CCAI Families Celebrate the 20th National Reunion

Hundreds of CCAI adoptive families from across the country gathered at CCAI Headquarters this past weekend on June 28th to celebrate our 20th Annual National Reunion and Open House!  Barrel train, duck pond, balloon animals, jumping castle, dance, Kung Fu, Bingo, food, and all sorts of fun games brought together one of the largest reunion crowds in recent years!

From our very first reunion in 1994 with just a half dozen families, to today’s 11,000 placements, CCAI has come a long way, creating families and fulfilling dreams, and we are always so excited to see everyone every year.

We want to thank the CCAI Adoptive Parent Council who organized this successful celebration under the strong leadership of Shanna Taylor and Virginia Wong.  We also thank our wonderful staff and all of our amazing volunteers who ran all the booths and greeted our families.

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to the Mile High city this year!  We hope to see even more of you next year!


AdopTween’s First Year a Big Success!

32 tweens joined us for our final Adoptween event of the school year this past Saturday.  After some fun get-to-know-you games, we made homemade ice cream (yummm), decorated some crazy masks, and had some messy fun in the sun competing in water relays and a cupcake eating contest!

Thank you to all of our older adoptee Leaders for your dedication and warm hearts.  AdopTween is all thanks to your mentorship and encouragement!

Thank you to all of the AdopTween tweeners and parents for making AdopTween’s first year a HUGE success! Thank you for all the great memories and crazy fun. We hope everyone has a wonderful summer vacation and we can’t wait to see you all again when the leaves start falling off their branches! 😉

And don’t forget – we have a FREE AdopTween Information Social in September, so bring your friends and family and join us for some good times, good desserts, and information for the 2014-2015 AdopTween year!

Chinese Cultural Camp Season Kicks Off

Starting this week and running (literally) through July, children from all over the country will have a chance to participate in one of the many cultural camps our Joyous Chinese Cultural Center offers at CCAI headquarters!

JCCC Summer Camp

Children will have a chance to meet many new friends, enjoy (and make!) authentic Chinese food, learn Chinese songs and dances, perfect the art of Chinese paper cutting, and even go on exciting field trips (adventure is out there!)!

If you are interested in signing your kids up for one of our JCCC summer camps, you can email us at!


Parenting The Hurt Child Camp is going great!

TBRI camp

On Friday, June 27, 2014  and Saturday, June 28, 2014, we have our second annual Parenting The Hurt Child camp!  It has so far gone incredibly well with 7 families and 22 children in attendance!

photo 1

The kids are having a blast while their parents spend valuable time learning and preparing to meet their kids’ needs.  Our Parenting The Hurt Child camp is a two-day, 12-hour camp for both parents and children, based on the Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) model.  Parents learn how to deepen their attachments, fortify their ability to support sensory processing needs, and find effective ways to discipline children with a history of trauma.  In tandem, the children learn basic social and family skills, how to handle their own self-regulation and sensory needs, and have the chance to practice all of these important skills through play therapy!

TBRI camp 2

We absolutely love our camps and are having a great time.  If you would like to learn more about our Parenting The Hurt Child camps and classes, please email!

19 Older Orphans Safely Arrived USA to Join Their Host Families!

The anticipation has been palpable for weeks now.  After a long night of train rides and 15 hours on their first-ever plane ride, travelling to a world unknown, 19 older orphans and their chaperons finally touched down, safe and sound, at Chicago O’Hare International Airport this afternoon and were immediately welcomed by their excited host families!

China Older Orphan Hostees arrive the USA!

After landing in Chicago, the group of children parted ways; one group flying to Atlanta and another to Denver. Project 143’s Chinese Orphan Hosting Program is a joint effort between P143 and CCAI to afford older orphans the opportunity to experience family love and fun for a 4 or 5-week period. It is an amazing way to love an orphan and make a tangible difference in their lives and we are so proud and thankful for this parternship!

If you are interested in hosting an older orphan from China, please contact us at or visit!

CCCWA Delegation Visits Adoptive Families

For his first trip to the USA as the new Director-general of the China Center for Children Wellfare and Adoption (CCCWA), Mr. Li decided to visit some adoptive families and see with his own eyes how the children are doing.  CCAI had the privilege to introduce a couple of our amazing families to them and Li and his delegation asked many questions about the children’s lives, the care and medical treatment they receive, sibling relationships, and academic performance.  😉

CCCWA Delegation Visits Families

It was a very important trip and Director Li and his team were very impressed and happy to see the great lives the children have in the USA, the love from their parents and siblings, and all of the incredible opportunities they otherwise would never have had in China.


Mr. Li exchanged gifts with families and children, invited them to visit China again, and wished everyone the very best.

CCAI was honored to have the opportunity to welcome the CCCWA delegation and we thank the Nelson, Hill, and Gimeno-Porge Families for opening their loving and beautiful homes to the CCCWA guests.

Lily’s Treasures: Jun Yong

Jun YongLearn more about Jun Yong HERE

CCAI only has about THREE WEEKS left before Jun Yong’s file has to be returned!

Jun Yong was born on November 11, 2002 and arrived at the orphanage when he was 6 years old.  He is now in 3rd grade, is completely healthy, and is just waiting for his family to find him!

This little man loves to have a good time!  Jun Yong’s favorite thing right now is soccer.  He LOVES it and cannot wait to get outside to play! Not a big fan of strangers, he’s a bit hesitant about the idea of adoption, due to past experience, but he is warming up to the idea again and is working very hard in his studies (his favorite subject is English and Math).

Jun Yong is a very independent boy and knows his responsibilities.  Although he makes sure to do his chores, but, like any 13-year-old boy, he does tend to put them off as long as possible. 😉

Jun Yong is very respectful to women and girls and always makes sure everyone is being nice to them and taking care of them.  He is such a little gentleman!

Although he won’t admit it, Jun Yong is a very talented acrobat and can do backflips, frontflips, and the splits whenever he feels like it. You just need to ask and he’ll be happy to show any new tricks he’s learned!  For 3 years, he studied and lived in an acrobatic troupe starting in May of 2009. Every day he did professional training and studies. He is hard working and has grasped lots of basic action. He also joined some performances.

If you feel that you have been waiting for Jun Yong all along or if you feel moved to share his information, please help us advocate for this awesome little dude!  Spread the word!! Please contact for more information!

CCAI presents: “Gotcha Day”

Whether you call it Adoption Day, Family Day, Gotcha Day, or just a beautiful memory, we are thrilled to present to you: “Gotcha Day”!

Share in the emotional, life-changing journey of adoption as we see families and children meet for the first time!

CCAI presents – “Gotcha Day” from CCAI Family on Vimeo.

For our families who have their own “Gotcha Day” stories, please share them with us! What were the joys? What were the struggles?

For our families waiting for their “Gotcha Day,” what are some questions and anxieties that you would like some conversation on?

Please share and comment! We hope you enjoy!

Filmed and Edited by: Sandy Puc Productions


Next Tuesday, CCAI will officially reach an incredible, life-changing milestone –

11,000 ADOPTIONS!!!

Will you join us in celebrating this beautiful moment by sending us a picture of your adopted child(ren) holding an “11,000” sign?  Any color, shape or style is great!  We would love to include your child(ren), along with thousands of others,  as part of our website’s special celebration.

Please email your picture to by Monday (June 9).  Thank you so much!!!  We are so excited!

Just a Reminder: 20th Annual National CCAI Reunion Coming Soon!

On June 28th, join us for our most favorite day of the year!
The 20th Annual National CCAI Reunion!

CCAI Reunion TrainIn case you missed our Save the Dates post from a while back, remember to mark JUNE 28TH as a must attend. 😀  We cannot wait to see you!!!

That’s right.  CCAI’s Adoptive Parents Council is gearing up for, not just any old reunion, but the 20th Annual National Reunion!  It’s a big deal and we want to see ALL OF YOU there!

Where:  CCAI Headquarters (6920 S. Holly Circle, Centennial, CO 80112)
When:  Saturday, June 28, 2014 @ 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
What:  CCAI’s Adoptive Parents Council has oodles of fun games and activities planned for all our families and friends!  Come and share in the amazing CCAI community, meet the Colorado, Georgia, Florida, and Kentucky CCAI staff, visit with families new and old, celebrate and have a good time!

If you come earlier in the weekend, you may even be able to catch Lily and Josh and some other CCAI staff members at some of Colorado’s many attractions!  Fancy a climb to Pikes Peak, anyone? 😉

We still need some more volunteers to help us man the carnival games and food stations.  If you are interested and willing (oh, you wonderful human being!), please send us a quick email at!  Volunteers are needed for 2-hour time slots and you get a pick of plenty of different activities to help with!  Thank you so much!