Baby Safe Haven Conference A Huge Success!

A Letter from Joshua Zhong:

I am finally home and want to share with you the great success of the historical Baby Safe Haven Conference in Shijiazhuang last week!

Over 200 provincial child welfare officials and orphanage directors representing all provinces and autonomous regions in China, including Tibet, joined the two-day conference to hear about, learn, and discuss the historical, legal and social aspects of Baby Safe Haven. Legal and child welfare experts from the USA, Italy, as well as China gave in-depth and comprehensive presentation on Baby Safe Haven as a way to protect the lives of abandoned children. Shijiazhuang’s Orphanage Director also shared his journey on setting up the first experimental Baby Safe Haven in China.

Conference participants had the opportunity to ask questions, share their concerns, exchange opinions, and discuss ways of implementation and improvement. They also paid a visit to the first and only Baby Safe Haven that is being tested by Shijiazhuang Orphanage, which has received 168 babies of special needs since June 2011.

“I came to the conference with many concerns and questions. Today, I walk away with a clear historical and legal understanding and a strong sense of responsibility to start this program in our orphanage quickly,” said Beijing Orphanage Director Zhang FengLiang at the end of the conference. Most of the orphanage directors echoed his sentiments and voiced their support to build a Baby Safe Haven soon.

“Saving lives of the abandoned children is our moral responsibility,” Mr. Zhang Shifeng, the Director- General of CCCWA spoke at the conference. “Baby Safe Haven saves lives and that is what is most important.”

I want to thank you again for your generous donation which made the success of this life-saving conference possible. I can predict confidently that more Baby Safe Havens will be built very soon across China and thousands of lives will be saved as a result!


So there you have it!  We are absolutely thrilled about the positive reception and very anxious to see the Baby Safe Haven initiative succeed in orphanages throughout China.

Here are links to a short video Joshua recorded upon visiting the very first Baby Safe Haven station!

Part 1:
Part 2: