CCAI Spring Heritage Tour

Seventy-five adopted children and parents kicked off their exciting Spring Heritage Tour on March 21st in Beijing. They were welcomed by the Director-General of China Center for Children’s Welfare & Adoption (CCCWA) and got to tour the CCCWA facility, even getting the chance to step into the “Matching Room” where families are formed every day! Children and parents were also able to squeeze in many other unforgettable cultural and sight-seeing activities into their busy schedule — climbing the breathtaking Great Wall, walking the famous Tiananmen Square, experiencing the mesmerizing army of Terra Cotta soldiers, hugging some fluffy giant pandas, cruising down the beautiful Li River, and enjoying a variety of Chinese traditional cuisines. But, arguably the most treasured moment came at the end of the trip, when the travelers had the opportunity to visit their old orphanages and see the place where they once lived before their adoption. (CCCWA)

The weather was kind and the experiences unforgettable.  After 11 days of jam-packed touring, we’ll get to welcome everyone back Stateside this weekend!

In Mid-June, CCAI’s Adopteen will lead their first Adoptees Giving Back service trip to Henan Province to volunteer at several orphanages for two weeks!  Then, in late June and early July, a group of families and children will have to opportunity to attend a week-long Cultural Camp in Beijing, only to be followed in mid-July by another 220 children and parents who will embark on their Summer Heritage Tour!

To put it simply:  There are SO MANY great things going on, both here at CCAI and across the Pacific Ocean. We can barely contain our excitement!


Charity Update: Boxes Full o’ Goodies, part. 2

Donations from Karen and Christy’s Legacy of Hope are still piling in!  AnYang orphanage just received some big boxes full o’ goodies and sent over a couple photos.  The kiddos look so cute with their new, warm hats and sweaters!

We are so thankful for Karen and Christy’s Legacy of Hope.  Just amazing.

Charity Update: Boxes Full o’ Goodies, part. 1

ZhuMaDian, HeBi, Nanyang and SanManXia Orphanage all received the wonderful donations from Karen and Christy’s Legacy of Hope this week!  More boxes are on their way to JiYuan and AnYang Orphanage and should arrive soon, so get ready for even more heartwarming. 😀

Charity Update: Henan Province

Remember Karen, whose fundraising efforts at her church and through Christy’s Legacy of Hope resulted in boxes upon boxes full of clothes and book and toys for Kaifeng Orphanage and Zhengzhou Orphanage?  Well the total number of boxes just keeps going up and we’ve now received 18 boxes packed full of goodies for the children in Henan!

We have been shipping the boxes to the orphanages all year, but, earlier this month, our China Charity Project director, Xia, hand-delivered four more of Karen’s boxes to Kaifeng and Zhengzhou, along with all of the beautiful pillows from Hinkle Creek Elementary‘s first graders.  Oh, how the children loved their new presents!  We couldn’t even get them to look at the camera; they were so fascinated by their new little books!  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we’re willing to bet that these are going to make you speechless with silly smiles.

Post Adoption Center’s First 8-Week Course Going Great

The Post Adoption Center had its second class last night!  The parenting topic for the night was, “When Attachment Goes Wrong,” and the kids had lots of fun learning about respect and how to be gentle and kind.  They also had a ton of fun running around our Crash n’ Bump room!  Here are some fun photos from last night.  We’re looking forward to 6 more sessions of learning and fun!

Happy International Women’s Day!

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the CCAI gentlemen gave all the ladies roses! Happy International Women’s Day from us to you. We are so thankful for all of you.

Top, L to R: Amy, Hillary, Sarah H., Heather H., Kathi, Sheila, Andrea J., Nancy, Hannah
Bottom, L to R: Jessie, Laura, Sarah S., Xia, Sheri, Crystal, Lily
Not Pictured, (but celebrated!) : Judy, Pam, Kim, Andrea G., Beth, Heather D., YuLi, Annie, Jaime, Chaunda, Ashley, Laura, Christi, Kelli, all our JCCC teachers, our social workers, and our wonderful China staff!

Celebrating our first Post Adoption Center Class!

On Tuesday, March 5, 2013, CCAI’s Post Adoption Center held our first Post Adoption Center class, Parenting Your Adopted Child: Bringing Hope and Healing to the Hurt Child.  Six families joined our first class, where parents had a chance to meet for training and group support and explore some key strategies on the topic of child attachment.  Meanwhile, their children (seven in total) had a group of their own, playing together and learning about self-regulation and respect, and enjoying some sensory integration activities.  We had so much fun!

This group will continue to meet for the next seven weeks, with more families joining us as time permits.  We can already tell this will be a wonderful time of learning and growing for parents and children alike!

We’ll try to post some pictures for next week’s class. 🙂

Register Your Pre-Teen for Xpress Yourself

Did you know that CCAI has a pre-teen program called Xpress Yourself?

Through a combination of art and play therapy activities, Xpress Yourself allows your child to address some of the more difficult questions he/she might be encountering regarding adoption. These activities are designed to be fun and creative. In fact, they don’t really feel like “therapy” at all!

Xpress Yourself sessions are held over two weekend and are offered throughout the year for children ages 7-9 and 9-12!

Xpress Yourself’s Next Session: Girls 7 – 9, SUNDAY, MARCH 17th & SUNDAY, MARCH 24th (9:00 am – 2:00 pm)

Please visit to learn more and REGISTER TODAY!

Quick Numbers

Post #2
March 5, 2013

Quick Numbers

After posting such a long blog for They Got It All Wrong, I thought I would just share some quick statistics for this week’s post.

According to the latest figures made available by the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs in March 3, 2013:

  • 690,000 – orphan population in China
  • 397 – number of children welfare institutes that house orphans and abandoned children only
  • 800 – number of social welfare institutes that care for both the homeless elders and orphans
  • 109,000 – orphans residing in the government-run children or social welfare institutes
  • 878 – number of private citizen groups (about 25%) and religious and non religious organizations (about 60%) that are involved in caring for the orphans and abandoned children
  • 9,395 – number of orphaned cared by private citizen and religious or non-religious groups

The figures show that the government is only directly involved in caring for 1/6 of the total orphan population in China. The exact well-being and whereabouts of the remaining 5/6 is the Big Question and major concern.

Most of the 1197 government-run children and social welfare institutes are involved in domestic adoption to a certain degree, but less than half (about 500) work with China’s central authority, CCCWA, to place children for international adoption. Our agency, CCAI, has worked with and placed children from 402 orphanages in China.

There is no clear legal definition for “orphan” in China. According to the Adoption Law of China published in 1992, an orphan refers to, “a minor under the age of 14 who lost his or her parents.” In real practice, the definition of an orphan usually includes: abandoned children with no identifiable parents; children who have lost both parents or have lost contact with their parents; children with one surviving, but physically or emotionally unavailable or incapacitated parent; and children whose parents have been incarcerated for life.

Next post, I think I will talk about China’s changing opinion of a girl’s role in the family.


Joshua Zhong is the President and Co-Founder of CCAI.
This is a personal post. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent the views of, nor should they be attributed to, CCAI.

A Wonderful Reunion

Colorado’s local 9 News shared a very heart-warming story this past weekend that has everyone smiling.

The story is about the chance reunion of two Chinese adoptees, Melody Kadzis and Tim Estes, who grew up together in the same orphanage and had not seen each other in eight years, after both being adopted within six months of eachother.

Read about their awesome reunion HERE!

We are so happy for Melody, Tim and their families!  The Kadzis Family adopted Melody through CCAI in 2006.