Mama Lily and Papa Josh

Celebrating 12,000+ Children and 25 Years

Thank you to all the families who traveled from near and far (and all the many more who were with us in spirit!) to spend such a joyous and emotional evening with Mama Lily and Papa Josh! Celebrating over 12,300 adoptions and thousands more lives changed by the courage and passion of CCAI’s co-Founders, your love and support were felt so fully this weekend. Our hearts have been filled to the brim

Enjoy this photo of Lily and Josh with some of our children who attended Saturday evening’s inspiring event — so many that we couldn’t even fit them all on stage!

Governor John Hickenlooper Congratulates CCAI on 25 Years and 12,000 Adoptions

CO Governor John Hickenlooper

Congratulations to Chinese Children Adoption International on 25 years of incredible service to the children of the world and the families who have been changed by them! I have personally witnessed Lily’s passion for child aid through her invaluable work on my Childcare Facilities Licensing Advisory Committee. Thank you, Joshua Zhong and Lily Nie, for your tireless work and passionate dedication to the abandoned children of China, Haiti, Latvia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and the United States. Congratulations, again, CCAI. Cheers to 25 years and 12,000 children!

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper shared a quick welcome message at CCAI’s 25th Anniversary Celebration at the Colorado Convention Center, Saturday night, September 16th.  His welcome message preceded a reading of his gubernatorial proclamation by CCAI Chairman of the Board, Paul Rady, that established September 16, 2017 as, hereto forth, CCAI Day for the State of Colorado.

The Governor’s proclamation can be read here.

Press Release: Governor John Hickenlooper Proclaims CCAI Day, Recognizing Lily Nie’s and Joshua Zhong’s 25-Year Leadership of #1 Globally Ranked CCAI and Placement of 12,000 Orphans

Centennial, Colorado, September 12, 2017:  Chinese Children Adoption International (CCAI) is honored to announce Governor John Hickenlooper’s gubernatorial proclamation of “CCAI Day” on September 16, 2017.  The Governor’s proclamation is heralding CCAI’s 25th Anniversary and its’ extraordinary placement of over 12,000 orphans, along with its’ incredible and unlikely journey to become the #1 ranked Chinese-focused adoption agency in the world via the amazing dedication, passion and leadership of Lily Nie and Joshua Zhong.

On September 16, 2017, over 1,500 attendees will celebrate CCAI’s 25th Anniversary at the Colorado Convention Center, emceed by Colorado’s Aaron Harber (Broadcaster of the Year) and commemorate Lily Nie’s and Joshua Zhong’s lifelong work and legacy. From the most humble beginnings in Maoist China to touching the lives of over 75,000 orphans in China, Haiti, Ukraine, Latvia and Bulgaria via adoption and support programs, Joshua and Lily’s story is one of incredible achievement as well as a personal and business inspiration in and for Colorado.

“I am honored that our life’s work and passion has made a difference in the lives of thousands of children, one child at a time. Our team at CCAI has an unparalleled commitment to help every child and family that we can reach and I am so thankful for their dedication and efforts,“ said Lily Nie, CEO and co-founder of CCAI and Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame inductee. Lily also spearheaded the creation of nine “Lily Orphan Care Centers” in China to improve and sustain the lives of Chinese orphans via specially trained staff and care, providing medical needs and using charitable donations to make the impossible, possible.

“We started CCAI in our 200 square foot basement in 1992 and I had no idea we could or would come this far. Families are the essence of our society and every child deserves one; it has been an indescribable privilege for me to be part of this meaningful mission,” explained Joshua Zhong, President and co-founder of CCAI.  “I am grateful for the opportunity and for our staff, our charitable donors, our families, and children who have made this milestone a reality.”  Joshua also has been instrumental in establishing the Joyous Chinese Cultural Center in Colorado, providing post adoption services, creating the Adopteen program, and forging key China relations to facilitate the placement of over 12,000 orphans.

Through their unwavering drive, unshakeable integrity and unparalleled work ethic to make a difference in the lives of thousands of children, Lily and Joshua have created an unprecedented movement that has positively — and indelibly — changed the trajectory of thousands and thousands of lives, both in Colorado and across the globe. CCAI Day on September 16, 2017, is a celebration of personal and professional achievement for all Coloradoans and people around the world.


About CCAI

Founded by Joshua Zhong and Lily Nie in 1992, CCAI is a non-profit 501c3 charity recognized by the U.S. federal government, accredited by the Hague Accreditation, and licensed by the social service departments of Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Kentucky and Wyoming.  CCAI exists to find loving and permanent home for abandoned children, to offer humanitarian assistance to orphans left behind, and to provide cultural and emotional support to adopted children and their families. For 25 years CCAI has been working with Chinese, Haitian, Ukraine, Latvia and Bulgaria governments and has found permanent home for over 12,300 orphans.  CCAI is ranked the #1 China adoption agency in the world.

2018 Heritage Tour Dates Announced!


We are thrilled to announce the 2018 Spring and Summer Heritage Tour schedule!  All China adoptees of any age travel FREE for in-China tours!

David Louie July group

Spring Schedule:  March 18-28, 2018

Summer Schedule:  June 10-20, 2018 & July 15-25, 2018

Join us for this once in a lifetime chance to discover the wonders of China and learn about the history and beauty of your child’s homeland!  You’ll see the Great Wall and Forbidden City, the Terracotta Warriors outside of Xi’an, visit a Panda reserve, cruise on the Li River and even visit where your  adoption journey began…the CCCWA!

Some incredible highlights of the 2018 tours include:

  • China adoptees of all ages are FREE for in-China tours!
  • Ten days and five spectacular cities: Beijing, Chengdu, Xi’an, Guilin and Yangshuo.
  • Includes all in-China air/train tickets and ground transportation, hotels, park entrance tickets, and most meals during the dates mentioned for each tour (Panda hugging in Chengdu costs extra).
  • All of this for $2,099 per non-China adoptee adult (12 or older) and $1,599 for non-China adoptee children.
  • Optional visit and tour to your child’s orphanage is available before or after the main tour (additional costs apply).

Online registration is available on our website at for all three tours! 

Note: In order to benefit from the free Chinese adoptee in-China tour package:

  • Adopted Chinese children must travel with their own parent(s).
  • Each adoptive couple (both traveling) can bring up to three Chinese adoptees
  • Each single parent can bring up to two Chinese adoptees

These tours are open to everyone: CCAI families, non-CCAI families, your friends or relatives.  So please spread the word – the more the merrier!  If you are a FCC chapter member in your area, please help us get the word out to FCC communities.  Thank you!!! 

For any questions about the upcoming 2018 tours, please feel free to email or call 303-850-9998 x48.

We look forward to helping your family plan an amazing trip back to China!

purple june

JCCC Chinese Immersion Summer Camps

This summer JCCC hosted 61 students total at our Chinese Immersion Summer Camps! There were four camp sessions total, spanning from June 21 to July 28. We had campers come from as close as Denver to as far as Wyoming. Camp activities included Chinese-style morning exercises, Chinese cooking, and integrated Mandarin learning through words phrases and songs. Each 5-day camp went on a field trip to the Pacific Ocean Marketplace, followed by a dim-sum lunch at Kings Land Chinese Seafood Restaurant. Each camp was concluded by a final performance for the parents, where campers showcased everything they learned. The final performances consisted of many performances such as dancing to the famous Chinese pop song “Little Apple,” reciting Chinese poems, and performing a Chinese fan dance. We had so much fun with all of our campers, and hope to see them all and many more next year!

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Medical Monday – Tebben Family

Happy #MedicalMonday! Hope you all are having a great summer so far! This week we have the Tebben family sharing their story:

“Although this condition was not on our original MCC, we saw both of our kids being advocated for, read about them and saw what potential they could have in a family with health care available and a country with good accessibility. The gap between ‘what is’ and ‘what could be’ was just too large and we could not walk away from their files and sweet faces.

For Spina Bifida it really is all the unknowns. But as I grew a network of families and other people that had experience, I gained more knowledge about potential issues and treatments or management of their condition. Having a circle of people walking the same road is critical. And knowledge is power. I am not a nurse with medical training. I learned as I went, one step at a time.

They both go to the Mayo Clinic’s Spina Bifida Clinic to see a team of doctors to meet their needs and management. After getting the immediate things dealt (tests, examinations, MRI, xrays) now we are mostly on a ‘every 6 month’ schedule. There are surgeries and issues that pop up that take us back more often at times.


We have a two story home but the only modification we have made is a ramp in our garage and converted our first floor office into a bedroom.


The bad is that large nerve damage cannot be ‘undone’. If there is paralysis or incontinence, that will always be. But the good is there are many roads to manage these issues. Countries like the US are so handicap friendly for the most part. Many schools go to great lengths to accommodate for kids with disabilities. I have been amazed at the support we have received at our neighborhood school. We have received grants for a hand crank bicycle and plasma car for our daughter. There is a Family Wheelchair camp just 30 miles from our home. They take swimming lessons and baseball in the city’s Adaptive Parks and Rec. We have seen many needs met and it has only been a few years.

Both of our kids have adjusted very well. As mother and father, we have made great connections and bonding with them. They had a great year in Kindergarten and piano lessons too! They both picked up English very quickly. Our son had a speech issue that is already gone in one years time.


Be prepared for the worst case scenario, but pray for the best. Gather your family or friends or church in support of your journey. Find out what is offered in your school and city for these kids. Network online for parent groups who are walking similar roads. Be prepared to be amazed by the strength, beauty and resilience of a child with a neurological condition.”

Medical Monday – The Sullivan Family

When we decided to adopt and add to our family, we were uncertain as to where to begin.  CCAI was excellent in guiding us through the process.  One of the more daunting tasks of the process was completing the medical checklist and deciding on the conditions that we were willing to adopt.  We decided to trust God and checked most of the boxes.  We have since adopted two children with spina bifida.  One has a malformed right leg with urinary difficulties.  The other has had a tethered cord repaired, walks with an altered gait, and requires braces to walk.


Personally our decision to adopt Hudson and Anna Rae was made easier by the fact that we already have a niece with spina bifida and has had multiple surgeries, including an amputated leg.  As to our second adoption, we were warned about relapse fever.  When you are in China and see the overwhelming  need you can’t help but go back and adopt again.  The children at the orphanage competing for your  attention caused us to want to pick up all the children and take them with us.  As a result, we went back a year later to adopt Anna Rae.


The easy part of this is that children are tough and resilient.  Our children do not gripe and complain about their conditions and pains.  They are tough and determined.  The do not let their physical limitations deter them whatsoever.  The hard part was our feeling of inadequacy to take care of them.  Once you jump into taking care of them you realize it isn’t as hard as you thought.  Sure there are frequent detours to the restroom with one, and Deborah has learned to catheterize our daughter three times daily.  Other than some minor inconveniences,  it is really not that difficult.  The good outweighs all of the bad.  It is part of our lives as much as it is theirs.

We also think it is crucial to have good friend and family support.  Hudson has had four surgeries and Anna Rae has had two.  The outside support was helpful during the hospitalization, especially as it concerns our other children getting to and from practices, school and etc.

With much support offered through God, friends, family, and other resources, we have found that there is nothing to be scared of concerning a medical condition.  If our children can live with the condition, then the least we can do is find the best help for them and love them unconditionally.  Ultimately, that is all they really want anyway.


To address their medical conditions, we contacted our local Children’s Hospital of Birmingham to begin treatment for both.  Our local pediatrician and friend who has also adopted four from China, Dr. Jason Ayres,  guided us to certain doctors and paths to take. The hospital has a spina bifida clinic that allows us to see a neurologist, urologist, orthopedic surgeon, and physical therapist all at the same time.  They each have a team of doctors that see them periodically to assist in their treatment and growth.  Hudson has had two repairs to his spinal cord and two surgeries to address his bilateral club feet.  With Anna Rae, the doctors initially recommended amputation of her malformed leg.  We have since then partnered up with Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics to reconstruct and reposition her foot.  Later we will look at a leg lengthening procedure to balance out the difference.  Again, it has been amazing how little they have griped about the pain and discomfort.

Both children have adjusted quite well.  Of course, it wasn’t overnight.  They are shy when introduced to strangers,  and one of them still likes to be by our side all the time.

I can’t say how thankful we are to have been chosen to be their parents.  Stepping outside our comfort zone and trusting in our faith is how we brought two home in a little over a year.  Were there hardships? Sure.  Plenty of them.  When we look at the big picture though, we see how much they have added to our family, and life without them would not be complete.  Our advice to any family thinking about adopting a child with neurological needs is to not let fear keep you from doing it.  They teach us much more than we can ever teach them. Choose life!


To learn more about spina bifida, be sure to check out the Spina Bifida Association’s website:

Charity Department Update

Happy Friday, CCAI! The charity team at CCAI is always working hard to make a difference in the lives of children. We are excited to share these pictures of recent donations received by our dedicated and generous supporters. The staff at one of our Lily Orphan Care Centers received new uniforms, looking good ladies! Another LOCC received bright colored sofas and large toys for the kiddos to play on. We were also, very fortunate enough to receive 6 seater strollers for all those cute kiddos! We can’t forget about our older kids at the Wuwei orphanage who got all new bedding supplies, which they all love. A church and adoptee group sent over 20 sweaters, hats, socks and creams to the kids with more sweaters on their way to Henan orphanages. Last but not least, we had a family make over 400 blankets and will go to 9 different orphanages! Our charity team has been busy and we love it!

For more information on these and other projects, please contact our charity team at

New UniformsStrollernanyang 1nanyang2Bedding400 Blankets