Ice Cream Social

            This last Saturday, CCAI hosted an ice cream social for Colorado Waiting Child families, and it was a blast!  We were pleasantly surprised to have almost 200 people show up to support the community.  The day was filled with the joyful shouts of children and the warm conversation between families from every stage of the adoption process.

With experience comes knowledge, and the families that showed up couldn’t have been a better resource for our families in the early stages of the process such as waiting to travel, or waiting to be matched.  Looking around, you could see the common ground that all of our families share, and it was a pleasant scene composed of healthy children and caring parents.

The main goal of this event was to help families network and to get feedback about the WCP.  We received a great amount of feedback on areas that we can improve on as well as more community outreach that families would like to see.  We are so grateful that we had many people step forward and volunteer to organize future gatherings such as social events, play dates and support groups.  It is very touching to see so many people open up with their experience and be willing to help others.  We know it can be tough during the waiting periods, the traveling time, and when you first bring the child back home, but we are so amazed by how many seasoned families put themselves out there to help other families get through these stages.

As the day came to a close and the ice cream was rapidly disappearing, it was obvious to see that the CCAI families are some of the most kind-hearted in the world.  Another CCAI event has been successfully marked in the books, and we couldn’t have been happier with the result.  We will be sure to host more events like these in the future, and we thank every one of you who attended.

“Calling all children for a picture!”

If you live in the Colorado area and are interested in joining or volunteering to lead a local group, please send an email to Tony at, with your name, location and information about your child(ren) including age, gender and special need.