Colorado Gives Day is Here!

Colorado Gives Day 2017

Today is the day!

Colorado Gives Day has arrived! No matter where you are in the world, you can participate in Colorado Gives Day and make your donation go further.

We would be honored if you would keep CCAI in mind when making donations through Colorado Gives, today. In our 25 years of service, CCAI has strived to provide a legacy of vital and unique support for orphanages, children, and families in our adoption community and beyond. This has been possible solely due to the generosity and passion of our donors.

Colorado Gives Day is a day that gives back to all the non-profits in Colorado. Every dollar you give goes further on Colorado Gives Day. For every donation, First Bank matches 10 percent up to $1 million!

Last year, you helped us raise an incredible $15,105 on Colorado Gives Day! Visit today and help us make an even bigger impact this year!

So, invite your friends, invite your family, invite that stranger you met at the grocery store…invite everyone! With a little help from our friends, thousands of children’s lives will be changed for the better, forever!

Thank you 🙂

Adopteen Summer 2017 Recap

Adopteen’s 2017 summer programming closed out last weekend when both the Adopteen Wilmington leadership team and our Zhuzhou AGBOST landed home safely.  This year was an overwhelming success, and the summer passed in a whirlwind of beautiful memories and amazing new friendships.

Adopteen Colorado Camp-Conference 2017

In June, Adopteen came back to Colorful Colorado from June 21st-25th after a gap year in 2016.  Though it was our 6th (!) conference in Colorado, it was our very first time in downtown Denver, and we had a blast!  The highlight of camp was absolutely exploring 16th Street Mall, and packing every camper into a couple cars on the train to get there.  We also visited Water World, took part in some late night team competitions, cheered on our camp leaders in an…interesting…eating competition, and took part in workshops such as Adoption 101, Dance, Self-Confidence, and so much more.  We packed our Denver schedule full to bursting, and are so grateful to every camper that stuck it out with us and enjoyed every minute.  In all, Adopteen Denver brought us 74 campers with 12 camp leaders, representing 19 different states, 20 birth provinces, and 2 birth countries.

Adopteen North Carolina Camp-Conference 2017

July brought Adopteen Wilmington, with 70 campers and 8 camp leaders, representing 23 states, 15 birth provinces, and 2 birth countries.  In Wilmington, we had the chance to visit the beach and boardwalk area, as well as to explore downtown after an amazing ghost tour.  Though it was rainy most of the time, the area decided to give us a reprieve just in time for the last day of camp – our beach day!  We had an amazing time, and cannot extend enough thanks to the fantastic team at UNC, our local volunteers, and everyone that came – it’s always hectic bringing everything that we do out of state, and our team in Wilmington knocked it out of the park!

AGBOST Yueyang 2017

Of course,we would be remiss to not mention the entire month that Amy spent in China!  2017 was the first year that we have had two summer AGBOST trips, and as ever, it was an unforgettable experience.  Both trips were in Hunan, the first at Yueyang Social Welfare Institute from 6/28 to 7/8 and the second from 7/12 to 7/22 at Zhuzhou Social Welfare Institute.  Our travelers (48 total, with 18 from Hunan!)were amazing, embracing the call to service and together this year’s AGBOST brought in over $20,000 in donations for the Yueyang and Zhuzhou orphanages, which will go towards large capital improvements for the buildings.  Our travelers in Hunan became best friends with every kid they worked with, and we couldn’t possibly be more proud of them. (Check out the end-of-the-year CCAI Circle Newletter for more photos!)

AGBOST Zhuzhou 2017

Thank you to everyone that made our Summer 2017 such a success – we really, truly, could not have done it without each and every one of you.     In all, we met 129 new friends, while 83 of you decided to join us yet again.  We hope that every single one of you will hang out with us again in 2018, when we will celebrate our TEN YEAR anniversary.  Look out for announcements on our upcoming programs in October!  We miss you all and cannot wait to do it all over again.

~ Your Adopteen Team

From Your Adopteen Team: Adopteen 2016 Summer Report

Adopteen’s 2016 summer schedule closed out with one last hoorah this past weekend with the 2nd Annual Adoptstronauts Weekend Retreat. This year has been an amazing journey for all involved, with exciting new developments and splendid fun had by all.

4I1A1788The summer’s first Adopteen Camp-Conference marked another important milestone – our first international conference!  From June 30-July 4, 2016, Adopteen explored the Great White North in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Though it was a smaller group at 4I1A1774just 37 campers (representing 15 states, 13 provinces and two countries ranging from age 13-21), we had all the fun of a bigger group, while also being able to take the time to bond more as a team. Campers had the chance to visit popular sites around the beautiful city of Vancouver during a Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour, as well as visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Workshops included History of Adoption, Self-Confidence, Dance, Friendship Bracelets, Tie Dye and Survival 101. Fantastic conversations were had, amazing milkshakes were drank, dancing and laughing happened and we’ll be missing Vancouver always.

4I1A2592As soon as we got back from Vancouver, it was time for the Summer Adoptees Giving Back–Orphanage Service Trip (AGBOST) in Anhui! This 10 day trip from July 13-23, 2016 was Adopteen’s fourth summer trip, and we brought 25 travelers along with two chaperones to volunteer for the children of Hefei City Children’s Welfare Institute.  Travelers ranged in age from 15-21 and represented 13 states and 10 provinces (with 7 coming from Anhui Province!). Before they even stepped foot in China, this group of travelers made AGBOST history with the most money ever raised for a province–over $9,000! This money was used to purchase 10 industrial washers, three widescreen televisions, and two large refrigerators. The remainder of the funds were dispersed amongst other Charity Fund 4I1A3705projects and orphanages in need. For five days–an entire work week–travelers volunteered with the children in the orphanage, ranging from toddlers to teenagers. As always, each child has made a lasting impression on all of our hearts that we will never forget. We are so thankful to the amazing staff at Hefei City Children’s Welfare Institute for their never-ending kindness and generosity.

4I1A4577Washington, D.C. and Georgetown University provided the perfect backdrop for an amazing week at the second Camp-Conference of the summer from August 37,2016.  70 campers representing 34 states, 16 provinces and 2 countries, ages 13-21 joined us for a hot, humid, spectacular time. We cruised on the Potomac to spend some valuable time with the riverside monuments, as well as visited the National Mall for a “choose your own adventure” style day with museums and sights galore. On campus, we played Adopteen’s version of Mario-Kart (balloons, all the balloons), had some friendly team competitions, 4I1A4591showed off our talents during the Adopteen Talent Show and hosted workshops including: Cooking, Ballroom Dancing, Self-Confidence, Personality Tests, Self-Defense, Tie Dye and Adoption 101!   D.C. was amazing–a very genuine and special thank you to our fantastic volunteers in the area is due. We could not possibly have done it without you!

The 2nd Annual Adoptstronauts Weekend Retreat, our final event of the summer, was a beautiful and relaxing overnight in the mountains of Colorado and a perfect cap to the season. This was a quick opportunity for our adoptee friends over the age of 18 to meet up with one another and connect for the year.  Attended by eight adoptees age 18-24 and led entirely without Adopteen staff (huge thanks to Claire Deskin and Jenny Trenchard, who coordinated the entire event!), the night was full of good food, conversation and a dash of Adopteen fun.


Thank you again to everyone that made 2016 special for Adopteen. We made huge strides and cannot wait to get started on yet another year of life-changing programs and meaningful fun. Look out for our entire calendar of events for 2017 by the end of September, including:

  • the 2nd Annual Adopteen Fundraiser
  • Adopteen Midpoint
  • Adopteen Camp-Conferences
  • Adoptstronauts
  • 2016-2017 AdopTween!

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Adopteen 2015 Summer Recap


Adopteen wrapped up their 2015 Summer schedule with an exciting launch party for their newest program for adult adoptees, Adoptstronauts! This summer has been one for the history books, as they say, with Adopteen hosting not one, but TWO National Adopteen Camp-Conferences in addition to their Summer Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip (AGBOST).

Attended by 100 campers, ages 13 – 21, representing 25 states, 20 provinces, and 3 countries, the 2015 Adopteen Camp-Conference in Denver, CO kicked off the Summer with a bang from June 20th – June 24th! It was a week filled to the brim with crazy games, breath-taking adventures, and inspiring conversations; featuring a big pool party, AdopTween Day, and workshops about school transitions, the history of adoption, self-confidence, wand-making, modeling and photography, cooking, make-up and hair. The campers even had a chance to visit the beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheater on their final night, watching Jurassic Park play against the incredible backdrop of one of Colorado’s most iconic views! Thank you Colorado Christian University for being such gracious hosts!

4I1A0904The first Adopteen Camp-Conference was followed by the 2015 Summer Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip (AGBOST) from July 8th – July 19th. This was Adopteen’s 3rd Annual Summer AGBOST, bringing 25 travelers to Luoyang to volunteer and give love to the children of Luoyang City Social Welfare Institute. The travelers, ages 16 – 21, joined the group, representing 12 different states and 7 provinces, and raised a total of over 24,000 RMB for Luoyang City Social Welfare Institute, which helped buy a brand new air conditioning unit for the facility! It was a trip of heartwarmth and heartache, laughter and tears, joy and sorrow, and unforgettable memories. The first of two this year, the trip was a beautiful two weeks with the most amazing people and we cannot wait to see what greatness will come as Adopteen prepares for the 2015 Winter AGBOST this coming December. Thank you to the incredible staff of Luoyang City SWI for their unfailing generosity and patience! And to everyone who helped guide our travelers: We are so grateful!

4I1A3318July 28th – August 1st brought Adopteen to sunny San Diego, California for the second Adopteen Camp-Conference of 2015. Joined by 70 campers, ages 13 – 23, representing 16 states, 14 provinces, and 4 countries, the 2015 Adopteen Camp-Conference in San Diego, CA made a spectacular mark in Adopteen history as the first ever 2nd National Summer Camp-Conference! 😉 The event was packed with beach, sun, food, and more beach; campers all having the chance to visit the famous San Diego Zoo, Mission Beach, and eat unlimited street tacos with a bonfire in the bay on their final night, silhouetted by the San Diego palms and a breathtaking Blue Moon. Workshops for Adopteen’s San Diego Camp-Conference included: history of adoption, photography, cooking, iPhonography, building courage, self-reflection and goal setting, hair, makeup, nails, fitness and nutrition, Zumba, and AGBOST. HUGE thank you to our amazing volunteers, drivers, and families who helped make this event possible!

4I1A4409Adopteen’s final summer event was the exciting and highly anticipated launch of their new 18+ program, Adoptstronauts, on August 15th – 16th! Attended by 20 adoptees, ages 18 – 24, the event provided a fun opportunity to say a quick “hello” and introduce the program to the world. Adopteen is extremely anxious to start providing even more opportunities for adoptees to connect and Adoptstronauts is the perfect vehicle (or rocketship) to do just that. Open to ALL adoptees, ages 18+, from any country and adoption agency, Adoptstronauts is ready to take off and explore the stars!

Adopteen is so incredibly grateful for all of their inspiring sponsors who help make Adopteen’s events possible. Please visit to learn more about their amazing sponsors and friends.

Check out more photos from all of Adopteen’s summer events:

2015 Adopteen Camp-Conference – Denver, CO: Part 1 —- Part 2
2015 Adopteen Camp-Conference – San Diego, CA: Part 1 —- Part 2
2015 Summer Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip
Adoptstronauts Launch Event

– Amy Zhong | Adopteen Director

2014 Summer Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip Returns

From the desk of Adopteen (!

The second ever Summer AGBOST (Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip) wrapped up last night as all 25 travelers made it home after a delay and an unanticipated overnight stay at an airport hotel. Oh the joys of travel!

It was definitely hard to say goodbye…We feel like we’re kind of just floating in and out of life right now, wanting to go back and see the kids and hang out with eachother forever…

Not much more can be said about that. We really really love eachother.  The children we worked with at Shenyang Orphanage stole all of our hearts!  A couple of the older kids we got to work with are about to be adopted and we were SO happy to know that.  You have to meet these kids…they are all so incredible and inspiring. We go on this trip thinking we’re going to change the lives of these children and help the orphanage, but, after all of it, it’s hard to say who’s helping who. Being with the children, seeing what their lives are like, and having them run up to you giggling…it definitely sets your priorities straight. It’s unlike anything in the world.

The Summer 2014 AGBOST group was made up of 25 adoptees who together raised a grand total of $8,000+ for Shenyang Orphanage and the children!  We definitely set the bar very high.

Thank you to everyone who donated to our trip and supported us on our journey!

If you would like to look at some photos of the Summer AGBOST, you can search #AGBOST2014 or #AGBOST on Instagram.

Thank you to Amy, Art, Lily, and Janelle for so awesomely and fearlessly leading and guiding us!  Thank you to Lisa, Vivian, Tang Laoshi, and all of the amazing Shenyang Orphanage nannies and teachers for your mentorship and guidance as well!

All Yours,
Summer AGBOST 2014

It looks and sounds like the Summer AGBOST volunteer group had an amazing trip!  We can only imagine how life-changing a trip like that can be for them!

If you would like to learn more about Adopteen and their Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trips, please visit their website at  CCAI and Adopteen coordinate two AGBOST trips every year for Chinese adoptees, ages 15 and up!

Be sure to join Adopteen’s mailing list to receive news as soon as the service trip dates and locations for 2015 are announced!

Spring 2014 Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip

Adopteen‘s Spring 2014 Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip came to an end last night as all 16 travelers flew home on that oh-so-fun 14+ hour flight, back to five different states. The trip was a HUGE success and, needless to say, the entire group grew extremely close in the 10 days they spent in China. It was definitely hard to say goodbye…

Although it was a smaller group, the 16 travelers altogether raised a incredible grand total of more than $3500 for the Nanchang Orphanage and were able to help purchase some much-needed supplies for the orphanage!  Everything from cribs to air conditioning units to food processors to DVD players… Nanchang Orphanage was thrilled!

The Spring 2014 AGBOST was such an incredible, beautiful, brave, and inspiring group of ladies (no gents this time). Nanchang Orphanage was just as wonderful and the nannies and children were all so fun — a few of the nannies even cooked for several of the travelers and challenged them to a game of badminton! 😀

The group had the opportunity to work with children as young as 2 months up to 18 years. Words cannot even come close to explaining how life-changing this trip was for all of the travelers. Thank you to everyone who donated to this life-changing trip and supported the travelers on their journey!

If you would like to look at some photos of the Spring 2014 AGBOST, you can search #AGBOST2014 on Instagram, or visit this lovely photo album.

The group was lead by Adopteen Director, Amy Zhong, and adoption therapist, Eli Harwood.  Thank you to CCAI President, Joshua Zhong, the wonderful guides, Amber, Sissi, and Evelyn, and all of the wonderful Nanchang Orphanage nannies and teachers for their mentorship and guidance!

Applications Now Open for Spring 2014 Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip

The application page for Adopteen’s Spring 2014 Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip (AGBOST) is now open!

If you have a teen or young adult adoptee who has been waiting to volunteer at orphanages in China, this is an amazing opportunity to do so!  Led by Adopteen Director, Amy Zhong, and CCAI President, Joshua Zhong, the 10-day trip will only be taking 20 travelers this Spring to visit Beijing for 3.5 days and then work at Nanchang SWI for 5.5 days.

The first-ever AGBOST happened this past June with an amazing group of 32 adoptees who worked at LouHe LOCC and Zhengzhou SWI. In the words of the travelers:

“The trip was wonderful; I had the time of my life, made incredible friendships, and had a taste of China’s true culture. I can’t put into words how much this trip affected me, but I enjoyed every moment of it to say the least.” ~ Emma (18)

“After a week of reflection…what I’m thinking is….I WANT TO GO BACK AND DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’m sure most people on the trip feel the exact same way. This was an experience that was so special that it can’t be put into words. We all met such wonderful people and met each other, made friends for life, and became a family. I love that I had the wonderful opportunity to come and I hope that many other adoptees in the future are able to experience at least have as much as I did, because even that is more than can be put into words. Thank you so much for making this possible. Truly.” ~ Rachel (17)

“I truly had an amazing and life-changing experience.  For me, I got very attached to the babies, and even though I wish I was still with them, I know that they are matched and going to be sent home with wonderful families someday.  I thank everyone who participated in this journey, and I am blessed to have gone on such a wonderful trip.” ~ Amanda (18)

“I cannot put into words how amazing and, just, beautiful it was working with the children at the orphanages.  So, instead, I’ll say I really loved how we got our own time to explore the city we were in at the end of every day. Work all day, party all night! (kidding) But really, it was good to unwind and just think about what happened that day. I really appreciated the freedom and trust that was given us throughout the trip.  It felt like travelling with old friends even though we had only met a week before.” ~ Lia (19)

You can find photos from the first AGBOST on Adopteen’s Facebook page!

The application page for the Spring 2014 AGBOST can be found at

Adopteen Coordinates “Adoptees Giving Back – 2013 Orphan Service Trip”

Yesterday, CCAI’s branch program, Adopteen, launched their most exciting and ambitious endeavor yet!  And what endeavor would this be?  We’ll let them tell you. 😀



I don’t even know how to express the magnitude of my excitement about that picture right above us. ADOPTEEN IS COORDINATING ITS FIRST EVER SERVICE TRIP TO CHINA!!! It’s happening! In June! 2013! Ahhhhhh!!!

We have been talking and planning and playing with this project for so long, it feels like a dream to finally be able to announce it and introduce it to the world! We are STOKED.

So what is this, “Adoptees Giving Back – Orphan Service Trip”?

Adoptees Giving Back is a never-done-before opportunity for a group of 30 Chinese adoptees to join Adopteen’s Co-Directors, Art and Amy, on a 12-day service trip to China to volunteer their love, time, and efforts to orphans living in four different orphanages! The trip is exclusively for adoptees and you must be 15 years old or older to travel. There is no upper age limit.

There is a lot more to know before applying to join the trip, so please visit to read over the Adoptees Giving Back – Orphan Service Trip Information page, look over the trip itinerary, and check the FAQ’s!

IT’S ALL VERY EXCITING! We cannot wait.

Those interested must apply in order to be considered.  Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received – a.k.a. if you’ve got your heart set on going, you’ll want to submit your application as soon as possible.  30 is a very small number.

Applications must be submitted by February 28, 2013, at the latest.

Visit to APPLY NOW!

What? Adoptees Giving Back – 2013 Orphan Service Trip
When?  June 16th-28th, 2013
Where?  Beijing, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, China
Why?  To reach out and give back love and care to those who need it the most.
Who? Chinese adoptees, 15 years old and older

I really hope you all are as pumped about this as we are.  We have been waiting so long to make this happen.

We await the amazing applications with bated breath.



There you have it!  Straight from the belly of the beast.  This trip is an incredible opportunity and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  We are so happy for Adopteen and hope you all do consider applying to be a part of such a great trip!  Travel with purpose, as they say.

Adopteen will also be hosting one of their fantastic camp-conferences in Fort Worth, TX come January 19-21, 2013.  Everyone’s invited!  It is yet another great Adopteen event you won’t want to miss.  More information regarding the Adopteen Camp-Conference in Fort Worth, TX is available on their website  Here’s the flyer!

Come one, come y’all