The Tanis Family Adoption Story – From Taiwan to China and Back

In late 2014, our family started our very first adoption process.  All we knew back then was that because we were not yet 30 years old, we had limited countries to choose from since we wanted to adopt internationally.  Because of that, we chose Taiwan.  After speaking with our social worker, she advised us to look into China.  At the time, orphanage partnerships were still in place, so waiting until we were 29.5 to apply and submit our Medical Conditions Checklist AND turn 30 would take less time than a Taiwan adoption.  We chose CCAI as our placement agency because of the sheer number of recommendations we were given, speaking of their integrity and transparency.

In January 2016 we submitted our dossier, and in June 2016 we brought home our son Jordan (or Jet), born with complex congenital heart defects.  As soon as Jet was considered recovered from his heart surgery in April 2017 we knew he needed a sibling (actually we knew before then!).  That led us to adopt our son Judah, again from China, matched in August 2017 and home March 2018.  It was during the adoption process for Judah that China began changing some of their requirements, so we knew that if we “reupped” it would be a much longer wait for our third child.  We desperately wanted to add to our family by adopting again from China, but we weren’t sure how the new policies would affect us.

This past August, after trying to adopt domestically for a year, we knew we were being called back to where our hearts are (international adoption) and so we decided to submit our home study and our third Medical Conditions Checklist to China through CCAI.  We knew the likelihood to keep birth order (both of our boys are born in 2015 and are only a couple months apart in age) would make for a long wait, but we were prepared because we finally felt we were back “home”.   We knew CCAI had a Taiwan program, so we also kept an eye out for kids on the Waiting Child Taiwan page that we felt we would be a good family for—and vice versa—but still assumed we would match through China.

One night, in October, I was scrolling through the waiting children list on the Taiwan page and I saw this little girl who needed a family.  It was like flashing neon lights went off on my screen and we immediately emailed CCAI for more information.  We submitted our intent to adopt her in November 2019 and then waited to hear back.  The Taiwan process is much different than what we are used to with China, but we appreciate their child centric way of matching a family to a child.  We knew if it was meant to be, the orphanage would say yes.  And if not, we would have both a Taiwan AND China home study since we could submit to both programs simultaneously.  This was a major perk for us to be able to do that with CCAI!

On January 6, 2020, the entire Taiwan team at CCAI called via speakerphone to tell me the good (ok, great!) news that we were matched.  We are SO EXCITED—but no one is more excited than our two boys—to announce we are matched with our daughter and “baby sister” Abigail Jade Yen Tanis and can’t wait to welcome her into our family and arms late this summer.  It’s amazing that five years ago, we intended to adopt from Taiwan—but instead have two amazing boys from China.  It’s even more amazing that had we not waited, we would not be matched now with our daughter in Taiwan—back where we started.

I cannot speak highly enough to CCAI’s Taiwan team’s patience, support, and genuine love for our family.  They are so encouraging and answer all of our questions (sometimes the same questions over again).  Because we are still just starting out and have only been matched for about a month, we are so thankful to have an agency knows what they’re doing and cares for our family—all four and soon to be FIVE of us.  If you’re waiting with the China program or considering China, I would highly recommend you consider CCAI’s Taiwan program as well.

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