The Robinson Family Adoption – A Miraculous Chain Reaction

Rachel and Corey’s extended family
Robinson 1

Some families are touched by adoption, and it forever changes the fabric and story of their lives. The Robinsons are one of those families. Rachel and Corey, who are currently pursuing the adoption of their son from our Taiwan program, witnessed the miracle of adoption firsthand through the adoption of their sisters and cousins during childhood. This spark set off a spectacular chain of events in their lives that would eventually lead them to their adoption 20 years later.

“The story of our adoption really can be traced back to the late 1990s when Rachel’s aunt adopted her first daughter from China. Within the following few years, there were six adoptions between our families, including our sisters. Our family members all chose to use CCAI as their adoption agency and had wonderful experiences, and so it was a “no brainer” for us to complete our adoption through CCAI.  

Though we have known each other since we were in middle school, we didn’t think we would end up married to each other 15 years later. We had both felt like adoption would likely be a part of our stories in the future. Still, when we decided to marry each other, it was undeniable that we were on the same page, and there was no question of whether or not adoption would be a part of how we wanted to grow our family. Because of our families’ adoption experiences and Rachel having taught in China for four years, we knew we were feeling led to adopt from Asia. 

In early 2019, we began researching different options for adoption as we desired to grow our family. We preferred to use CCAI even though we knew that China was not an option due to the age requirements. Rachel noticed that CCAI had a Taiwan adoption program and that we met the criteria to adopt. Rachel began recognizing a lot of Taiwan adoption connections in her own life. She was friends with an adult adoptee from Taiwan and was also friends with a family currently in Taiwan who were adopting. We contacted CCAI and talked with the Taiwan adoption team and were very impressed with the Taiwan adoption process. After several months of prayer, we decided to apply to adopt from Taiwan in July 2019.

In October 2019, we were so excited to be matched with our son! We recently completed our dossier and hoped to be in Taiwan by this summer. We have been amazed at how much information we have received about our son’s birth family and health history. Receiving the amount of information that we have has been a little overwhelming at times, but it is so helpful to be informed, and we believe it will help us provide for our son when he joins our family. 

We have also been impressed with how well the children are informed about their adoptions. Our son seems to understand (as a 6-year-old can) what is about to happen. We have the opportunity to start building a relationship with him through Skype conversations and care packages. We are relieved to see him excited about his adoption in our Skype calls, and we are confident that Cathwel is doing what they can to help prepare him for this transition.

The Taiwan staff at CCAI has been accommodating throughout this entire process. Whenever we have had any questions, they have been quick to respond and have kept us informed of any new updates and information. Between our experience and our families’ experiences with CCAI, we genuinely believe we are working with an agency with a heart for helping bring families together. We cannot imagine what our families would look like without adoption, and CCAI has played a massive role in making that possible. It is incredible to see how God has orchestrated everything in our lives so far to bring us to this point! We are beyond excited to be the parents of our son and hope to have him in our arms soon!”

Rachel and Corey

Rachel and Corey bonding with their son via Skype