Winter Charity Trip 2015

In early November, CCAI Charity Director Xia Zhong, along with adoptive parent Mary Swanson, traveled to China for a two-week trip for Orphanage Partnership meetings as well as to prepare the 29 older orphans and 5 chaperones who are coming to the US this winter as part of our Older Orphan Hosting Program.

During her trip, Xia was able to visit more than 15 different orphanages including:

  • Anyang LOCC, the location for  Mary Swanson’s charity project named for her mother Barbara.
  • Kaifeng orphanage to check on orphanage conditions and new management in the LOCC facilities
  • Xuchang Orphanage as part of First Hug
  • Zhejiang Province where her team went to 3 different orphanages and met with orphanage leaders regarding orphanage partnerships as well as potential Older Orphan Hosting for Summer 2016
  • Guizhou Province
  • Jilin Province and Henan Province (10 total orphanages) for Winter Hosting Preparation meetings with the children and chaperones traveling to the US next month.

Take a look at some of the photos from their journey!


Happy Too Cute Tuesday! This week we’d like to introduce Ning.

8 year old Ning is really an amazing kid! He is a part of a special education program, and Guo Ning Bo 2is doing very well. His nannies say that his comprehension, language organization abilities, and expression are all very good. He is able to express his own opinions and is capable of understanding adults. Ning loves to learn, especially about art, math, and music.  He has learned to count from 1 to 20, and can write Arabic numerals from 1 to 10. Ning likes to sing children’s songs and dance, but art is his true passion. One time his teacher gave him a watercolor paint brush as a reward for good behavior in class. He was so excited that he went back to his room and started painting…all over the wall! Even though he drew on the wall, the nannies say they had no choice but Guo Ning Bo 1to praise him – his painting was truly very good! He is known as the “Little Artist,” but never brags about it. He would rather help encourage and teach the other children!  He likes to feel like an older brother. Please help this truly amazing kiddo find his forever family!

Ning is a Special Focus child, meaning he can be matched to a family either with or without a dossier in China and may also be accepted along with another child! He is diagnosed with Poor Brain Development.

Please call 303-850-9998 or email for more information about Ning!

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FROM THE FOUDNERS: China Staff Training Winter 2015

CCAI co-founders Joshua Zhong and Lily Nie are currently in China on a 10-day trip for their annual winter training meetings with our CCAI China Reps!

Check out some of their photos below and stay tuned for more updates to come!!

Adoptions from Asia … Our Twenty Years of Adventure – and Love

wheelerfamily2014It was in the mid 1990’s when I first heard about the baby girls being abandoned in China; and my heart was so deeply touched. I traveled to China in 1996 to get my baby, Rebekah, who was 8 months old and very malnourished. She was in a loving but very overcrowded orphanage where many of the children were likewise undernourished. It was mid-winter and many of the children were sick.

judypatrickandrebekahOnce I returned home with Rebekah, I told my husband, Patrick, what I had seen. We both felt led to adopt another child but we couldn’t go back to China due to the adoption center in Beijing being reorganized and only childless couples could adopt at that time. An adoptive parent told me to look at Vietnam. Right away we saw our Seth, who was 8 months old, but he had a special need. He was born with a cleft lip and palate which was still unrepaired. My husband, Patrick went to Vietnam to get him in 1997. We saw how correctable with a few surgeries it is. Outpatient surgery is all that is needed to repair the lip and to repair the palate a child is in the hospital only 1 or 2 days.

judyandpatrickandsethThen the door opened up for us to go to China in 2000. Patrick again traveled and brought home a 15 month old baby boy who also had an unrepaired cleft lip and palate. What touched our hearts is after we accepted him our agency told us that nobody would have adopted him if we hadn’t. He is now 17 in the Gifted Program in high school, takes college classes and makes top grades in his advanced classes. His dream is to be a neurologist someday for he says the human brain fascinates him.

We later brought home Annalise from China in 2002. She too was cleft affected. Later, Andrew came home from China in 2004. Likewise, he was cleft affected as well. Then Luke came home in 2006 from China, also cleft affected.

We found out that Vietnam – which had been closed for Americans to adopt – had reopened in 2007. Seth really wanted a sibling from his country. I went to Vietnam in 2007 to bring home our almost 4 year old, Caleb, who was also cleft affected. In again, in 2008, I went to Vietnam to get our baby, Jordan, who had had no surgeries on his bi-lateral cleft lip and palate. I remember getting a lot of stares but it didn’t bother me for he was a baby and he didn’t know.

judyandpatrickwithdanielAfter bringing Jordan home, we felt we were too old for babies or toddlers. I started seeing that the older children kept waiting and waiting for families. My heart was so touched. I went to China in 2010 to bring home our 11 year old, Jacob who did not have a special need except for his age. And in 2012, I went back to China to bring home 10 year old Daniel, who had a repaired cleft palate.

At the time, we felt our family was complete with 10 children from China and Vietnam.’ In 2014 we were very humbled and honored when our U.S. Congressman selected us for an award called, “Angels in Adoption”. We traveled to Washington D.C. to receive this award with our children.

I had always been an advocate for orphan children on Yahoo groups. However, for about 2 years I stopped being an advocate. I felt that I had to start advocating again. I joined Facebook in April 2015 of this year. I clicked on anybody to join who had a heart for orphans needing the love of families.

judyandaaronThen, one day in May of this year – 2015 – I saw an “aging out ” boy in China. According to China’s law, once a child turns 14, he/she can never be adopted. I advocated so hard for him but nobody came forward to adopt him. I called several agencies to get their opinion. They told me that there wasn’t enough time to bring him home before he turned 14 on Oct. 25, 2015. Then I called CCAI, an agency in Colorado, which told me that they would try to help bring him home. I had my FB friends to rally around me, and a wonderful agency and social worker, CCCWA in Beijing, to expedite the process, and an “angel” USCIS officer, Brenda Langewisch, who was wonderful in expediting their approvals.

I had a social worker who told me that we could bring home 2 children home, so I saw a 12 year old boy who had wanted a family of his own for many years.

On October 5 of this year, my 15 year old daughter (who was 2 when she came home from China) and myself left for China to bring home our two sons. After I did their adoption process in 2 different provinces we went to Guangzhou to get their Visas at the U.S Consulate. I adopted our Samuel 2 weeks before his 14th birthday. After we arrived home and landed on U.S soil, according to Hague adoptions, our sons were U.S citizens!!! We feel so blessed to have Samuel and Aaron in our family. And, as with the other children in our family, they are adjusting well to their new family, and their new lives in America.


It is Too Cute Tuesday! This week we’d like you to meet Lee, a very smart and playful 5 year old! Please help this little guy find his family!

Lee’s nannies say that even though he is unable to clearly express his own thoughts for the time being, his body language abilities are extremely strong. He can use his hands to signal “hello,” “thank you,” and other simple phrases. When he talks with adults he can understand them very well. Lee loves to play and be silly! He likes to pull up his shirt and then quickly pull it back

down before you are able to poke his tummy. He also likes to dance around with his friends and will giggle while he watches cartoons.

Lee is a Special Focus child, meaning he can be matched to a family either with or without a dossier in China and may also be accepted along with another child! He is diagnosed with Down Syndrome

Please call 303-850-9998 or email for more information about Lee!


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CCAI Georgia Reunion at Zoo Atlanta

A big THANK YOU to all the families who braved the weather on Saturday and joined us at Zoo Atlanta!

The rain let up just as the zoo opened and we all had such a ball!! We enjoyed seeing each and every one of you – some of you newly home and some of you home with your precious children for years. It was great connecting with everyone again!

Here are a few images from the day! Please feel free to share your images with us and let us know in the comments below and how much fun you had with us at the Zoo!

Orphan Sunday Nov. 8, 2015

Every day there are children around the world going to sleep at night without knowing the love of a family. They aren’t able to maintain a firm grasp on the possibility of a brighter future. This Sunday, you can give them the hope they need.

Please join us on Sunday at Bear Valley Church in Lakewood (8 AM to 12:30 PM) or Cherry Hills Community Church (12 PM to 2 PM) in Highlands Ranch in recognition of Orphan Sunday on Nov. 8th. Together, we can give orphans a voice, and a chance to find their ‪‎forever family‬.

If you would like to hold an Orphan Sunday event at your church, or would like to talk about how you can start an Orphan Ministry, please contact us at for more information!


Happy Too Cute Tuesday! This week we’d like you to meet sweet Piao.

Piao Web Lg

Piao is an active 6 year old girl. She loves everything about books – being read to, turning the pages, and sharing them with her friends. She is very cuddly and likes to sit with her nannies while she plays. Piao has a quiet little voice, but she likes to talk and sing songs. When she is happy she has a lot of motivation to walk (with help), but when she is sad she is less willing to try. Piao needs a loving, supportive family to help her grow!

Piao is a Special Focus child, meaning she Piao Web Lg 2can be matched to a family either with or without a dossier in China and may also be accepted along with another child! She is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Strabismus.

Please call 303-850-9998 or email for more information about Piao!

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