Lily’s Treasures: Zhong Fu

Zhong Fu

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You wouldn’t know from her adorable dimples, but little Zhong Fu is an old soul at heart.  She is outgoing, bright and inquisitive, and loves to engage in deep, philosophical conversations.  Zhong Fu is extremely passionate about poetry and can recite many poems!

Zhong Fu likes playing with kids, but her real passion lies in the arts.  She LOVES listening to music, drawing, and reading!  She is always so eager to know the world and likes imitating people.  Zhong Fu has such an infectious energy and as soon as you meet her, you can’t help but want to share in it.

Zhong Fu uses a wheelchair, but is relatively independent.  She can wash her face and brush her teeth perfectly fine and likes to dress herself.  She is currently receiving physical therapy, as well as training to use the restroom on her own. Zhong Fu is eager to be able to do things on her own and works very hard in all of her endeavors.

Zhong Fu was born on September 1, 2001 and is currently diagnosed with postoperative congenital meningocele and paraplegia from the waist down.  She is currently in school, doing fantastic in her studies, and loves her foster family very much. 

If you feel that you have been waiting for Zhong Fu all along or if you feel moved to share Zhong Fu’s information, please help us advocate for this incredible little girl!  Spread the word!! Please contact for more information!