Celebrating Birthday with “Mom”

Jiaming was one of the 29 orphanage children who came to the USA through CCAI’s hosting program in December 2015.  Jiaming’s host parents, Susan and Ron, fell in love with him and decided to bring him home permanently.  Sadly, the adoption process takes time.  Not wanting to wait, Susan and her daughter Cara took a volunteer trip  last week to visit Jiaming and celebrate his 10th birthday!  Jiaming smiled from ear to ear and felt like a super star!

Birthday with Mom

When Susan and Cara visited Jiaming’s classroom, his teacher asked everyone, “Who is your best friend?”

Each kid raised their hands and shouted out the names of their best friends.  When it was Jiaming’s turn, Jiaming walked over to Susan and gave her a great big hug. “My mom is my best friend.”

We are changing lives, one orphan at a time. <3

2016 Henan Annual Adoption Training a Huge Success

2016 Henan Training

More than 160 civil affairs officials and orphanage directors and managers from the entire Henan Province joined the two-day domestic and international adoption training conference, April 6th – 7th.  The important 2016 Henan Annual Adoption Training focused on the well-being and permanency of orphaned children living in the orphanages and other care facilities.  CCAI Co-Founders Lily and Joshua, as well as CCAI’s China Charity Director Xia, and three wonderful CCAI parents Suzanne, Rich, and Blair had the opportunity to provide in-depth training in child care, adoption procedure, and post adoption, as well as share the beautiful lives the children and families are living around the world, and express our appreciation for Henan’s partnership in saving lives.

Henan’s officials are all greatly moved by the incredible adoption stories shared by our families and truly appreciate the love that adoptive families shower upon all the children.  It was a beautiful conference.

Chinese Minister Visits Adoptive Families

_MG_0276Twelve CCAI families finalizing their adoption in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, got a surprise visit from Chinese Civil Affairs Minister Li Liguo, the highest-level official in charge of China’s national civil affairs, including international adoption.

Minister Li spent time shaking families’ hands, hearing their adoption stories, and discussing the medical conditions of each of the newly-adopted children. “I have the ultimate respect for those of you who are adopting a child with special needs,” the minister told a family. “It is a very special kind of love.”

According to Henan officials, this is the first time ever, since China opened its doors to international adoption in 1992, that a Chinese Civil Affairs minister has visited adopting families and children at the time of registration and presented the Adoption Registration certificate – a historic event that clearly shows the central government’s support for international adoption.

Minister Li has been an important advocate of international adoption and a longtime friend of CCAI co-founders Joshua Zhong and Lily Nie. In 2007 CCAI’s Chinese Children Charities became the first U.S. charity registered in China, thanks to the minister’s support and approval.

GREAT NEWS!!! CCCWA Releases New Adoption Qualifications

To ensure that more children with medical needs can find a loving family, China has announced a new set of adoption qualifications.  Requirements regarding prospective parents’ ages, marital status, medical conditions, finances, and more, have all been modified and relaxed!  Read more about it —> Qualifications

Please help us spread the great news so more orphans will find their forever families!

2013 China Adoption Statistics

News Item One:

According to the newly released National Civil Affairs Annual Report by the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs, a total of 21,399 children were adopted in China in 2013 – 18,147 domestically and 3,252 internationally.

News Item Two:

Adoptive Families magazine recently released their 2013 survey results on Adoption Cost Distribution between programs and agencies around the United States. Below are their numbers for the China adoption program.


Adoption Cost Distribution – China Program

Adoption Cost

$20K – $30K

$30K – 40K

40K – 50K


Percentage of Agencies





The average total, all-inclusive, and no-hidden-charge fee and cost to adopt through CCAI is about $27,000. We are very proud to continue to be the best and most affordable China-focused agency in the USA. Your dream deserves the best and we are thrilled to provide nothing less!

LOCC Child Care and Management Training

CCAI’s Charity Team visited NanYang and ZhuMaDian this past week to provide child care and management training to the nannies and staff at the local LOCC’s.  Despite the modest meeting environment, it was a very productive weekend!  Our Charity Team visits all LOCC’s throughout the year to help provide guidance and support to the amazing staff working with the children.  It is precious time and we always look forward to learning more ways to better our childcare.

Haiti & China Adoptions Update

CCAI Family and friends, please help us congratulate and celebrate TWO new families who came home from Haiti this past weekend with their beautiful children! Please also help us congratulate and celebrate the homecoming of THIRTEEN new families who came home from China last weekend with their precious bundles of joy!

Since 2010, CCAI has helped 73 children come home from Haiti and 16 just since January! Since 1992, CCAI has helped facilitate 10,510 adoptions from China and 129 children have come home since January!

Our hearts are always so very full.

Happy Monday!

Henan Delegation Visits Henan Children

In 2008, CCAI and Henan Province entered a charity partnership to promote the well-being of children of special needs living in the orphanages.  Four and half years later and after over $2.5 million invested in leadership development, nanny training, foster care expansion, facility improvement, medical support, and education assistance, thousands of orphans’ lives have been impacted for the better, and over 1,000 children with special needs have found loving homes through international adoption.

Yesterday, another official delegation from Henan came to Denver to visit adoptive families and their children and witnessed first hand the incredible new lives all the adopted “Henan children” have been given in their new and very loving homes with their forever families.  Throughout the years, several delegations from Henan province have come to Denver to personally thank the adoptive families for their love and support.

Our thanks go to Sarah and Bryan for opening their beautiful home to the delegation, to Moya with First Hugs and Emily with Henan Kids International for all that you do, and to all the wonderful families and children who came to the Henan Delegation Reception, welcoming the delegation!  It was so wonderful to catch up with all of you!

CCAI’s Guangzhou Reps

Josh and Lily met with CCAI’a Guangzhou Team last week and thanked them for
their excellent service in 2012.  They also spent time to review service
plans and ideas for 2013 to ensure that our adoptive families will receive
the best possible professional and personal service while they are in
Guangzhou, China.  Raymond, Maggie, Jason, Jocelyn, Grace and Kathy send
their warmest holiday greetings to the entire CCAI Family!

Josh and Lily visited with our Guangzhou Team last week!
From L to R: Jason, Kathy, Josh, Raymond, Lily, Maggie, and Jocelyn (Grace and Kathy not pictured)

CCAI Group #1234 Visit CCAI

Another fun piece of news 🙂

This past Saturday, some CCAI families gathered together at the Fortress of Happiness (a.k.a. CCAI) to celebrate their 5-year reunion!  Check out those happy faces!

From L to R (back to front): Bailey, Tatum, Tybee, Madi, John, Taylor