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Another fun piece of news ūüôā

This past Saturday, some CCAI families gathered together at the Fortress of Happiness (a.k.a. CCAI) to celebrate their 5-year reunion!  Check out those happy faces!

From L to R (back to front): Bailey, Tatum, Tybee, Madi, John, Taylor

Beautiful LOCC Caretakers

Just a quick news post for today!
CCAI’s Chinese Children Charity Fund is working its way towards joining the ranks of Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. Don’t believe us? ¬†Just look at these smashing new LOCC fall-winter uniforms we just received. ¬†Our caretakers at Lily Orphan Care Center are not only loving and passionate about what they do for the children under their care, they are also beautiful and fashionable! ūüėČ ¬†They just look fabulous!

And look at the adorable babies joining in on the Kodak moment!

Thanks to the Maddox family, who made this beautiful uniform upgrade possible!

The awesome wall decor, the cribs, the floor mats, the babies’ clothes, their washroom…everything you see in this photo was made possible by passionate, dedicated volunteers and ¬†the loving donations from CCAI families and friends.

For information on how you can get involved in our charity efforts in China, please send us an email at


Outstanding Kid! : Maren

There is a high school senior in Arvada, CO who is, well, outstanding.  Her name is Maren and she was honored with the 2012-13 Super Student of the Year award at Arvada High School!

Check it out!

Mary, Maren’s mom, emailed us this morning with words that melted our hearts. ¬† “Thank you Lily Josh and CCAI. If it wasn’t for you – Whew – I can’t even think about the empty hole it would have been without her in our lives. We are so fortunate and blessed, words can’t tell you the gratitude we feel for all the opportunities you two have given to so many.”

Maren’s parents traveled to China as part of CCAI Group #5 to meet their amazing daughter. ¬†WE¬†are the grateful ones.


Make Adoption Tax Credit Permanent

Do you support the Adoption Tax Credit?  November is the month to show your support!  As many families know, the Adoption Tax Credit has been a huge help in making adoption affordable in past years.  In 2010-2011, the Adoption Tax Credit involved a refundable credit up to $13,360 for qualified families with finalized adoptions, whether those adoptions were domestic or international. In 2012, the credit was reduced to $12,650, and was no longer a refundable credit.  If no changes are made for adoptions finalized in 2013, the credit will again be reduced to $6,000 and will only apply to families with domestic adoptions of children with special needs.

There are bills going before both the House (HR 4373) and the Senate (S 3616) to make the Adoption Tax Credit permanent and refundable for both international and domestic adoptions.  It is likely that these bills will be considered by Congress after the November election.

How can you help?

  1. Do your research!  Websites like Adoption Tax Credit and National Council for Adoption help explain what the tax credit is, who it helps, and how you can advocate for the credit with your local representatives.
  2. Talk about it!  Like Save the Adoption Tax Credit on Facebook, and ask your friends and family members to do the same.  Let others know how important the credit can be, financially, in the adoption of a child.
  3. Consider contacting your Members of Congress.  The National Council for Adoption provides an advocacy kit to help you know what to do and say.  The more support we show, the better chance there is for the Adoption Tax Credit to become a permanent option for adoptive families.
That’s our two cents! ¬†November is Adoption Awareness Month and the Adoption Tax Credit is a major factor in the Adoption process. ¬†So, please please consider voting “Yay!” for Adoption Tax Credit!


Somewhere Between Screening

Our friends are touring the country, screening their documentary, Somewhere Between, for their ever-growing circle of fans! ¬†The gals will be stopping by Colorado in two weeks, if you would like to see what all the fuss has been about (Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 94%!). ¬†Here’s the spiel:

Colorado Families, Please join us Saturday, November 17 at 7 p.m. at the Denver Film Center on Colfax for a special screening of the documentary movie Somewhere Between, a poignant film that follows the lives of four teenage Chinese adoptees as they attempt to discover and make sense of their identities as American girls with Chinese roots.

Hurry and make your reservations today as seating is limited.¬† Tickets are $12 each.¬†¬†A portion of the proceeds will benefit CCAI’s Children Charity Fund!¬† There will be a short pre-show reception in the lounge beginning at 6:15 p.m.¬†¬†For reservations, please email¬†Renee Allen¬†at¬†

Florida Families, you can be excited too!  Somewhere Between is coming to you very soon!  It is a one night only showing, scheduled for Thursday, November 29th at 7:30pm at AMC West Shore.  Reserve your tickets by November 22nd at

The North Texas FCC will also be hosting a couple showings of Somewhere Between¬†this month in the DFW area! ¬†Check in with them if you’re in the area!

Due to the emotional subject matter, this film is not recommended for ages 14 or under.

The film is truly one of a kind and so very timely in its subject matter. ¬†There’s a little program called Adopteen…I don’t know if you’ve heard about it…and one of the amazing girls in this film was an Adopteen commitee member for two years! ¬†What a small, fantastic world.

If you find yourself and a couple friends free, consider attending this great screening! It is a wonderful documentary effort. ¬†Tell them we sent you. ūüėČ

To find more screenings near you, visit 

If you would like to bring¬†Somewhere Between¬†to your area, become an “event promoter” for the film on! ¬†Visit¬†Somewhere Between’s Tugg page¬†for more details.