Staff Spotlight: July Anniversaries


As the mother of 2 adopted children, I have been a huge advocate of adoption for many years. It has always been my belief if God puts adoption in your heart, then He has a child for you! After working over 30 years in the corporate world, I was fortunate enough to begin working for another adoption agency with the hopes of being able to work in infant adoption. However I was asked take over the Latvia/ Ukraine programs, and since then my passion and my commitment has been for older children adoption!

A year ago, the agency I worked for closed, and I got a call from CCAI – “Would I be willing to join the CCAI family, and continue the Latvia/Ukraine Programs here?”

It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since I joined the CCAI team; it’s gone by so fast! So many incredible things have happened – the adoption programs in both Latvia and Ukraine have continued to grow and we opened the Bulgaria program in January 2015. I have been given the opportunity to travel to Latvia and Ukraine, and meet the teams in place over there. We have matched several waiting children in our Bulgaria Program. I have met wonderful families through our partnership with Project 143. I have discovered that every single CCAI staff person has the heart and passion to serve our adoptive families in their journey to be a “Forever Family”!

I am grateful to Josh and Lily for letting me be a part of this organization. In the past year we have almost 110 “older children” in the Bulgaria/Latvia/Ukraine programs be in the process of coming home soon, or have already come home to their forever families. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!


I joined CCAI as the Accounting Manager, at the end of July of 2012. I believe that Family is the most precious asset a person can have and all deserve; so to work in this atmosphere every day is just something that can’t be beat.

My biggest contributions to CCAI over the years was to streamline the payment process for our families, by initiating an on-line payment system and working with Thomas He (IT Director) to create links for our Charitable donations, the Joyous Chinese Cultural Center and for all adoptive families to log-on to our website and make a payment and/or donation at any time day or night!


I joined the CCAI family last year because after majoring in Chinese and Economics, traveling to China several times and working at an environmental NGO in Yunnan province, my love for China has continued to grow! My passion for China adoption also stems from both my love of Chinese culture and language, and my previous years of experience working with families and children as a teacher.

I truly have enjoyed working with each child’s file and learning about the personalities and characteristics of these unique children. CCAI offered me the perfect opportunity to mix my passion for children and my love for China. Every day I look forward to working with our loving adoptive families and passionate staff here at CCAI. I am so thankful to Josh and Lily for having faith in me to do this amazing job!

One of the most memorable moments I’ve had with CCAI by far was my first match call and creating a new forever family! It’s things like making match calls as well as getting to work with our wonderful families, getting to see all of our adorable children, and working with the amazing women of the Waiting Child Program that make this the best job I could ever ask for!