2013-2014 Parent Training Kicks Off

We held our first Parent Training class of the 2013-2014 training year today at the Colorado CCAI office!  Eager prospective adoptive families in Colorado, anxious to put in the required hours of parent training, are attending classes all of today and tomorrow.  We have nothing but admiration for their attention span and appreciation for their dedication!

CCAI is committed to preparing adoptive families for adoption.  We want to provide adoptive families with the resources, skills, and tools necessary to be successful parents when they return home with their child(ren).  At CCAI, we encourage families’ full participation in parent training so that they may be prepared for the potential difficulties they may face when bringing a new child into their family.  It is important to acknowledge that adoption can be challenging and our parent training is made available to realistically prepare families as much as possible.

The nitty-gritty details of Parent Training:

The State of Colorado requires a minimum of 16-20 hours of face to face training for all domestic adoption and 24 hours of training (which is also Hague compliant) for international adoption, of which 16 hours must be face to face.  Colorado families are required to take the following classes to meet state requirements:   ‘Attachment’, ‘Parenting through Your Child’s Developmental Stages’, ‘Grief & Loss & Talking to Your Child about Adoption’, ‘Assisting in the Development of Your Newly Adopted Child’, ‘Basic Child Care’, and ‘Being a Multi-Cultural Family’.  CCAI also offers several specialized classes:  ‘Chinese Culture’, ‘Special Needs and Older Child Adoption: Considerations & Rewards’, ‘Adopting Children of African Descent’, and ‘Introduction and Overview of Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®)’.         

For adoptive families who reside outside the State of Colorado, CCAI provides online training that meets 10 hours of Hague required training.  Adoptive families take the following classes:  ‘Attachment 101 and 102’, ‘Grief & Loss in Adoption’, ‘Talking to Your Child about Adoption’, ‘Assisting in Your Child’s Development Parts 1-3’, and ‘Being a Multi-Cultural Family’.  Families adopting from China also receive an additional 2 hours of training with the following classes:  ‘Overview of China Adoption’ and ‘Chinese Culture Parts 1 and 2’.

CCAI is happy to announce that we have recently added another online class for adoptive families:  ‘Special Needs and Older Child Adoption’.  This class is highly recommended for all families adopting from the Waiting Child program.  To access this class, adoptive families just need to log onto the www.parenttraining.org website!

If you have questions about parent training, please contact our Parent Training Coordinator, Sheila, at CCAI:  training@ccaifamily.org or 303-850-9998 x42.