Fan Xiao Niu Hosting 1Starting from when we picked up our “hosting son” at the airport, we’ve had been non-stop fun. This is a wonderful child. My kids love him! We unfortunately are unable adopt right now, so we are hosting to advocate, and Niu is a wonderful addition to a family! I even had to have a cry session with my 10-year-old daughter today when she offered to leave the family so Niu could be our fifth child!! He maintains eye contact, shows zero signs of aggression, defiance, or impulsiveness, there is no inappropriate attention or affection. He accepts attention and affection appropriate for a 13-years-old. He would be a great son for someone who has not adopted before as well as those who have many kids in their home.

He needs someone to act fast though, in August of 2016, Niu will turn 14-years-old and become too old to be adopted! We would just love for him to find his forever family.

Fan Xiao Niu ReadingHe is a typical 13-year-old boy who would love to have a dad to do snowball fights with and a mom to help him go shop for new clothes. He would love a dog like our German Shepherd who never sleeps anywhere but by the front door, decided to sleep at the foot of Niu’s bed! He has played with her for hours, groomed her and given her much love. He does great with younger, as well as older kids, but would love to have an older brother. We even have taken him to the local barbecue pit for lunch. He definitely doesn’t have a problem with American food.

123He has been a dream here. He is kind, gentle, patient and loving toward my children, and in turn they adore him. After getting him home from DIA, our 4th graders had a Hand Bell Concert at school. Niu was invited to come along and after a minute of thinking he accepted the invite with a smile. He was a real trooper sitting through three different Hand Bell songs that made absolutely no sense to anyone, especially him. He was attentive and clapped unlike any other 13 year-old boy would do at his younger sibling’s concert

He loves to read and finished all 5 books of the Percy Jackson Series in a day and a half! Anytime we cross paths in the house he has the biggest grin, waves, and happy “hello’s” to share with me. All my other children call me mom but he has picked up mommy as my title and it breaks my heart every time I hear it, which is frequently. This 13 year old is so tender of heart and wants a mom and dad to love him so much.

If you or someone you know would like more information about adopting Niu, please contact us at or call us at 303-850-9998 and ask to speak with the waiting child department. Please let us know you are inquiring about “NIU FROM WINTER HOSTING”

CCAI Co-Founder Joshua Zhong to Appear on Denver’s KLVZ Radio


CCAI President and Co-founder Joshua Zhong sits with Jennifer Chase, host of the “Reinvention Radio Show” on KLVZ Radio dial setting 810 AM.

To honor National Adoption Month coming up in November, and to celebrate families through adoption, CCAI co-founder and President Joshua Zhong will be the guest during tonight’s Reinvention Radio Show with host Jennifer Chase on Radio 810 AM KLVZ at 6:00 pm. Tune in and hear Josh share his personal story about his road to founding CCAI, learn about CCAI services and how through all this, 12,000 orphans lives that have been changed forever.

LISTEN LIVE (Wednesday Oct. 21st at 6:00 pm)
RADIO: dial setting 810 AM – KLVZ

** KLVZ will replay the interview with Josh Thursday, October 22nd at 10:00 am