CCAI Board Members Visit LOCC’s in Henan

Last week, two¬†CCAI board members had the privilege to visit one of our seven LOCC’s in Henan! It was absolutely inspiring to witness the incredible care the precious children receive from our loving caretakers. The beautiful living environment, the soothing music, the individualized care plans, the trained caretakers, and the smiles on the children’s faces were all powerful testimony to LOCC’s vision!

CCAI board members visited LOCC Lily Orphan Care Center, named after CCAI Co-Founder¬†Lily Nie, was first launched in 2000. Hundreds of orphans’ lives have been saved since that beautiful day. CCAI now has¬†seven LOCC’s in operation in China, making an invaluable difference every day.

For more information on how you can support our LOCC’s,¬†please email us at

2016 Henan Annual Adoption Training a Huge Success

2016 Henan Training

More than 160 civil affairs officials¬†and¬†orphanage directors and managers from the entire Henan Province joined the two-day domestic and international adoption training conference,¬†April 6th – 7th. ¬†The important 2016 Henan Annual Adoption Training¬†focused on the well-being and permanency of orphaned children living in the orphanages and other care facilities. ¬†CCAI Co-Founders Lily and Joshua, as well as CCAI’s China Charity Director Xia, and three wonderful CCAI parents¬†Suzanne, Rich, and Blair had the opportunity to provide in-depth training in child care, adoption procedure, and post adoption, as well as¬†share the beautiful¬†lives the children and families are living around the world, and express our appreciation for Henan’s¬†partnership in saving lives.

Henan’s¬†officials¬†are all¬†greatly moved by the incredible¬†adoption stories shared by our families and truly appreciate the love that adoptive families shower upon all the children. ¬†It was a beautiful conference.

AdopTween Went Rollerskating!

AdopTween Denver, CO

Both AdopTween Denver, CO and AdopTween Grand Junction, CO spent their Saturday afternoons rollerskating!  It was a wonderful, happy time and we had a blast!

AdopTween Goes to Skate City

Our next AdopTween Hangout will be May 14th for both Denver and Grand Junction.  Please email for more information and to sign up!