CCAI Reaches Monumental Milestone!

Today, February 28, 2017, CCAI reached the incredibly monumental milestone of 12,000 adoptions!!!

12,000 Adoptions!

From Lily and Josh’s 200-sqft basement in September 1992 and the first child coming home on Easter Sunday 1994, CCAI has been making history one child at a time over the past nearly-25 glorious years.  We give thanks to all our amazing CCAI families who believed and continue to believe in us and entrust us with the incredible blessing to be a part of their families; to the thousands of volunteers across the country who have and continue to faithfully support CCAI’s life-changing mission with time and money; and, most of all, to each and every adopted CCAI child for their unbreakable will to meet life’s toughest challenges and conquer daily adversity with courage, determination and grace.

Do numbers matter?  Absolutely!  Because each number represents a beautiful and precious life, and it symbolizes victory and hope.  Today, we celebrate 12,000 adoptions while keeping those hundreds and thousands of orphans still waiting, in our hearts.  Our mission has just begun and it will not finish until the last orphan in the world has found their forever family!!

An Update from Our CCAI Charity Team in China!

Our CCAI Charity team is off to a great start in 2017 – here’s an update on just a few of the projects we’re completing to kick the year off in China!

YiBin Diapers


In YiBin, our adorable kiddos are celebrating their annual massive delivery of diapers! This delivery is funded by a wonderful donor that has given to our Charity Fund since 2006!  Amazing!

Christy’s Legacy of Hope

Every year, Karen DePriest and Christy’s Legacy of Hope donates to CCAI’s Charity Fund to purchase clothes, blankets, educational toys and more for orphanages in need in the Henan province. So far this year, the kids in 4 Henan orphanages are ecstatic to receive puzzles, blocks, and shirts courtesy of Christy’s Legacy of Hope!  We are so proud to partner with Karen and her amazing organization.

Christy’s Legacy of Hope was founded in memory of the late Christy DePriest Wright. You can read more about Christy’s Legacy of Hope and their inspirational story at






Anonymous Donor in YeXian










In YeXian province, a donor that wishes to remain anonymous made a very generous gift that allowed the orphanage there to purchase an incubator. This gift was made in honor of a loved one that passed away, and all that she asked was that it goes where there is the greatest need.  YeXian sees many premature babies that are very difficult to care for, and an incubator can be life-saving in many instances.  This was truly a blessing!

Kickee Pants




Through happy and very fortuitous circumstance, CCAI was connected to Kickee Pants, an organization that specializes in clothes for infants and toddlers. This organization made an incredibly generous donation to our program in the form of 4,300 items of clothing spread out to 24 different orphanages in China!  Wow!  On top of donating this clothing, they even provided the shipping from the U.S. to China!  We were blown away by the kindness of this organization, and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Very special mention must be made to our amazing orphanage and Charity staff in China, who took the time once these packages arrived to individually inspect each piece of clothing and distribute them accordingly. We are forever grateful to have an amazing staff to partner with in our mission to serve the orphans of China.



Did you know that our Charity team can plan special birthday celebrations for the children in China? If you have a child waiting to be adopted, or are sponsoring a child, check with our Charity staff to see if we can plan a special event for your little one.  It is easiest for us to do a celebration for any child that is currently in a Lily Orphan Care Center (LOCC), but we can always check with other orphanages, as well.









Our Charity team continues their diligent work every day in pursuit of serving the beautiful children of China. Annually, the CCAI Children’s Charity Fund spends over half a million dollars in service to this mission, funded by all of the amazing individuals and families that hold China’s orphans in their hearts.

If you are interested in making a difference in a child’s life today, give our Charity team a call at (303) 850-9998 x. 17 or email to discuss helping a project in need or creating a new project dear to your heart.


mattocksWe would like to welcome home Groups 2387, 2388, 2389, 2390, 2391 and 2392!!!! Eleven precious children have found their forever family in the last two weeks!!!! The Mattocks family in Group 2388 shared a glimpse of their amazing adoption journey. Mom and dad write:

“My husband and I prayed about adoption for a very long time. Our two children (13 year old son and 7 year old daughter) had even started to pray on their own about adoption. Once we said “yes”, God truly took it from there! It is very easy for me to look back now and see how God has been working for YEARS to put things in place for Jace to enter our lives. So many tiny details have been so perfect that only God could have orchestrated this journey.

I am so glad we said “yes” to adoption and our son’s file. He is five years old, has an infectious laugh, is smart as a whip, and there is no doubt in our minds that he was created to be in our family. He has been with us for under five weeks and home just over three weeks. He has been so brave and transitioned exceptionally well. He has changed so many lives already.

People say he is lucky to be adopted. I say we are all lucky to be together and be part of this story only God could write. Is adoption easy for any of us? No. Worth it? ABSOLUTELY! We are so blessed and the whole process has gone so well.”  Congratulations Mattocks Family!



Another CCAI Adoptee Gets Married!!!

It was Mother’s Day, 1995, when this iconic picture was lily
taken by a Rocky Mountain News photographer
of CCAI co-founder Lily, holding little Ana (group 5),
who had just arrived in Colorado from China with her loving parents Jim and Tish.


Twenty-two years later Ana found the love of her life and married him this past Saturday!  Can you believe it?  Time truly flies.



Gotha days, dedication days, birthdays, continuation ceremonies,  high school graduations, college graduations, and now wedding ceremonies! Josh and Lily have been truly honored to attend so many of these special days and words cannot express how much they enjoy watching these children grow into successful and happy adults!

Congratulations to Ana and best wishes to all of our 11,991 children (and counting)!!!trio


Performers from China Entertain JCCC Students and Parents

china 1A group of top performing artists from Jiangxi province paid a visit to the CCAI headquarters and our Joyous Chinese Cultural Center on Saturday. They were fascinated by the countless adoption stories Josh and Lily shared with them and were deeply moved by the thousands of children’s pictures on the famous CCAI ‘Great Wall.’ 

The artists sang and danced for our JCCC families, and their beautiful performance won many rounds of thunderous applause. The artists were very touched by the amazing love between our children and their adoptive parents and expressed their gratitude profusely. It was an entertaining and heart-warming experience for all.
china 3


Welcome home to the Wermager family who brought home their precious son in late January! It is always amazing to see the huge transformation these children make in such a short period of time!

wermager 1

Reuben & Brittany share:

We are the Wermagers! Our journey to adopt started with a desire set in our hearts a few years ago watching families from our church adopt. In 2013 we decided to start a family completely unaware that we would have complications getting pregnant. After 2 years we were blessed with our first pregnancy, but at 35 weeks our son went to be with the Lord.

Amidst the devastation in July of 2015 I felt the push to pursue adoption. My husband and I took time to grieve and pray over the enormous decision to adopt and where to adopt from. Through prayer and our Orphans Chair Ministry group at church we decided to begin the process with CCAI on Dec 22, 2015. As the adoption progressed and our hearts were on the mend we were blessed again with our second pregnancy in May 2016.

In Aug 2016 we were matched with our son Ian. On Dec 26, 2016 (31 weeks pregnant) we met our son for the first time. As first time parents a flood of emotions ran through us! As the days progressed we experienced the unconditional love of parents and the satisfaction we had longed for. Reuben and I learned to manage a 18 month olds schedule and nap times based around our traveling requirement.

We are so thankful for the families we were paired up with to share wisdoms and encouragement daily. We have been home for three weeks and we have still been able to call upon our travel families for helpful tips on the time change, if they received paperwork and the new milestones are little ones are achieving.

Ian has grown leaps and bounds in the month he has been with us. Daily we get to experience all that he knows and the new things he is learning. We may not have been there for all the firsts but as the walls come down and he shows us his personality and abilities we get to cheer him on showing him how proud we are! The timing of everything sounds crazy as we will be welcoming our daughter in just one week, but it couldn’t have been more God ordained.

I was able to travel, we had a month home with him to let him settle and now he will have a playmate to grow up with. Thank you CCAI for all you have done and the amazing guides that held our hands, got us medicine, and even carried our baggage through the train station. There are so many unknowns but CCAI has you covered.

As a new parent, a parent that has lost a child and a first time traveler to China I would be happy to share any knowledge I have gained. Feel free to message me on Facebook.



This week the Crouch family shares their amazing adoption story. Truly a picture is worth a thousand words and these pictures say it all!!! Kim writes:

“We were prepared for the worst, but hoping for the best, well, we got the best! It’s only been nine days since we claimed this little angel as our own, but it’s like she’s known us her entire life. It’s been such an easy, natural transition with her. She just fits and we are so in love with our girl! She’s better than anything we could have ever imagined. I don’t mean to sound naive, because I do realize we have some tough stuff ahead of us, but for now, we’re just going to bask in the bliss of this little girl we call Millie Joy. Her name could not fit her any more perfectly, because she is absolute JOY! I think it’s safe to say she’s settling in nicely. We simply could not be more smitten. This girl…It’s truly like watching my heart walk around outside of my body.”

Welcome Home Crouch Family – we couldn’t be happier for you and Millie Joy!

crouch gotcha

crouch gotcha1 crouch crouch1 crouch2