CCAI China Reps Reunion

CCAI China Team 2014

CCAI China reps and their families gathered at Qingyuan Hot Spring Resort for their bi-annual two-day training and reunion this past week! The week was such a great way to celebrate our accomplishments in 2014 and to reconnect with one another. At the training, CCAI Co-founders Lily and Josh presented the “Angel of Service” award to our teammembers who have faithfully worked for CCAI for more than 15 years – Juan Lin in Hong Kong, Anna Zhu in Beijing, Raymond Xiang in Guangzhou, James Jin in Jiangxi, Maria Guo in Chongqing, and Yisha in Anhui!  We are so blessed to have them by our sides.

Angels of Service

CCAI’s China reps have been playing a crucial role in making CCAI the best agency in the world.  Countless families decide to use CCAI again and again mainly because of their incredibly positive experience with our reps in China.  We are so lucky to work with a group of individuals who are so dedicated, loving and wonderful!

Our China reps asked Lily and Josh to convey their best and warmest wishes to all of our CCAI families.  We hope you all had a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving holiday!

CCAI China ladies