Sight for Shu – 18 days to raise $18,000!

Shu Wei

Shu-Wei is a 7 year old (wiggly, giggly) little boy who traveled from China to the US as part of CCAI’s 2015 Winter Hosting Program. His incredible hosting family’s original intent in hosting as advocates was to show the love of a family to someone who has never had one, and hopefully, to see this precious boy be adopted as a result of having been with their family. However, it was clear that there was a BIGGER plan for Shu. We’ll let Shu’s host family tell the rest!

Shu-Wei has one chance to see—without this opportunity, he will remain “blind” for the rest of his life (He can currently see bright, or flashing lights, but only if they are held directly in front of the corner of his left eye). Thankfully, he is believed to be a good candidate for a cornea transplant in each eye, but time is critical! Because he has never had an image form on his retina, and because the pathways from the retinas to the brain are fully formed by age 8; he has to have these surgeries ASAP! He is believed to have turned 7 in November.

God’s Provision during Shu’s time here:
1) Free appointment with a local eye doctor the morning after Shu arrived at our home
2) A translator (who’d worked in China for 7 years), and happened to be back home, in our area, and was able to accompany us to the appointment
3) A woman in the waiting room of the office asked about the situation, and offered financial help
4) The eye doctor saw such potential, that he offered to pay for a visit with a pediatric specialist
5) Because our son just happened to have earned his pilot’s license the same day we brought Shu-Wei home (and had bought a plane the week before), we were able to fly to the appointment
6) The pediatric specialist was able to get us to another specialist (same day—one hour later) for a retinal ultrasound (to ensure that Shu’s retinas had not detached)

God’s Provision Within 20 Days of Shu’s Return to China:

1) Permission from his orphanage to travel to the US for transplants (CCAI has told me that this orphanage had never before released a child for medical travel)
2) Our family just happens to have enough “points” to provide flights for Shu-Wei & his chaperone
3) Shu was issued a travel visa for his Christmas trip, and will not need a separate medical visa (this will allow him to travel at a much shorter notice)
4) Donation of all corneal tissue needed for his transplants
5) Confirmation from surgeon offering all of her expenses “pro-bono”
6) His case accepted by ChildSpring International
7) A host family for the (at least) 6 months that he will need to remain in the US for follow-up care

Our goal is to have Shu fly back to the US by May 11th. The surgery date of May 16 cannot be guaranteed until MUSC has received the check for $18,000. When this fundraiser ends on April 3; we will immediately confirm the surgery date and purchase airfare!

To contribute by credit card, please fill out the donation form at, and type “Sight for Shu” in the ‘specific project’ area.

Checks can be sent directly to CCAI at 6920 S Holly Cir, Centennial, CO 80112 (please write “Sight for Shu” on the memo line).

Please prayerfully consider how much you are able to give to help this precious child see!

Shu Wei, happy boy!

Happy International Women’s Day!

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the CCAI gentlemen presented all of the CCAI ladies with beautiful roses!

Happy International Women’s Day from us to you. We are so blessed to be able to work alongside such incredible women who constantly and persistently imbue such love and light into every day as we continue on this incredible journey of bringing families together! And to all of the mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, and nannies we have been so lucky to know — We celebrate you, today and every day!

CCAI Celebrates International Women's Day 2016


It’s Tuesday, and we have a little cutie pie that we’d like to introduce! Meet Lai – he is 2 years old and will celebrate his 3rd birthday next month. Please share to help us find this happy, smiley little guy his forever family!

Lai is shy, especially around strangers, but once he warms up he is quite the little charmer! His nannies say that he is “full of wisdom and has his own unique views.” Normally at play time, if a child takes another’s toy, there will be tears and screaming. Lai has his own approach – instead he will walk over and take his nanny’s hand, and will show them what happened.

Compared to other children, Lai’s intelligence is normal. He participates in an early education class and follows his teacher’s instructions very well. Even though Lai has bottom and genital malformations, along with a leg malformation, he can walk independently, go up and down stairs by himself (while holding the hand rail), and can freely change between crawling, sitting, standing, etc. Lai is truly 1 in a million! Please help him find his family so that he can continue to grow!

Lai is a Special Focus child, meaning he can be matched to a family either with or without a dossier in China and may also be accepted along with another child! He is diagnosed with Tailend Duplication Malformation. Please call 303-850-9998 or email for more information about this Lai!

Visit to see more children waiting for their forever families.

Adopteen 1st Annual Dance Marathon Fundraiser Raises Over $4,000

Adopteen Thanks Their Donors

Our young friends at Adopteen held their first-ever Adopteen Dance Marathon Fundraiser last Saturday. Why? Adopteen is starting an Adopteen Scholarship Fund to help provide financial support to adoptees who wish to attend Adopteen’s incredible programs, but are unable to afford the registration fees!  From their website:

Adopteen Leadership has committed to dancing 12 hours straight in the efforts of raising money for the Adopteen Scholarship Fund!  Since 2008, Adopteen has held 42 events nationwide for over 800 adoptees.  It has been an amazing ride so far, but we know that there are many more who have not been able to participate in our awesome events simply due to financial constraints.  We want to help with that!

In a given year, Adopteen holds 6 major events: Adopteen Midpoint Retreat, Adopteen Camp-Conferences (2), Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trips (2), and the Adoptstronauts Expedition.  Totaled together, these 6 events cost $2,800 per person.  We want to be able to provide at least two full scholarships to all of these events!

That means $5,600 a year.  So we’re dancing.  Our goal is $5,600.  If we reach it?  Amazing.  If we don’t?  We will provide as many partial scholarships as we can with the funds we raise!  This is happening, friends!  Donate and support our amazing programs!

Dance and Donate!

After dancing for 12 hours straight, the Adopteen Crew raised a Grand Total of $4,500! Although short of their goal, it was an incredible response and Adopteen will now be able to provide four partial scholarships and possibly a few smaller grants for 2016! Amazing job, Adopteen!

Adopteen will be holding this Adopteen Dance Marathon Fundraiser every February and hopes that friends and families and neighbors alike will join them in this great endeavor.

Yay, better lives!

Visit for more information about Adopteen and to donate.