Update on CCAI’s Charities


 Zhengzhou Lily Orphan Care Center (LOCC)

Three decades ago, when China opened its doors to international adoption, Lily and Josh witnessed the dilapidated conditions of the country’s state-run orphanages and the lack of training that the staff received, particularly in regards to caring for children with special needs.

Realizing that they could make an immediate difference in the lives of these special children, CCAI established the Children’s Formula Fund in 1995 to help ensure that children in the orphanages had access to proper nutrition needed to keep them alive and strong. The impact of this project inspired CCAI to build its first Lily Orphan Care Centers (LOCC), named after Lily Nie, in 2000, as an orphan care training center to influence orphanages around the country to elevate and strengthen their child care practices.

With a deep conviction that caring for the children still waiting in orphanages is a crucial responsibility of a charitable adoption agency, CCAI has provided childcare, foster care, medical funding, educational support, and disaster relief to tens of thousands of orphans since 1994.

Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, China

Even amid the pandemic, CCAI’s charity outreach efforts remain active and ongoing. This May, Ganzhou Orphanage in Jiangxi Province requested assistance in improving their resources to better care for 50 children with special needs. CCAI responded readily, sending in daily supplies, rehabilitation therapy equipment, cargo racks, folding flat trailers, and much-needed medical equipment.

If you would like to partner with CCAI to serve China’s precious orphans, please click here for more information.