#TooCuteTuesday: Be a Part of Ming’s Story!

Ming FBHappy Tuesday CCAI Families! Please help us advocate for Ming!

Ming is 1.5 years old. He loves to play with toys and is intrigued by sounds. Ming does this cute thing that if you place toys in front of him, he will stretch out his little hands and reach for them, all the while smiling. He loves to get hugs and laughs whenever you talk to him. It seems that Ming has a big personality!

Ming is LID Only, meaning he must be matched to a family with a dossier in China! He is diagnosed with congenital heart disease and developmental delays.

Please email waitingchild@ccaifamily.org for more information or call 303-850-9998.

Want to be a part of Ming’s story? Let’s ADVOCATE for him and use our voices to bring him home! We are eager to place him before we lose his file!