20th Anniversary Contest Winners

WOW!! We were BLOWN AWAY by the incredible talent we saw from those who chose to participate in the CCAI 20th Anniversary Coloring/Art/Essay contests! It was a VERY difficult decision! Congratulations to all the winners, including the “honorable mentions” listed below—they were all so wonderful!

Cherish B’s Dragon Prize-Winning Coloring!

DRAGON: Cherish B. (5 years)
JADE: Isabella W. (5 years)
PEARL: Tirza J. (5 years)

Honorable Mentions:
Ava O.
Brandy O.
Claire E.
Emily D.
Lila C.
Lisa D.
Lulu D.
Madison B.
Mia S.
Mya C.
Natalie S.
Taylor K.
Tybee Y.

Joie M’s Dragon Prize-Winning Drawing! WOW!!!!!

DRAGON: Joie M. (12 years)
JADE: Rachel B. (12 years)
PEARL: Sophia W. (9 years)

Honorable Mentions:
Ai Pei W.
Ali S.
Audrey R.
Chandler V.
Darbi J.
Ellie C.
Emily M.
Emma V.
Erwin L.
Grace V.
Jade N.
Jilan M.
Katie S.
Lexie M.
Libby P.
Lili A.
Lilia C.
Lucy G.
Mia P.
Nina W.
Paige L.
Sara H.
Sarah H.
Shayna E.
Sonoma P.
Zoe B.

DRAGON: Tina W. (17 years)
JADE: Danielle D. (13 years)
PEARL: Audrey R. (11 years)

Honorable Mentions:
Hannah L.
Lili A.
Megan H.
Paige L.
Sarah B.

Dragon prize is $100, Jade prize is $50 and Pearl prize is $25. But the best part?! Everyone is a winner! All artists/writers will receive a special prize and a personal thank you from CCAI’s co-founders Lily and Josh just for participating. 🙂

Thank you again to all of the talented artists/writers who submitted entries—we look forward to showcasing your work on our website very soon!