Thank You CCAI Volunteers!

A huge thank you to all CCAI volunteers!

Volunteers have played a crucial role in the founding, growing, and success of CCAI since 1992. Today there are thousands of volunteers across the state and in several countries that are helping CCAI materialize its mission by giving their time and talent.

On April 22, CCAI had the opportunity to honor nine CCAI Volunteer of the Year who were nominated by the entire staff of CCAI. They are Claire Deskin and Felirose Dolor who serve on the leadership team of Adopteen, Karen DePriest for her tireless fundraising effort to support Lily Orphan Care Center, Rolland Douglass and Jackson White for supporting our Joyous Chinese Cultural Center, Jean Rohrbach for her support in CCAI reaccreditation effort, Moya Smith for her leadership in operating the First Hug, Sandy Schwedt for her involvement in CCAI reunion planning, and Blair Whitaker for serving on CCAI’s Executive Board.

Congratulations to all the Angel of Love award recipients!



This week on #WelcomeHomeWednesday, we introduce Jada’s new forever family! Jennifer shares with us:

“On 2/27/2017 at 9:44am local time we met our sweet Jada Wen Fan. She didn’t cry at our strange-looking faces (until bedtime that night) and we’ve had so much fun getting to know each other. Some highlights:

• Daddy made her laugh for the first time by pretending a water bottle was a rocket ship
• Facetime with big brother Joel
• Learned how to ask for and give kisses
• Formally adopted on 2/28/17!
• We often call her Fan Fan or Fanny (guessing she won’t care for that last one)”

Be sure to check out the video of Jacob and Jennifer meeting Jada for the first time and the precious moment of Jada touching her parent’s noses and grinning at them.


Help us Celebrate 25 Years! T-Shirt Design Contest

Help us Celebrate 25 Years! – T-Shirt Design Contest

Calling all Adoptees – we need your help! CCAI is celebrating 12,000 children and 25 years which is a huge milestone for us. We want to make this year special and feature one of our very own CCAI kids artwork on the back of the shirt.

Create a design for the back of CCAI’s 25th Anniversary T-shirt. It should include no more than 3 colors and invoke the feelings of “joy” “excitement” and be celebratory in nature. Our theme is “Celebrating 12,000 Children & 25 Years” which should be incorporated into the design. Our logo will go on the front chest of shirt.

Please submit your design in a high-resolution pdf or eps format by email to or you can mail in your original drawing by May 22, 2017. The winning design will be selected by CCAI staff (or CCAI’s 25th Anniversary Committee) and posted to our social media platforms. Include with your email submission:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth (if under 18)
  • Country/Province
  • A few sentences describing yourself and your design

Get those creative juices flowing and the opportunity to have your artwork worn by thousands for the celebration of 25 years! We can’t wait to see what you create!

Here is the winning design from our 20th Anniversary celebration.

T-shirt Design FINAL

#TravelTuesday The Journey to Your Roots

Families were able to discover the wonders of China and learn about the history and beauty of their child’s homeland for the past week and a half. Ben’s dad shares their once of a life-time experience:

“It started out like most any other day, yet it was not an ordinary day. On this day Ben would be going back to his roots. Much like the day when we first went to China to expand our family with the addition of Ben, we would board a flight with bags in hand heading out on somewhat of an unknown experience, and yet this time it was to experience through Ben’s eyes the country he was born in, and the people whom he shares a heritage.

To say Ben was excited would be like calling the Great Wall a pile of bricks. Even though he had spent time learning about what he was going to see, it could never have had truly prepared him for what adventures and experiences he has now lived.


The Heritage Tour is an amazingly well organized and thought our experience of a life-time as well as it is a fun-packed cultural taste that you could never get any other way. Every second of every day is so well planned, not only for learning and experiencing the rich and long heritage of the Chinese people, but it also has melded in just the right amount of time for the families, if you so desire, to adventure out and enjoy on your own in a safe way. What makes all this go so seamlessly is the fact that the Heritage Tours gives you truly a local taste of each city that you are in, but having someone from that city and culture be your local guide for each new location. What this brings is a true-life experience and insight that you could never receive any other way.

China has a vast history that could of course never be completely experienced in one tour, yet the Heritage Tour has taken us on a journey of a life-time that is so deep in culture and historical experiences from the Great Wall of China, to the amazing vastness of the Terra-Cotta Warrior museum, and from the playful warmth of the mountain side Panda reserve in Chengdu, to the majestic and beauty of the mountains of the Lijiang river boat cruise.



This trip was not only a journey of a life time, it was a journey through a life time of the History of China that Ben will cherish forever.”











IMG_2075 IMG_1998






Here is to a successful Spring 2017 Heritage Tour! Safe travels to all the families traveling back. #TravelTuesday

9th Henan Provincial Adoption Training a Huge Success!

Over 150 orphanage directors and adoption case managers from 43 orphanages joined the annual adoption training in Zhengzhou, China on April 11th.  This is the 9th year that CCAI and Henan Provincial Civil Affairs Department have jointly hosted the adoption training to promote international adoption.

In 2008, CCAI and Henan Province entered a strategic partnership to bring permanency to orphans with special needs.  As a result, almost 4,000 precious children have found their forever families and thousands of more orphans’ lives have been impacted through CCAI’s massive charity outreach.  Henan has been ranked the #1 international adoption province two years in a row (2015 and 2016).

CCAI co-founders, Joshua Zhong and Lily Nie, led the training by explaining, in depth, the Hague adoption regulations and legal protection the adopted children are entitled to in the USA.  The directors and managers also enjoyed the touching and inspirational testimonies by CCAI adoptive family Ron and Celease who adopted four special needs children.  In addition, CCAI’s Charity Director Xia gave a lively and fun presentation about the lives of adopted children in America.

Orphanage leaders expressed their deep appreciation for such an opportunity to learn more about the life-changing significance of international adoption.  Many walked away with this strong conviction: An orphanage, no matter how fancy it is, is not a home; Children belong to a loving and stable family.

We are so grateful for our wonderful partnership and look forward to next year!


2017年河南涉外培训 (2)

2017年河南涉外培训 (11)