Adopteen 1st Annual Dance Marathon Fundraiser Raises Over $4,000

Adopteen Thanks Their Donors

Our young friends at Adopteen held their first-ever Adopteen Dance Marathon Fundraiser last Saturday. Why? Adopteen is starting an Adopteen Scholarship Fund to help provide financial support to adoptees who wish to attend Adopteen’s incredible programs, but are unable to afford the registration fees!  From their website:

Adopteen Leadership has committed to dancing 12 hours straight in the efforts of raising money for the Adopteen Scholarship Fund!  Since 2008, Adopteen has held 42 events nationwide for over 800 adoptees.  It has been an amazing ride so far, but we know that there are many more who have not been able to participate in our awesome events simply due to financial constraints.  We want to help with that!

In a given year, Adopteen holds 6 major events: Adopteen Midpoint Retreat, Adopteen Camp-Conferences (2), Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trips (2), and the Adoptstronauts Expedition.  Totaled together, these 6 events cost $2,800 per person.  We want to be able to provide at least two full scholarships to all of these events!

That means $5,600 a year.  So we’re dancing.  Our goal is $5,600.  If we reach it?  Amazing.  If we don’t?  We will provide as many partial scholarships as we can with the funds we raise!  This is happening, friends!  Donate and support our amazing programs!

Dance and Donate!

After dancing for 12 hours straight, the Adopteen Crew raised a Grand Total of $4,500! Although short of their goal, it was an incredible response and Adopteen will now be able to provide four partial scholarships and possibly a few smaller grants for 2016! Amazing job, Adopteen!

Adopteen will be holding this Adopteen Dance Marathon Fundraiser every February and hopes that friends and families and neighbors alike will join them in this great endeavor.

Yay, better lives!

Visit for more information about Adopteen and to donate.