From Your Adopteen Team: Adopteen 2016 Summer Report

Adopteen’s 2016 summer schedule closed out with one last hoorah this past weekend with the 2nd Annual Adoptstronauts Weekend Retreat. This year has been an amazing journey for all involved, with exciting new developments and splendid fun had by all.

4I1A1788The summer’s first Adopteen Camp-Conference marked another important milestone – our first international conference!  From June 30-July 4, 2016, Adopteen explored the Great White North in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Though it was a smaller group at 4I1A1774just 37 campers (representing 15 states, 13 provinces and two countries ranging from age 13-21), we had all the fun of a bigger group, while also being able to take the time to bond more as a team. Campers had the chance to visit popular sites around the beautiful city of Vancouver during a Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour, as well as visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Workshops included History of Adoption, Self-Confidence, Dance, Friendship Bracelets, Tie Dye and Survival 101. Fantastic conversations were had, amazing milkshakes were drank, dancing and laughing happened and we’ll be missing Vancouver always.

4I1A2592As soon as we got back from Vancouver, it was time for the Summer Adoptees Giving Back–Orphanage Service Trip (AGBOST) in Anhui! This 10 day trip from July 13-23, 2016 was Adopteen’s fourth summer trip, and we brought 25 travelers along with two chaperones to volunteer for the children of Hefei City Children’s Welfare Institute.  Travelers ranged in age from 15-21 and represented 13 states and 10 provinces (with 7 coming from Anhui Province!). Before they even stepped foot in China, this group of travelers made AGBOST history with the most money ever raised for a province–over $9,000! This money was used to purchase 10 industrial washers, three widescreen televisions, and two large refrigerators. The remainder of the funds were dispersed amongst other Charity Fund 4I1A3705projects and orphanages in need. For five days–an entire work week–travelers volunteered with the children in the orphanage, ranging from toddlers to teenagers. As always, each child has made a lasting impression on all of our hearts that we will never forget. We are so thankful to the amazing staff at Hefei City Children’s Welfare Institute for their never-ending kindness and generosity.

4I1A4577Washington, D.C. and Georgetown University provided the perfect backdrop for an amazing week at the second Camp-Conference of the summer from August 37,2016.  70 campers representing 34 states, 16 provinces and 2 countries, ages 13-21 joined us for a hot, humid, spectacular time. We cruised on the Potomac to spend some valuable time with the riverside monuments, as well as visited the National Mall for a “choose your own adventure” style day with museums and sights galore. On campus, we played Adopteen’s version of Mario-Kart (balloons, all the balloons), had some friendly team competitions, 4I1A4591showed off our talents during the Adopteen Talent Show and hosted workshops including: Cooking, Ballroom Dancing, Self-Confidence, Personality Tests, Self-Defense, Tie Dye and Adoption 101!   D.C. was amazing–a very genuine and special thank you to our fantastic volunteers in the area is due. We could not possibly have done it without you!

The 2nd Annual Adoptstronauts Weekend Retreat, our final event of the summer, was a beautiful and relaxing overnight in the mountains of Colorado and a perfect cap to the season. This was a quick opportunity for our adoptee friends over the age of 18 to meet up with one another and connect for the year.  Attended by eight adoptees age 18-24 and led entirely without Adopteen staff (huge thanks to Claire Deskin and Jenny Trenchard, who coordinated the entire event!), the night was full of good food, conversation and a dash of Adopteen fun.


Thank you again to everyone that made 2016 special for Adopteen. We made huge strides and cannot wait to get started on yet another year of life-changing programs and meaningful fun. Look out for our entire calendar of events for 2017 by the end of September, including:

  • the 2nd Annual Adopteen Fundraiser
  • Adopteen Midpoint
  • Adopteen Camp-Conferences
  • Adoptstronauts
  • 2016-2017 AdopTween!

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Adopteen 2015 Summer Recap


Adopteen wrapped up their 2015 Summer schedule with an exciting launch party for their newest program for adult adoptees, Adoptstronauts! This summer has been one for the history books, as they say, with Adopteen hosting not one, but TWO National Adopteen Camp-Conferences in addition to their Summer Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip (AGBOST).

Attended by 100 campers, ages 13 – 21, representing 25 states, 20 provinces, and 3 countries, the 2015 Adopteen Camp-Conference in Denver, CO kicked off the Summer with a bang from June 20th – June 24th! It was a week filled to the brim with crazy games, breath-taking adventures, and inspiring conversations; featuring a big pool party, AdopTween Day, and workshops about school transitions, the history of adoption, self-confidence, wand-making, modeling and photography, cooking, make-up and hair. The campers even had a chance to visit the beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheater on their final night, watching Jurassic Park play against the incredible backdrop of one of Colorado’s most iconic views! Thank you Colorado Christian University for being such gracious hosts!

4I1A0904The first Adopteen Camp-Conference was followed by the 2015 Summer Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip (AGBOST) from July 8th – July 19th. This was Adopteen’s 3rd Annual Summer AGBOST, bringing 25 travelers to Luoyang to volunteer and give love to the children of Luoyang City Social Welfare Institute. The travelers, ages 16 – 21, joined the group, representing 12 different states and 7 provinces, and raised a total of over 24,000 RMB for Luoyang City Social Welfare Institute, which helped buy a brand new air conditioning unit for the facility! It was a trip of heartwarmth and heartache, laughter and tears, joy and sorrow, and unforgettable memories. The first of two this year, the trip was a beautiful two weeks with the most amazing people and we cannot wait to see what greatness will come as Adopteen prepares for the 2015 Winter AGBOST this coming December. Thank you to the incredible staff of Luoyang City SWI for their unfailing generosity and patience! And to everyone who helped guide our travelers: We are so grateful!

4I1A3318July 28th – August 1st brought Adopteen to sunny San Diego, California for the second Adopteen Camp-Conference of 2015. Joined by 70 campers, ages 13 – 23, representing 16 states, 14 provinces, and 4 countries, the 2015 Adopteen Camp-Conference in San Diego, CA made a spectacular mark in Adopteen history as the first ever 2nd National Summer Camp-Conference! 😉 The event was packed with beach, sun, food, and more beach; campers all having the chance to visit the famous San Diego Zoo, Mission Beach, and eat unlimited street tacos with a bonfire in the bay on their final night, silhouetted by the San Diego palms and a breathtaking Blue Moon. Workshops for Adopteen’s San Diego Camp-Conference included: history of adoption, photography, cooking, iPhonography, building courage, self-reflection and goal setting, hair, makeup, nails, fitness and nutrition, Zumba, and AGBOST. HUGE thank you to our amazing volunteers, drivers, and families who helped make this event possible!

4I1A4409Adopteen’s final summer event was the exciting and highly anticipated launch of their new 18+ program, Adoptstronauts, on August 15th – 16th! Attended by 20 adoptees, ages 18 – 24, the event provided a fun opportunity to say a quick “hello” and introduce the program to the world. Adopteen is extremely anxious to start providing even more opportunities for adoptees to connect and Adoptstronauts is the perfect vehicle (or rocketship) to do just that. Open to ALL adoptees, ages 18+, from any country and adoption agency, Adoptstronauts is ready to take off and explore the stars!

Adopteen is so incredibly grateful for all of their inspiring sponsors who help make Adopteen’s events possible. Please visit to learn more about their amazing sponsors and friends.

Check out more photos from all of Adopteen’s summer events:

2015 Adopteen Camp-Conference – Denver, CO: Part 1 —- Part 2
2015 Adopteen Camp-Conference – San Diego, CA: Part 1 —- Part 2
2015 Summer Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip
Adoptstronauts Launch Event

– Amy Zhong | Adopteen Director

Spring 2015 Adoptee Panel


This past weekend, we hosted a quick Adoptee Panel to help promote our amazing bi-annual Adoptee Panel opportunities!  Every Spring and Fall, CCAI invites anyone and everyone interested in a conversation about adoption and the adoptee experience to join our wonderful young adult adoptee panelists for an afternoon of productive conversation.

A HUGE thank you to our panelists; Elle-Han, Claire, Jenny, Perri, Jade, Taylor, and Ari for graciously volunteering their Pi Day to share their opinions!

If you missed our Spring Adoptee Panel this weekend, please feel free to view the livestream recording on our CCAI Livestream Channel!  The video will be available for the next month.

A higher-quality recording of the panel will be made available for viewing in April.

Our Fall Adoptee Panel will take place on September 19, 2015.  We’ll have a new room and a much deeper conversation.  Be sure you don’t miss out!

The Adoptee Panels are free events put on in collaboration between CCAI’s Joyous Center/Post Adoption Center and Adopteen to help raise awareness of such fantastic programs such as those run by Adopteen.

Please consider donating to Adopteen if you would like to see more events and opportunities like our Adoptee Panels!  Simply visit

Announcing: Spring 2015 Adoptee Panel

The Post-Adoption department has put together an exciting opportunity for all families interested in adoption.  NEXT SATURDAY, MARCH 14TH, we will host an ADOPTEE PANEL at the CCAI Colorado Office!

Young Adult Adoptee Panel - Session 1

This panel will consist of eight adoptees, of different backgrounds and ages and the are so excited to answer any questions that come their way!  The panel will be run as an open question forum – a fantastic opportunity to help bridge the gap of understanding between prospective/current adoptive parents and their adopted children.  We hope that you will consider joining the conversation!

Saturday, March 14th
CCAI Main Office
6920 South Holly Circle
Centennial, CO 80112

This event is free of cost, but donations are greatly appreciated!  All proceeds will go toward Adopteen’s Scholarship Fund!  If you would like to donate to the Adopteen Scholarship Fund, please visit!

We hope to see you there!

To RSVP, please email Adam Alberti at with your name, phone number, email, and number of guests.  We also ask that you please forward questions you would like answered at the panel to this email beforehand, so that our panelists can think on them ahead of time.

*This event will be Livestreamed for all of our beloved friends and families who are unable to attend in person!  Visit on March 14th at 12:30PM EST to join the conversation!

Thank you!

Adopteen’s 7th Annual National Adopteen Camp-Conference a HUGE EVENT

From the desk of Adopteen (!


Hello friends!

We miss you all and are very much stuck in our post-Adopteen blues, or, as we so often like to call it, Post Adopteen Camp Depression (#PACD). It’s real and it’s serious.  We hope the PACD is not treating you too bad.  Did anyone notice that Detroit was bummed out too?  A whole bunch of us got stuck in Detroit’s angry weather!  We could have had an Adopteen Afterparty, amiright?!

We hope that you’ve all finally caught up on some sleep.  We are very proud to say that the 7th Annual National Adopteen Camp-Conference was a huge success!  A heartfelt thank you to all 128 of you who made it all possible.  We had a blast getting to know all of you and know that we will meet again — Sooner than later!  For those of you who wish you had had more time to get to know everyone (we know it was A LOT of people to meet in 5 days), please don’t be a stranger.

FacebookTwitterInstagram, text, call, Snapchat, do that thing you do!  Let’s stay connected!

I can still hear the cheering as your fellow Adopteens conquered the rings at Centennial Quarry. And the sheer terror and admiration I felt watching you all take on the Dragster at Cedar Point. You guys are crazy, and my heroes. My crazy heroes.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to the magical and superhuman Luanne Billstein, who brought Adopteen to the Great Lakes area and made this year’s Camp-Conference a reality. We owe her many life-long friendships and memories from this incredible past week. With her amazing heart and undaunted spirit, we managed to pull off quite the whirlwind week! Everyone please be sure to give her a hug if you ever run into her in days and conferences to come.

And with that, we’ll see you all next time. Thank you for being incredible and inspiring and so so rad. #AFL

Art & Amy & the entire Adopteen Team

Adopteen’s 7th Annual National Camp-Conference was held in Toledo, OH with 130 campers, hosted by the University of Toledo!  Their Camp-Conferences are open to any and all adoptees, ages 13 and up! For more information on Adopteen and all of their events, be sure to visit and join their mailing list!

Adopteen Midpoint Camp-Conference — Short, but Very Sweet

For Martin Luther King Weekend, Adopteen hosted 46 teens from 8 states at their 2014 Adopteen Midpoint Camp-Conference in Fort Worth, TX!

Adopteen spent the three days and two nights at Camp Carter YMCA, meeting new friends and experiencing abbreviated versions of Adopteen’s various workshops and discussions.  The teens also had the chance to do some archery and horse-painting (literally painting on real life horses…), as well as play soccer, basketball, dodgeball, and general shenanigans.  We heard through the grapevine that the campers played several pranks on the Adopteen Committee leaders and competing cabins, but don’t say we said. 😉

It was an amazing weekend!  Adopteen looks forward to seeing old and new faces this summer in Toledo, OH for their National Adopteen Camp-Conference, July 23rd – 27th!

Adopteen’s upcoming events include:

  • Spring Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip – Jiangxi Province (March 26 – April 6)
  • Summer Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip – Henan Province (July 2 – July 12)
  • National Adopteen Camp-Conference – Toledo, OH (July 23 – July 27)

Young Adult Adoptee Panel Livestream

This past Saturday, Adopteen’s Young Adult Adoptee Panels raised over $800 for their various programs!  Thank you to all who attended!  And to the lovely ladies and gentleman who so graciously sat on the panels, willing to discuss everything from adoption to stereotypes to dating, we cannot thank you enough for sharing your stories and opinions with such honesty and humor.

If you missed the panels, they will be available for viewing on Adopteen’s Livestream account for the next two weeks.  Adopteen would like to apologize for the quality of the stream, but, nevertheless, hope the conversation is helpful and informative to you.

Adopteen hopes to hold another Young Adult Adoptee Panel in May 2014.  If you would like to donate to Adopteen, you can donate online at CCAI’s donation page and write “Adopteen” in the “specific project” option.  You can also write a check to Adopteen and mail it to 6920 S. Holly Circle, Centennial, CO 80111.

If you would like to contact any of the panelists from Saturday, please email  If you would like to learn more about Adopteen, please visit  You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Upcoming Adopteen Events

  • Adopteen Midpoint Camp-Conference
    • January 18 – 20, 2014 — Fort Worth, TX
  • Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip (Spring)
    • March 27 – April 6, 2014 — Jiangxi Province
  • Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip (Summer)
    • July 3 – 12, 2014 — Henan Province
  • Adopteen National Camp-Conference
    • Late July — Toledo, OH

Young Adult Adoptee Panels

By popular demand, and in collaboration with the Adoptive Parents Council, CCAI’s teen branch, Adopteen, is thrilled to announce:

Young Adult Adoptee Panels
CCAI Headquarters
Saturday, October 19th
Morning – 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Afternoon – 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Suggested donation: $20 per individual or $35 per couple

ALL proceeds will go towards supporting Adopteen’s various programs!

An amazing panel of young adult Chinese adoptees, ages 16-23, are eager to hear your questions and to provide you with some very helpful insight into their thoughts and experiences as adoptees!  This is an invaluable opportunity to help bridge the gap of communication that so often plagues parent-child relationships, not just regarding questions on adoption but also in preparation for your child’s formative teen years as you support them and help them grow into young adulthood.

ALL are welcome!  It will be an amazing conversation.

To RSVP, please email with your name, # of attendees, and which time slot you will be attending. Or simply show up! 🙂

Donations (in cash or check) will be collected upon arrival.

We hope you will join us for this exciting event!

For more information about Adopteen, please or check out their Facebook!

2013 National Adopteen Camp-Conference Another Huge Success

CCAI’s teen program, Adopteen, just wrapped up their 6th annual National Adopteen Camp-Conference this past weekend, saying, “see you next year!” to 100 teens from 24 different states!

From their website (

The 2013 National Adopteen Camp-Conference came to an end this past Sunday and we had to say goodbye to 98 new friends. We’re still recovering, but haven’t been able to wipe the smiles off our faces!  This was the largest Adopteen Camp-Conference we’ve had in our 6 1/2 years of craziness and it was absolutely amazing!

Thank you to everyone for helping us make this past week so memorable. We had such a blast! Host familes, you all are our heroes. Thank you so much for actually volunteering to have a teenager (or two or three!) in your house for 5 days! You are a rare, magical bunch and we love you.

To all our camp volunteers and workshop teachers and to all our wonderful supporters who let us use their facilities throughout the week, thank you for helping us make some crazy, important memories.

Adopteen 2013 is coming to an end, but don’t wrap it up just yet! We have some very exciting announcements coming up in September that you may want to keep an ear on. Something about AdopTween and a Midpoint… 😉

So there you have it!  We can’t wait to see what Adopteen has up their sleeves next!

You can keep up with all things Adopteen by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the good ol’ fashioned website.  To join their Mailing List, simply email!

Adopteen Camp-Conferences are open to all Chinese adoptees, ages 13+ and Adopteen’s Adoptees Giving Back Service Trip is open to all Chinese adoptees, ages 15+.

Adopteen 2012 Atlanta, GA was a huge success!

It’s been a week since Adopteen 2012 in Atlanta, GA ended with unwanted goodbyes and confused parents wondering what we had done to their kids.  We of the sleep-deprived, rug-burned & bruised community salute the parents and want to thank you, the teens, from the bottom of our exceptionally gigantic hearts for deciding that we were worth your while!  We know how painful it is to take time away from what little we have of our precious summer vacations and we are honored to have been a part of yours.

Adopteen 2012 was an experience of a lifetime and we owe it all to the 74 of you who came out to hang out.  You all made the 5th Annual Adopteen Camp-Conference the largest one yet, coming from 17 different states, and, thanks to several Facebook frequenters, we now have 2000+ photos proving that it all actually happened! If you don’t have a Facebook, don’t worry!  Here’s a link to hundreds more pictures from Adopteen 2012!

For those of you who weren’t fortunate enough to spend some quality time with us, here’s a quick run through.  In four days, we managed to fit in a ridiculous amount of fun at Dave & Buster’s, Six Flags White Water, Stone Mountain Park, and an overnight stay at the Georgia Aquarium.  Seriously, guys.  We slept at the aquarium!! We were nerding out. We also celebrated 9 birthdays with two large cakes (mmm, cake) and a fun night of crazy games (parents, you would shake your heads), henna tattoos, dance, food, and even a photobooth!  We don’t want to brag, but we’re pretty great at having a good time…

HUGE thank you’s go out to our incredible heroes; Karen Worrall, Luanne Billstein, Lorrie Backer and all the many gracious volunteers who helped make Adopteen 2012 such a success!  And to the parents who entrusted us with your teens for four mysterious days — We cannot thank you enough!!

Thank you to the 2012 Adopteen Teen Committee members for helping with setup and takedown and everything in between!  You know we love and appreciate you all so very much.

Cheers to another successful, magical Adopteen camp-conference!  You really outdid yourselves this year.  Here’s hoping for many more incredible years to come!!!

Remember to check in on us every month for new updates and announcements!  We’re also on Facebook and Twitter so don’t be a stranger!

Much Love,