:              A collection of traditional Chinese dances offering “A visual feast of ancient history through modern times. Performances feature nearly 100 dancers, including professional guest artists from the acclaimed Qi Shu Fang Peking Opera Company in New York.”

COST:              Using our promotional code (ccai2016), each ticket will be reduced to $17, regardless of price level (orchestra, boxes or balcony).

There are three ways to buy your tickets:

  • Go in person to the ticket office (no additional charge applied)
  • Purchase online (additional $2.25/per ticket charged by the box office)
  • Call the box office at (770) 626-2464 (additional $3/ticket charged by the box office)

The following steps must be followed to purchase your tickets online with the code:

  • Click on this link.
  • Click on the yellow “MORE INFO” button next to your desired performance.
  • On the right, under “TICKET OPTIONS”, click on the yellow “BUY OFFER” button under DANCER CODES. Enter the code (ccai2016) and click on the pink “Proceed” button.
  • After you have selected your number and price level of tickets, click on the pink “FIND TICKETS” button.  If you would like to view where your seats are, click on the pink “VIEW” button.  Then click on the pink “NEXT” button.
  • Next, select your ticket delivery method (Electronic Ticket Delivery is free, but Standard Mail and Will Call will cost you extra).  Then click on the pink “NEXT” button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase.

2016 Summer Hosting Kids Are Here

2016 Summer Hosting Kids Are Here!

The wait is finally over!  Host Children in ChicagoAfter more than 16 hours of exhausting flights, 23 precious children from four orphanages have finally united with their anxious and exciting host families.

For all of the kids, this was their first flight and  they hand led it like pros!  The children will spend three weeks with their host families and will have the best summer vacation of their lives!Host families wait eagerly

The goal of Orphan Hosting is to share love with so-called “hard-to-place” older orphans so that they will also have the opportunity to experience family love and have incredible adventures.  For more information on how you can host an orphan in the summer or winter, please contact us at

Host Children in Denver


Li Shu Wei Hosting 10Wei is a very happy, giggly, and fun-loving 7-year-old boy! He was a part of our Winter 2015 hosting program, and would love to have a family to call his own.

Wei is blind, but during his stay in the US he learned there may be some hope! His host family took him to see eye specialists, and discovered that he may be a good candidate for a cornea transplant. Unfortunately, Wei is running out of time to have this LIFE CHANGING surgery.

“Cornea transplants in cases such as Wei’s are generally not done after age 7, and definitely not after age 8.  As I understand it, after that many years of never having had an image form on the retina, the neurological pathways simply do not develop, and sight cannot be attained,” says his host mother.

Wei had a fun time in the US! His host mom noted that he was very shy and scared at first – he did not understand what was going on and was open about letting out his frustrations. Wei began to adjust and adapt as a couple of days went by. At first he did not want to take a bath and strongly protested, but after he learned what to expect, he jumped right in and swam around like a fish! He even developed a little routine: He knew that after dinner came bath time, and after a bath it was time for bed! He caught on to other household routines, too, and learned to help with some chores. After the first week he even started mimicking some English!

Li Shu Wei Hosting 7Wei’s favorite activity seemed to be sliding. At first it seemed scary and he did not want to try it at all, but after some encouragement and support from his host mother, sliding is the only thing he wanted to do!

His host mom says that Wei is a GREAT eater! He specifically enjoyed cereal, chicken noodle soup, and potato soup. He ate most everything that was put in front of him, but did not like raw carrots or sauteed mushrooms.

Wei prefers more basic, toddler-type toys over Legos or army men. He can only see a tiny bit out of one eye, and has to be holding an object right up to his face, so he loves toys with lights and that make sound. While with his host family he got to go to the dentist. He was such a good patient that he got to pick out a toy after his appointment. Wei of course chose a mini LED flashlight that changes color – he loved it!

Li Shu Wei Hosting 16Wei’s host family says that he is generally a very sweet, happy child who would do wonderfully with lots of individualized attention, structure, and loving boundaries.

If you or someone you know would like more information about adopting WEI, please contact us at or call us at and ask to speak with the waiting child department. Please let us know you are inquiring about “WEI FROM WINTER HOSTING”


**PLEASE NOTE: Huang is the child in the orange t-shirt in the video. The other child is not available for adoption.

3-WuHuangJia (2)Huang is a sweet 12-year-old boy who enjoys painting, coloring, writing, running, soccer, and jump rope. He was a part of our Summer 2015 hosting program, and would love to have a family to call his own! Unfortunately, CCAI does not have much time left with his file. In about 2 weeks, since he has not yet found a family, we will have to return his file to China. Huang turns 13 this month – giving him only 1 year before he “ages out” of his eligibility for international adoption. Please help Huang find his family!

Huang Web Lg 2Huang has post operative cleft lip and palate and ptosis. He says he has a few special friends and likes to play blocks with them. His favorite toys are yo yo’s and remote control cars. Huang is presently in 2nd grade. His favorite subjects are gym and art, and his favorite color is blue. He thinks he’d like to be a policeman when he grows up, and the only thing he’s afraid of is elephants!

His host family says this about him: “He has a gentle spirit and is very helpful around the house. He very smart and learns quickly. His favorite activities include swimming in a lake, tubing, and watching fireworks for the fourth of July. He has learned how to ride a bike and loves it! He enjoys playing outside a lot, climbing trees and digging in the sand. He liked the local library activity where he could create things. He doesn’t enjoy a lot of people or riding in the car very long. He likes to know what the next activities and meals are. Huang was very fun to have as a part of our family this summer.

3-WuHuangJia (5)He loves to figure out how things work and to create new things. He clearly has an artist/engineer’s mind. He does beautiful Chinese calligraphy and notices details in many things. He has an excellent memory for things he has seen (movies, where objects go in the house, etc.)

He was gentle with our four-year-old son, and knew well how to care for him and negotiate sharing/trading toys with him, although (as a typical twelve-year-old) he would get frustrated with the copying and sometimes needed to play with peers. He loved hugs and snuggles from our son, but had a harder time with physical affection from adults.

Huang loves noodles, meat, pickled vegetables, and anything spicy. He doesn’t care for sweets (except for candy), bread or sandwiches. Food is very important to him and he can eat a lot when he likes it. He expressed some interest in learning to cook himself.”

If you or someone you know would like more information about adopting HUANG, please contact us at or call us at and ask to speak with the waiting child department. Please let us know you are inquiring about “HUANG FROM SUMMER HOSTING”


Wu Tian Ge (16)Tian is a curious and fun loving 10-year-old boy. He was a part of our Summer 2015 hosting program, and would love to have a family of his own! CCAI does not have much time left with his file. In just about 3 weeks, since he has yet to find his forever family, his file will have to be returned to the China. Please help us share Tian’s story so that he can find his family!

Tian is a very considerate boy. He has Tian Web Lg 1some deafness on one side, so you need to speak louder for him to be able to hear your instructions from a distance. He is fairly independent for his age with strong self-care abilities. He likes playing with wooden blocks, playingping pong, putting together jigsaw puzzles, looking at picture books, and singing and dancing. His favorite color is red, and he likes to eat fruit and meat (especially ribs!). Turtles are his favorite animal.

His host mother says this about Tian: “Tian may appear shy at first, but don’t let that fool you! He warms up quickly, and becomes an extroverted and enthusiastic boy. Words to describe his personality include: curious, active, conversational, and fun loving. He has many questions about how things work and life in America.He enjoys ping pong, tennis, drawing, painting, and especially building Legos. Although he has significant hearing loss, Wu Tian Ge (15)he enjoys music and singing. Also, he seems mechanically inclined with great interest in put things together, taking them apart, and anything electronic. He likes petting and holding our two cats. Tian is also used to siblings and enjoys spending time with them. As far as food, he loves noodles, meatballs, eggs, white rice, pizza, hamburgers, French fries etc. He is willing to try American foods, but doesn’t like cheese (except for Mac and Cheese!). He has a very healthy appetite and is generally willing to eat cooked veggies and even sliced cucumbers. Like any kid, he adores candy, gum, and ice cream (strawberry is his favorite).” Please help Tian find the family he deserves!