Lily’s Treasures – Dou


In the link below, you will find information about this wonderful boy, Dou.  Dou has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and he needs a home 🙂

Dou 1.2.2005

This child is on our agency’s list and we are hoping you will help spread the word about him!  This child needs a loving home and we would appreciate your help in advocating for him with the goal that this child may find their forever family.  We have a complete file for this child including pictures, background and medical information that we would be happy to share with interested and qualified families.  Let’s work together to help improve this child’s life and find the family he deserves!

Please note: CCAI will require that interested families fill out a Family Information Sheet before looking at the file so that we may check their qualifications against the requirements of the CCCWA.  There is no fee to view the file.  CCAI only shares a file with one family at a time and we process the families in the order in which we receive their request.  CCAI will only share the file directly with families.

Please respond to if you would like to view the child’s file or please pass along this information if you know someone who is interested!

Joyous Chinese Cultural Center Field Trips

JCCC Field Trip! - Calligraphy 3

Almost every Thursday and Friday morning, CCAI and our Joyous Chinese Cultural Center are greeted with the smiling faces of elementary and middle school students on a field trip, looking for an authentic Chinese cultural experience.

Today was no different!  Here are some photos for our fantastic guests who visited today!

If you and your fellow mischief-makers are in Colorado and would like to book a field trip with the Joyous Chinese Cultural Center, simply email to book what promises to be your students’/friends’/reading club’s favorite field trip ever! 🙂

CCAI Informational Sessions

If you would like to attend a CCAI informational session to learn a bit more about us, always remember that CCAI president, Joshua Zhong, holds information meetings every other Wednesday.  You may attend these in person (in Colorado) or call in virtually! Email to RSVP!

Here are several other upcoming informational opportunities.  All are free and all are welcome!

Information Sessions

February 16th: CCAI Kentucky @ Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY. 3:30 PM.
This seminar will offer a parent panel of CCAI families and their children, a short video and information concerning adopting a waiting child in China. (please email for more information)

February 21st: CCAI Georgia @ Project Love One event (please email for more information)

Information Booths

[None currently]

Hosting from Ukraine or Latvia: Project 143 & CCAI

Have you ever thought about hosting an older orphan? Project 143, an orphan hosting program, has their new photo listings up for children in Latvia and Ukraine orphanages who are available for hosting this summer!

Some families ultimately want to adopt the child they host and although not all children in this hosting program are available for adoption, many are. That’s where CCAI comes in!

CCAI can assist you as your placing agency should you host a child through Project 143 and later want to consider the possible adoption of that child! If you live in Colorado, Kentucky, Georgia, or Florida, we can even assist you with your home safety check, which is a part of the hosting process!

For more information on hosting a child from Latvia or Ukraine this summer, please check out Project 143’s website or visit their Facebook page!

Project 143

Joyous Chinese Cultural Center Celebrate the Chinese New Year

CCAI’s Joyous Chinese Cultural Center welcomed in the Year of the Horse with their annual Chinese New Year Celebration at Mission Hills Church.  Every Chinese New Year, the 300+ students of the Joyous Chinese Cultural Center put on the biggest show of the year, showing off the beautiful cultural dances and songs they have all been working so hard on all year!

The students, ages 4 – 18, performed traditional dances from all across China, choreographed by our fantastic JCCC dance teachers.  Attended by over 1000 friends and family, it is undoubtedly one of our favorite events of the year.  You cannot help being heart-warmed. 🙂

This year, the JCCC celebration had the incredible honor of welcoming two First Class Chinese acrobat and opera acts to the stage!  What a sight.  From Beijing, Master Jiang Qing Hua performed the world-renowned Face Changing opera, flawlessly speeding his way through 15 masks in 4 minutes.  From Hangzhou, Ms. Zhou Mei Cao and Mr. Li Wei Jian blew away the audience with body-defying acrobatics, exhibiting incredible strength and flexibility with graceful composure.  Our bodies hurt just watching them!

A DVD of the entire performance will be available on very soon!