Applications Now Open for Spring 2014 Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip

The application page for Adopteen’s Spring 2014 Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip (AGBOST) is now open!

If you have a teen or young adult adoptee who has been waiting to volunteer at orphanages in China, this is an amazing opportunity to do so!  Led by Adopteen Director, Amy Zhong, and CCAI President, Joshua Zhong, the 10-day trip will only be taking 20 travelers this Spring to visit Beijing for 3.5 days and then work at Nanchang SWI for 5.5 days.

The first-ever AGBOST happened this past June with an amazing group of 32 adoptees who worked at LouHe LOCC and Zhengzhou SWI. In the words of the travelers:

“The trip was wonderful; I had the time of my life, made incredible friendships, and had a taste of China’s true culture. I can’t put into words how much this trip affected me, but I enjoyed every moment of it to say the least.” ~ Emma (18)

“After a week of reflection…what I’m thinking is….I WANT TO GO BACK AND DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’m sure most people on the trip feel the exact same way. This was an experience that was so special that it can’t be put into words. We all met such wonderful people and met each other, made friends for life, and became a family. I love that I had the wonderful opportunity to come and I hope that many other adoptees in the future are able to experience at least have as much as I did, because even that is more than can be put into words. Thank you so much for making this possible. Truly.” ~ Rachel (17)

“I truly had an amazing and life-changing experience.  For me, I got very attached to the babies, and even though I wish I was still with them, I know that they are matched and going to be sent home with wonderful families someday.  I thank everyone who participated in this journey, and I am blessed to have gone on such a wonderful trip.” ~ Amanda (18)

“I cannot put into words how amazing and, just, beautiful it was working with the children at the orphanages.  So, instead, I’ll say I really loved how we got our own time to explore the city we were in at the end of every day. Work all day, party all night! (kidding) But really, it was good to unwind and just think about what happened that day. I really appreciated the freedom and trust that was given us throughout the trip.  It felt like travelling with old friends even though we had only met a week before.” ~ Lia (19)

You can find photos from the first AGBOST on Adopteen’s Facebook page!

The application page for the Spring 2014 AGBOST can be found at