7 Things Your Adoption Agency Wishes You Knew…

The adoption process is like no other journey you will ever take, and CCAI is so honored and humbled that you have chosen to walk it with us!  Yes, we have a business relationship for the provision of services, but it’s an emotional journey of the heart, challenging at the best of times, and it becomes far more than just a simple business transaction.  It is a unique and treasured relationship that we have with you, and if we could share with each family, from our hearts to yours, we would say…


This is not an “us and them” partnership – it’s WE!  YOU, your family, and US, CCAI!  WE are a team, united in the common goal of bringing home a child to your family.  We WANT a child to go home with you!  You might feel we’re being “nit-picky” about paperwork, but that’s only because we want to help you do everything right the first time and make sure things run as efficiently as possible.  We are not a hurdle standing between you and your child; we are your coaches, your teammates, your cheerleaders, and your fans on this journey!!

  1. We CARE.

My GOSH, do we care!!  We care SO MUCH about your family and the children we place.  This is NOT (NOT NOT NOT!!!) “just a job” for any of us at CCAI.  We are not cold, faceless workers just here for a paycheck (hey, we have seen those movies too).  We are kind and loving people, here because we sincerely, genuinely, want to help families adopt children and to help the homeless to find a home.  We are always thinking of ways we can improve our service to you, to the child you adopt, and to those children left behind.  This is a heart’s calling for us, and we WANT to help you!

  1. PLEASE call us, we welcome your questions!

No really, you are NOT “bothering” us!  Remember, YOU are why we’re here!!  Social media can be an awesome source of support, however mis-truths and inaccuracies can quickly turn into “facts” and freak you out unnecessarily.  Although the general process and basic steps are the same for each family, every family and adoption is unique and sometimes, advice/information given to one family does not pertain to all others.   Ask US your questions, not your online friends.  It doesn’t matter that we have answered the same question 84 times today – we would rather you hear it from us!  Let your online friends be your cheerleaders and supporters; let CCAI guide you through the process.

  1. We know you by name.  You are our FAMILY!

We do!  Yes, we are a large agency, but we don’t refer to you by a case number; we think of you AND your adoption by name.  Did you know that in our office we don’t refer to you as customers, cases, or even clients?  We call you our “family” because that’s what you are – a family, not a number or a case – and that’s who you are – part of CCAI’s family.  Same team, remember?

  1. PLEASE read what we send you!

PLEASE?!  We promise, we don’t write our packets for our own entertainment or to help you fall asleep at night.  Sometimes they can be dry, we know, but truly, it’s important information that you need to have for a successful adoption!!

  1. What we know, you’ll know.

NEVER in a million years would we ever, EVER withhold from you information important to your adoption!!  When your dossier leaves for China, you’ll know!  When we have a potential child match for you, you’ll know!  If we get updated information on your child, you’ll know!  When your LOA or Travel Approval arrives, you’ll – OK, you get the picture!  We also don’t throw rumors around; we want to share real, verified news with you.  So while you’re always, always welcome to contact CCAI to check in or ask questions, as your teammates, just know that we WILL, at the soonest possible moment, let you know when there is news related to your adoption!

  1. We value your trust above everything else.

We understand the adoption process – boy oh BOY, do we understand it.  And we understand what it’s like to go through it – many of us are adoptive parents ourselves.  We know it’s hard, and we know how hard it is to take the leap of faith in the first place, let alone with an agency that may be several states away, with staff you may never meet.  That’s why it’s so important to us that we work hard to earn your trust and to be deserving of it!

Whew!  Feels good to get that off our chests – thanks for listening! 🙂