10 Steps to A Successful Adoption Yard Sale Fundraiser

Set up your station: Get ready to get your fundraising on!

Many of our CCAI families are busy fundraising to be prepared for upcoming adoption expenses.  Recently, one of our Florida families raised almost $2,000 with a huge Adoption Garage Sale!Here are some tips they learned from their experience:

1. Put together a team of friends and family to help you. The day of your sale you will also need an early morning “set up team” and an afternoon “clean up team.”

2. Designate each team member a different job (advertising, making signs, labeling items, set up/clean up, bake sale, etc.). Clean up is a big job!

3. If you don’t have enough storage at your home, you may need to find a space (perhaps a friend will let you use their garage, or a local storage company may donate a unit).

4. Begin to spread the word to friends and family (facebook, email, give folks a call, etc.) and ask them to set items aside for your Adoption Garage Sale.  Offer to pick the items up if they cannot deliver them.

5.  Price items as you receive them.  If you’ve never held a garage sale before, you can google information; but on average, items sell for about 10 – 30 percent of retail value.

Make it pop: Make sure everyone knows you’re here for all their shopping needs!

6. If you are given an option, take more baby and children’s clothing items, as they are easier to sell.  All clothing should be one price (for example, $1.00 a piece).  This is much simpler than labeling individual items. You can then hang a sign that says $1.00 an item.  It is best to mark books one price, as well.

7.  If someone asks you to pick items up, take a moment to ask them what they have.  For example, depending on the distance, you may not want to spend the gas money it would cost just to pick up a bag of clothes.  Also, do not feel obligated to take items that aren’t in good condition, or you’ll get stuck hauling them to the dump.

8. Location, location, location!  This rule applies to real estate and to a good adoption fundraising sale.  Our CCAI family held their sale in the parking lot of a place of business (with permission, of course) on a major highway.

Make your presence known: You’ve put too much energy and time into this to let a measly sign stop you! Write BIG and PROUD! Destination: Happiness.

9. Advertise, advertise, advertise!  When you are in the planning stage, it is encouraged that you create a facebook event, as well as flyers to distribute.  Remind people regularly of your upcoming sale.  Place your sale in any free print advertising you can find.  Invite everyone you know and ask your friends to invite their friends, hang flyers, and spread the
word.  The morning of the sale, plaster it on facebook, Craiglist, and any other means you have.   Also, clear signage is key. Your signs should be bright, and have arrows (not just an address). Place signs strategically at major intersections all the way to your sale.

10. The day of your event, make sure you have lots of change. You may also want to consider selling water, sodas, and hot dogs or donuts. Finally, include a donations jar.

For those of you fundraising, we hope this helps!

What else have you discovered to be a successful fundraiser? Let us know!  You could be featured in our next blog post!