19 Older Orphans Safely Arrived USA to Join Their Host Families!

The anticipation has been palpable for weeks now.  After a long night of train rides and 15 hours on their first-ever plane ride, travelling to a world unknown, 19 older orphans and their chaperons finally touched down, safe and sound, at Chicago O’Hare International Airport this afternoon and were immediately welcomed by their excited host families!

China Older Orphan Hostees arrive the USA!

After landing in Chicago, the group of children parted ways; one group flying to Atlanta and another to Denver. Project 143’s Chinese Orphan Hosting Program is a joint effort between P143 and CCAI to afford older orphans the opportunity to experience family love and fun for a 4 or 5-week period. It is an amazing way to love an orphan and make a tangible difference in their lives and we are so proud and thankful for this parternship!

If you are interested in hosting an older orphan from China, please contact us at hosting@ccaifamily.org or visit P143.org!