Adopteen 2012 Atlanta, GA was a huge success!

It’s been a week since Adopteen 2012 in Atlanta, GA ended with unwanted goodbyes and confused parents wondering what we had done to their kids.  We of the sleep-deprived, rug-burned & bruised community salute the parents and want to thank you, the teens, from the bottom of our exceptionally gigantic hearts for deciding that we were worth your while!  We know how painful it is to take time away from what little we have of our precious summer vacations and we are honored to have been a part of yours.

Adopteen 2012 was an experience of a lifetime and we owe it all to the 74 of you who came out to hang out.  You all made the 5th Annual Adopteen Camp-Conference the largest one yet, coming from 17 different states, and, thanks to several Facebook frequenters, we now have 2000+ photos proving that it all actually happened! If you don’t have a Facebook, don’t worry!  Here’s a link to hundreds more pictures from Adopteen 2012!

For those of you who weren’t fortunate enough to spend some quality time with us, here’s a quick run through.  In four days, we managed to fit in a ridiculous amount of fun at Dave & Buster’s, Six Flags White Water, Stone Mountain Park, and an overnight stay at the Georgia Aquarium.  Seriously, guys.  We slept at the aquarium!! We were nerding out. We also celebrated 9 birthdays with two large cakes (mmm, cake) and a fun night of crazy games (parents, you would shake your heads), henna tattoos, dance, food, and even a photobooth!  We don’t want to brag, but we’re pretty great at having a good time…

HUGE thank you’s go out to our incredible heroes; Karen Worrall, Luanne Billstein, Lorrie Backer and all the many gracious volunteers who helped make Adopteen 2012 such a success!  And to the parents who entrusted us with your teens for four mysterious days — We cannot thank you enough!!

Thank you to the 2012 Adopteen Teen Committee members for helping with setup and takedown and everything in between!  You know we love and appreciate you all so very much.

Cheers to another successful, magical Adopteen camp-conference!  You really outdid yourselves this year.  Here’s hoping for many more incredible years to come!!!

Remember to check in on us every month for new updates and announcements!  We’re also on Facebook and Twitter so don’t be a stranger!

Much Love,



Summer Cultural Camps Ended with a Bang

Calligraphy lessons

The last cultural camp of this summer ended with a bang on Friday.  Seventeen kids ages  6 to 13 participated in this week-long Chinese cultural camp which offered various fun learning activities such as Chinese language, traditional dance, Chinese opera singing, games, cooking,  art, and field trips. “This is the most fun camp I have ever been to!” many girls shared their excitement and appreciation with their Chinese teachers.

Fan Dance

CCAI’s Joyous Chinese Cultural Center offered four large camps this summer and saw close to 100 students enroll.  We want to thank all the Chinese teachers for their passion and dedication, all the parents who believe in the importance of cultural support and education for their adopted children.  We especially want to thank all the children who participated in all the activities with such enthusiasm and spirit.

For more information on our cultural support service, please visit

Adopteen in Atlanta, Georgia July 19-22, 2012

Adopteen is hosting another yearly conference, this year in Atlanta, GA!  This will be the sixth national conference, and the Adopteen Team is SO excited!

Here is a little bit about Adopteen:

We hold week-long regional and national camp-conferences around the United States throughout the year for teens who were adopted from China.

Adopteen [uh∙dop∙teen] noun.

1. Chinese adopted teens chillin’ like villains in teen-organized events.
2. NOT just another cultural camp teaching you how to write “love” in Chinese.
3. A real life experience with the coolest people you’ll ever meet (assuming you’ll never meet the Men In Black).

Wait wait wait. A camp organized by teens, for teens, you say? What could possibly be better?!? Our thoughts exactly.

Proud of who we are and where we come from. Excited about where we’re going. We are here to have a good time.

Don’t bother with what agency you came home through. Come hang out with us!

Established in 2007 by Art Zhong and Amy Zhong, Adopteen held its first National Adopteen Camp-Conference that summer.

For more information about Adopteen, you can peruse the website at Also make sure to like them on Facebook at and to follow them on twitter at

Photos and stories will be coming soon!  Here’s to a safe, fun and inspiring conference.


20th Anniversary Contest Winners

WOW!! We were BLOWN AWAY by the incredible talent we saw from those who chose to participate in the CCAI 20th Anniversary Coloring/Art/Essay contests! It was a VERY difficult decision! Congratulations to all the winners, including the “honorable mentions” listed below—they were all so wonderful!

Cherish B’s Dragon Prize-Winning Coloring!

DRAGON: Cherish B. (5 years)
JADE: Isabella W. (5 years)
PEARL: Tirza J. (5 years)

Honorable Mentions:
Ava O.
Brandy O.
Claire E.
Emily D.
Lila C.
Lisa D.
Lulu D.
Madison B.
Mia S.
Mya C.
Natalie S.
Taylor K.
Tybee Y.

Joie M’s Dragon Prize-Winning Drawing! WOW!!!!!

DRAGON: Joie M. (12 years)
JADE: Rachel B. (12 years)
PEARL: Sophia W. (9 years)

Honorable Mentions:
Ai Pei W.
Ali S.
Audrey R.
Chandler V.
Darbi J.
Ellie C.
Emily M.
Emma V.
Erwin L.
Grace V.
Jade N.
Jilan M.
Katie S.
Lexie M.
Libby P.
Lili A.
Lilia C.
Lucy G.
Mia P.
Nina W.
Paige L.
Sara H.
Sarah H.
Shayna E.
Sonoma P.
Zoe B.

DRAGON: Tina W. (17 years)
JADE: Danielle D. (13 years)
PEARL: Audrey R. (11 years)

Honorable Mentions:
Hannah L.
Lili A.
Megan H.
Paige L.
Sarah B.

Dragon prize is $100, Jade prize is $50 and Pearl prize is $25. But the best part?! Everyone is a winner! All artists/writers will receive a special prize and a personal thank you from CCAI’s co-founders Lily and Josh just for participating. 🙂

Thank you again to all of the talented artists/writers who submitted entries—we look forward to showcasing your work on our website very soon!

Largest organized Heritage Tour in CCAI’s History

This year marks the largest organized Heritage Tour in CCAI’s History with 130 American families and 200 children making the journey to China to get in touch with the children’s cultural heritage.   President and co-founder of the company, Lily Nie is accompanying this record-breaking group as they journey through many parts of China, including the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terra Cotta warriors in Xi’an and visit the cities of Guilin and Chengdu as well. The families even have the opportunity to visit their orphanages at the end of the tour if they so choose.   While on the tour, they have the chance to learn some calligraphy, Chinese language, and of course, they get the chance to try many different local cuisines. We look forward to hearing great stories about the journey from all of the CCAI families, and we pray for their safe return.