AdopTween Hangouts: Growing in Friendship and Mentorship

Adopteen’s newest program inspiration, called AdopTween, offers yet another beautiful opportunity for adoptees to just hang out and have fun with kids of the same or similar backgrounds.  AdopTween is co-ed (*cough*We need more boys! Our boy Adopteen leads are waiting!*cough*) and invites pre-teen adoptees, ages 9-12, to share in the friendship and mentorship of some amazing Adopteen leaders!

This past Saturday was AdopTween’s second “Hangout” and the kids all decorated their own pumpkins and competed in a relay race that spanned the entire office grounds; eating donuts from strings, bobbing for apples, and playing some pumpkin hockey.  The winning team all got brand new AdopTween t-shirts!

Through programs like the Post Adoption Center, Adopteen, AdopTween, and Xpress Yourself, CCAI only continues to strive to complete the links of CCAI’s services to adopted children from the moment of their entering into their families on to their adulthood. Love truly bonds us together for life.

AdopTween is currently only offered in Colorado.  Next month, Adoptween is going to the Denver Zoo for Zoo Lights. 🙂

To register for AdopTween, please visit

For more information about the Post Adoption Center, Adopteen, AdopTween, or Xpress Yourself, please call Amy or Heather at (303) 850-9998.

Register Your Pre-Teen for Xpress Yourself

Did you know that CCAI has a pre-teen program called Xpress Yourself?

Through a combination of art and play therapy activities, Xpress Yourself allows your child to address some of the more difficult questions he/she might be encountering regarding adoption. These activities are designed to be fun and creative. In fact, they don’t really feel like “therapy” at all!

Xpress Yourself sessions are held over two weekend and are offered throughout the year for children ages 7-9 and 9-12!

Xpress Yourself’s Next Session: Girls 7 – 9, SUNDAY, MARCH 17th & SUNDAY, MARCH 24th (9:00 am – 2:00 pm)

Please visit to learn more and REGISTER TODAY!