Baby Safe Haven Gets the Green Light!

On April 21, 2013, a historical event happened in China as a result of CCAI families’ financial contribution and CCAI’s sponsorship – the Baby Safe Haven Conference.

Over 200 orphanage directors and civil affairs officials from every Chinese province, as well as legal and children experts from China, USA, and Italy, gathered at Shijiazhuang, where the first-ever and only Baby Safe Haven shelter in China was located.  The three-day conference focused heavily on the social and legal pros and cons of the Baby Safe Haven idea and practice.  In the end, the majority of the participants endorsed enthusiastically the life-saving idea and supported the plan for the China Center for Children Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) to present a comprehensive proposal to the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs.

China’s First Baby Safe Haven -Shijiazhuang

On July 27th, wonderful news arrived: The Ministry of Civil Affairs had issued the Approval Notice (MZ2013/234) of Promoting Baby Safe Haven Nationwide!  The national promotional effort will be led by a team headed by CCCWA’s Director-general, Shifeng Zhang!

There is no doubt that soon, we will see dozens and even hundreds of Baby Safe Havens built across China that will provide safe shelter for abandoned children.

The bottom line is: Many children’s lives will be saved!