Be The Voice!

Written by Kelli Wild

When I think back about our journey to adoption, I was definitely impacted by those who had walked before me.  I remember watching others and wondering if our family could truly meet the needs of another child.  I had questions and fears about how we might finance an adoption, about the realities of medical conditions, and if we were getting “too old” to grow our family through adoption. 

I am convinced that we don’t always know the impact we might have — on the lives of families or on the lives of the children waiting, because we don’t always know when someone is quietly “considering adoption”.

One adoptive couple in our home town made more of an impact on our decision, and our lives, than they might realize.We watched their family grow, sometimes from afar, as they brought their 7 year old daughter home from China (she was child #5 and they were in their 50’s!).  They answered our questions by sharing their story and we were so uplifted.  I will never forget that moment. 

They were a part of the “Red Thread” that led us to our daughter, and I remain grateful to them, forever.

November is National Adoption Month, and many of us have a story to tell.

Will you join us in using your voice to advocate for the children in China and Haiti who are still waiting for their forever families?

As a Be the Voice team member, there are so many ways to “use your voice” in your circle of influence:

Three generations stand together to use their voice at a local event

  • Host an information meeting at your church, local library, school, or workplace.
  • Host a dessert party at your house and share with people about your adoption.
  • Read Bound by Love, a story about Lily, with your book club.
  • Represent CCAI at a local adoption conference by manning a CCAI display booth.
  • Write about your adoption and post about our upcoming Adoption Info Meetings­­ on your blog, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • Any other creative ways you can come up with to spread the word!

In turn, CCAI will:

  • Provide whatever training you need.  But honestly, your personal story is the most powerful tool and you can always refer people to us for the technical stuff!
  • Provide you with a Promotional Kit (A power point/slideshow DVD, brochures, info packets, a BTV T-shirt, and table display items)
  • Reimburse you for your gathering costs, such as space rental (of course, free space is best!) and refreshments.
  • Whatever other support you need to be a powerful voice for the waiting children!
There are so many creative possibilities that would allow each of us to share our story in our own unique way.

Will you join the campaign?  Your efforts, big or small, can change the life of a child.

For more information on how you can make a difference and Be The Voice, please email us at

Who or what would you say most impacted your decision to adopt?  We’d love to hear from you!