Adoption Fundraising…It Can Be a Puzzle!

by Kelli Wild
Community Relations Coordinator


In light of today’s economy, one of the greatest obstacles facing many families as they move forward with an adoption plan is the challenge of financing their adoption.

There are many creative fundraising efforts families throughout our agency are participating in, and we wanted to encourage a forum to share those ideas.

One adoption fundraiser we would like to feature is The Puzzle Fundraiser.

The goal of this adoption fundraiser is to encourage folks to “sponsor a piece” to help you bring your child home.

You may be amazed at how many people get excited about being a “piece of the puzzle” that helps a child find his or her forever family!

For many of us, it can be a little uncomfortable to ask others to help in this manner.

At CCAI, we know from experience that many people have a heart to love children and would be thrilled to be a part of changing a child’s life in a tangible way.

And you will be giving them one very tangible “way”!

As you gather friends and family to sponsor a piece, write each family or individual’s name on the back of each sponsored piece.

You may be surprised to find people you don’t even know who want to be a part of helping your child come home to his or her forever family!

Begin by selecting a puzzle anywhere from 100 pieces to 1,000 pieces.

Many families frame the completed puzzle with the sponsored pieces showing.

This is a wonderful reminder to your family for years to come of all those who stood with you while you were waiting, and who played a “piece” in bringing your child home.

Set a “minimum” sponsorship amount.  For example, if you select a 1,000 piece puzzle you can encourage folks to sponsor a piece for $25 (of course, they can sponsor more than one piece or give more if they would like).

You will also have the best response if you set up a way for people to donate online (consider starting a blog to which you can add a PayPal button; you can “Google” to learn how to do this).

Now get excited and tell everyone!

One of the best ways you can share your adoption fundraiser is on facebook (upload a picture of your puzzle pieces).  This allows your friends to find out what is going on and also allows them to share it with their friends.

Remember to share regularly … once is not enough.  Share about your adoption fundraiser as often as you feel comfortable, and give people updates.

We look forward to hearing how the “pieces” of your story come together.