Happy Holidays from CCAI

Merry Christmas from all of us at CCAI!

The 2013 year brought with it MANY firsts for CCAI. With our 21st Anniversary, we proudly coordinated our first-ever (and second-ever) Waiting Child Medical Needs Conference, our first-ever Adoptees Giving Back Orphanage Service Trip, and our first-ever Orphan Care Fundraising Gala. We sponsored China’s first-ever Baby Safe Haven Conference and spearheaded the initiative.  We opened our incredible Post-Adoption Center and introduced new parent-tot therapy classes, hosted Adopteen’s largest Camp-Conference to date, coordinated three successful Heritage Tours, hosted an adoptee-led panel, re-introduced the CCAI Adoptive Parents Council, and raised more than $430,000 for our Children Charity Fund!  Our Co-Founder and CEO, Lily Nie, was awarded the 2013 PBS Be More Award.  We introduced our Older Orpan Hosting program.  We came together as a family to help support our dear friend, Maggie, and Baby Hope. We opened our newest branch office in Kentucky. We reached an amazing 100 Haiti adoptions…!

The list goes on and on!  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the endless, undying support and love you send our way every day of every year. We are forever grateful and humbled and happy. Very, truly happy.

Happy Holidays, friends!

CCAI Celebrates 100 Haiti Adoptions!

This past Saturday, CCAI was in high spirits, celebrating the exciting milestone of reaching our 100th Haiti adoption this month!  The office was filled with balloons and Christmas lights, brimming with delicious snacks, and overrun by little kids, ready to celebrate themselves (as it should be).

Thank you to all our families who made to trip out and celebrated with us.  And to all of our families unable to make it, you were in our thoughts the entire time with the beautiful photos you sent in as they played on the wall during the festivities. To our families still waiting to hold your child in your arms, thank you for being a part of our family and sticking with us and trusting us!

CCAI officially started our Haiti program in 2009.  Since the 2010 earthquake, Haiti’s government has undergone some major restructuring, but has faithfully kept its doors open to international adoption, albeit with more than a few challenges.  We are absolutely giddy with joy to have reached 100 adoptions and are eager to continue finding forever families for these amazing kids!

The First Lily Orphan Care Center Revisited

CCAI Co-founders Josh and Lily paid a special visit on November 25th to CCAI’s first Lily Orphan Care Center (LOCC) in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

To save lives, to build love and promote training, Josh and Lily decided in 2000 to collaborate with Hangzhou Orphanage to open an orphan care center that revolutionized the traditional orphan care philosophy and practices in China. At this LOCC, each child received one-on-one care by well-trained nannies 24/7. For the first time in their lives, they had their own bottles and individualized feeding plans, their own clothes and toys, were held while feeding, received warm baths daily, enjoyed children music, were able to leave their cribs and crawl and play with others on a padded floor, and were supported by an experienced pediatrician 24/7!

LOCC, under the incredible leadership of Xia Zhong, quickly became a national model and training center for orphan care. Hundreds of nannies from across the country traveled to Hangzhou to receive week-long training and brought their new knowledge back to their own orphanages. As a result, a nationwide orphan care transformation was initiated and thousands of orphans’ lives were and continue to be impacted!

Today, Hangzhou Orphanage has relocated but, as the new director Li told Josh and Lily, “We are still following what LOCC has taught us – to run this orphanage like a home and to love our children as our own.”

Zhejiang Provincial leaders warmly welcomed Josh and Lily and highly praised the solid foundation CCAI has laid for Zhejiang’s orphan care and services.