CCAI at Justice Run 1K/5K/10K This Weekend!

CCAI will be tabling and running at the Justice Run/Walk this Sunday, October 6th in Littleton, CO to support the fight against human trafficking!  We are proud to supporting this great cause and would absolutely LOVE to see some CCAI families and friends out in the community joining in the fight.  Make sure to stop by our table and say “Hi!” if you’re around or if you are interested in pursuing international adoption!

For more information on the Justice Run, you can visit

Second Waiting Child Medical Conference Now Available for Streaming

Our Waiting Child Medical Conference this past Saturday was fantastic and we want to thank Dr. Bernard and Dr. Aretz for giving such informative and helpful conversations regarding neurological conditions and the physical therapy and rehab that such conditions might entail!  BIG thanks go out, also, to the wonderful families who provided their first-hand experiences and advice to our families in attendance!  What an incredible afternoon.

If you missed our Waiting Child Medical Conference, the livestreamed video is available for viewing on Livestream for the next two weeks.

Official video recordings of the two talks will be available on our Doctor’s Perspectives page on CCAI’s website, along with the previous four doctors’ talks from our Waiting Child Medication Conference back in February!

Introducing: China Hosting Program

Thousands of older orphans in China grow up without the chance for adoption and without experiencing the love and care of a family.  This sad reality must and will be changed.

Thanks to a collaborative project between CCAI and Project 143, we are thrilled to announce a life-changing program – China Orphan Hosting – which will make it possible for a number of older orphan children to spend five unforgettable weeks with wonderful host families in the USA!

By hosting an older orphan, you will fulfill your dream of impacting a child’s life and leave a permanent mark of love on a precious child.  Hosting is a great opportunity to invest your time, energy, and money in a human life, one who otherwise may never know his or her true value.

Will you join us in making a difference in an child’s life?

For more information on hosting an orphan from China for the winter of 2013, including hosting qualifications, expectations and cost, children’s photo listings, and the hosting application, please visit the website of our networking hosting agency, Project 143, at

You can also find Project 143 on Facebook!


Celebrating CCAI’s 21st Anniversary – Kentucky Style

September 15th was CCAI’s 21st Anniversary and CCAI’s co-founders Lily and Josh took a special trip to the beautiful Bluegrass State of Kentucky to celebrate the special day with our CCAI Kentucky families!  Even more exciting, the families celebrated the Grand Opening of our new CCAI Kentucky Office!  Families from as early as Group 6 and as new as Group 2000 joined Lily and Josh at Tom Sawyer Park on this worthy occasion of adoption celebration.

“Nothing is more exciting and rewarding than seeing our adoptive families and friends!”  Lily told everyone.  “Seeing all the adopted children who are growing up so fast and doing so well makes us happier than we can express!” Josh added.

Our huge thanks go to our CCAI KY Branch Office Director Julie and her very capable and passionate staff and social worker team for their hospitality and coordination. 🙂  It was a wonderful 21st Birthday!

2013-2014 JCCC First Day of School!

This week was the first week of school for our 2013-2014 JCCC school year!  The excitement and buzz of students and parents, new and old, is definitely one of our top 5 favorite feelings; You can’t help but get excited!

Remember that registration for JCCC is open enrollment, so if you haven’t already signed up for classes, visit for class information and registration!

2013-2014 Parent Training Kicks Off

We held our first Parent Training class of the 2013-2014 training year today at the Colorado CCAI office!  Eager prospective adoptive families in Colorado, anxious to put in the required hours of parent training, are attending classes all of today and tomorrow.  We have nothing but admiration for their attention span and appreciation for their dedication!

CCAI is committed to preparing adoptive families for adoption.  We want to provide adoptive families with the resources, skills, and tools necessary to be successful parents when they return home with their child(ren).  At CCAI, we encourage families’ full participation in parent training so that they may be prepared for the potential difficulties they may face when bringing a new child into their family.  It is important to acknowledge that adoption can be challenging and our parent training is made available to realistically prepare families as much as possible.

The nitty-gritty details of Parent Training:

The State of Colorado requires a minimum of 16-20 hours of face to face training for all domestic adoption and 24 hours of training (which is also Hague compliant) for international adoption, of which 16 hours must be face to face.  Colorado families are required to take the following classes to meet state requirements:   ‘Attachment’, ‘Parenting through Your Child’s Developmental Stages’, ‘Grief & Loss & Talking to Your Child about Adoption’, ‘Assisting in the Development of Your Newly Adopted Child’, ‘Basic Child Care’, and ‘Being a Multi-Cultural Family’.  CCAI also offers several specialized classes:  ‘Chinese Culture’, ‘Special Needs and Older Child Adoption: Considerations & Rewards’, ‘Adopting Children of African Descent’, and ‘Introduction and Overview of Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®)’.         

For adoptive families who reside outside the State of Colorado, CCAI provides online training that meets 10 hours of Hague required training.  Adoptive families take the following classes:  ‘Attachment 101 and 102’, ‘Grief & Loss in Adoption’, ‘Talking to Your Child about Adoption’, ‘Assisting in Your Child’s Development Parts 1-3’, and ‘Being a Multi-Cultural Family’.  Families adopting from China also receive an additional 2 hours of training with the following classes:  ‘Overview of China Adoption’ and ‘Chinese Culture Parts 1 and 2’.

CCAI is happy to announce that we have recently added another online class for adoptive families:  ‘Special Needs and Older Child Adoption’.  This class is highly recommended for all families adopting from the Waiting Child program.  To access this class, adoptive families just need to log onto the website!

If you have questions about parent training, please contact our Parent Training Coordinator, Sheila, at CCAI: or 303-850-9998 x42.

CCAI 1st Annual Orphan Care Gala a Great Success!

Our 1st Annual Orphan Care Fundraising Gala was absolutely inspiring! Final figures are still coming in, but we can confidently tell you that, through donations alone, you helped raise at least $50,000! Thank you SO much to everyong who joined us and helped us reach AND EXCEED our $30,000 goal! We are absolutely thrilled and cannot thank you enough for making our 21st Anniversary so incredibly heart-warming. What a difference a night makes.

Fun fact: The silent auction item, “Dinner with Lily & Josh,” helped raise $1400!  The highest bid reached $700 when the auction was closed, but a second party immediately offered to match the bid for a second dinner.  Who knew dinner with Lily & Josh would be so enticing?

Thank you to the lovely JCCC dancers for the beautiful entertainment.  Thank you, especially, to Sarah Ritz, our Event Coordinator, and the wonderful CCAI Gala Committee, Adoptive Parents Council, and CCAI Board for putting together such an uplifting evening.  And thank you to all of our generous sponsors for supporting our mission and what is near and dear to our hearts.  We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!  We can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Travel Approvals Received!

We have some wonderful news from the CCAI Travel Department!

We just received travel approvals for families adopting in the Waiting Child & Traditional programs this afternoon! We always get so excited for each family when travel approvals come in!  Can’t wait to start preparing all the travel arrangements for their BIG TRIP!!!

Such a wonderful way to start off the weekend! Happy Friday!

CCAI Group 1580 Visits CCAI HQ

Four families of CCAI Group 1580 who adopted their children in 2010 from Nanchang, Jiangxi province paid a visit to our CCAI headquarters this past weekend!  CCAI President, Joshua Zhong, took time out of his Labor Day Weekend to meet the excited parents and adorable children and gave them a grand tour of the magical world of CCAI. 🙂

Welcome Home & Haiti News

CCAI was thrilled to welcome home 4 more children last week from Haiti!

In 2013 we have been able to celebrate 33 children coming to the U.S. to join their families!! We expect to see an additional 20-30 children come home this year! 😀

The Haitian government has recently passed a new adoption law that will change the criteria for who can adopt from Haiti. Among the changes is the lowering of the minimum age requirement for married couples to 30 years old for at least one spouse. In addition, the marriage requirement will be lowered to 5 years. Perhaps most importantly it appears that Haiti will no longer require a Presidential Dispensation for adopting families with biological children. It is not known exactly when these changes will be implemented, but it does appear that Haiti will finally be making some changes to their adoptive parent criteria. CCAI will post information about any new adoption laws once they are officially in place in Haiti.